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12-03-2003 07:19

Hand of Peace Exchange
Hands of Peace Exhibition

Launched today in Far North Queensland Australia

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One ring to rule them all...

12-03-2003 05:54

One ring to rule them all...
Did you ever wonder how someone like Bush could come to power so quickly? Detailed examination of a photo taken at a press conference has given us the answer...

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Why War?

12-03-2003 05:35

What would the current situation with the United States, Iraq, and France look like if it were happening in your neighborhood? I think it might go something like this...

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Have a Propergander at this...

12-03-2003 05:18

Once again, most definitely NOT anti-American,
but pro-peace, anti-globalist, anti-corporate.

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Fake Terror - The Road to dictatorship - A history lesson?

12-03-2003 04:00

'And those who do not learn from their history are doomed to relive it.'

Please, before reading, this is most definitely NOT anti-American! It's pro-PEACE!

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12-03-2003 03:48

February 15 - 2 million people in London,
millions more around the Earth...

What now?

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Israeli monitor intercepts order: War starting on March 18

12-03-2003 03:16

So then one week to stop business as usual.

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Mobilising For Piece - RAF Tornadoe sabotaged

12-03-2003 03:03

Activist Ulla Roder entered RAF Leuchars Air Base early Tuesday morning in north-east Fife and is believed to have peacefully damaged a Tornado plane.

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leaflet at Spanish embassy protest in Edinburgh

12-03-2003 02:48

leaflet handed out at the protest and attempted occupation at the Spanish embassy on Tuesday 11th of march in Edinburgh.

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12-03-2003 01:07

The vice presedent of Columbia will be speaking at LSE this thursday as part of a day long conference on the war in Columbia. As you may be aware, his government has escalated the civil war in Columbia that costs over 30,000 lives per year and has led to over a million people becoming refugees. Columbia also has one of the worst human rights records in the world with the highest murder rate of trade unionists, human rights activists and journalists.

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Prisons for Profit in Canada: Native People are the Product

11-03-2003 23:58

A definition of Livestock is; "the use of animals for
Unforuntately, Native men fall into the Livestock category
when they are
processed through our "Justice system"

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In The Event of War, London Stops

11-03-2003 22:41

The first working day after war starts:
meet at Edgware Rd tube station - 7.00am
meet at Old Street tube station - 5.oopm
For Direct Action!

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Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career'

11-03-2003 22:28

Surrounded on all fronts, does the Bilderburger placement have a trick or two up his sleeve?

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11-03-2003 22:15

More than a MILLION signed a petition to the UN against Bush's war.

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French Fries are now Freedom Fries

11-03-2003 21:06

US Congressmen announce a name change for French fries as a protest against the French government showing comparative sanity over Iraq. It's nice to know despite being a superpower the USA isn't the least bit petty.

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Depleted Uranium - Silent Genocide

11-03-2003 20:46

As the US and its grinning Blairite puppets prepare to unleash an operation of "Shock and Awe" (translation: Blitzkrieg against civilians) against Iraq, the mainstream media have once again managed to airbrush all discussion of Depleted Uranium out of the public domain.

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who do you agree with on Iraq? +update!

11-03-2003 20:14

who do you agree with on Iraq?

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Another US diplomat resigns

11-03-2003 19:31

Reuters reports the resignation of another US diplomat over the threat of war to Iraq. He says US policy is threatening to make this the "Anti-American century".

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The Power of Protests by Mumia Abu Jamal

11-03-2003 19:28

Written the day after the world-wide demonstrations against the war - Mumia's stuff is now starting to get out, from behind the walls of death row. Read on ......