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Metro promotes social cleansing

16-02-2011 14:59

The Metro has published a letter from one of its readers calling squatters 'rats', 'scum' and 'subhumans' and suggests allowing property owners to electrify their property to keep squatters out. We know where the irresponsible promotion of this kind of language leads - to social cleansing, crackdowns and probably the Tories criminalising squatting.

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Undersea nuke stations!

16-02-2011 14:25

Another mad corporate idea springs up it seems, this time nuclear power stations under the Channel!

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The 'Big Society' and Class Struggle

16-02-2011 14:10

Cameron's "decided that your local Waterstones is better than your local library
The political fraud that is David Cameron's 'Big Society' has been grabbing a lot of mainstream media attention over the last couple of weeks. The frenzy was kicked off when 'Big Society Tsar' Lord Wei cut his hours, after discovering that working for free on three days each weeks was not compatible with "having a life". But what is the class significance of the Coalition's crusade?

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Indecorous and Free! Womyn's protests in Italy

16-02-2011 13:22

In this latest phase of widespread political and economic crisis, the subject of sexuality has become crucial. In this context the role of women is once again determined and exploited by those in power, within an old traditional ideological perspective. We’ve surely needed a women’s mobilisation against the government and its PM for some time now, and not just because of the sexual scandals.

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UK Uncut 'Big Society Bail-In' starts this Saturday @Barclays

16-02-2011 13:08

Here are some details.

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CairoRising: report back from the Egyptian revolution 22 Feb, Brighton

16-02-2011 13:00

Report back meeting from CairoRising, February 22 at 7.30pm. The Cowley Club, 12
London Road, Brighton

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beware the Nuclear Rennaisance in doncaster

16-02-2011 11:46

PROTEST AGAINST THE 'Nuclear Rennaissance' event

This thurs 17th at Doncaster Racecourse 9am onwards

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Shir Hever speaking tour: The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation

16-02-2011 11:33

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign SPEAKING TOUR. Thu 17 Feb – Thu 3 Mar 2011.

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Council protest in Taunton this morning

16-02-2011 11:22

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Major Victory: Japanese whalers suspend Antarctic hunt

16-02-2011 10:47

Japanese whalers have suspended their Antarctic hunt, citing harassment by environmentalists, and are considering ending their annual mission early, a fisheries agency official says.

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Angry protest follows second death in Bahrain

16-02-2011 10:14

Thousands of Bahrainis demonstrated against the government after a second protester died in clashes with police on Tuesday 15 February. The protests in a country, which saw deadly unrest in the 1990s, prompted Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone to voice concern about next month's Grand Prix, which opens the new Formula One season.

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A self-written history of Mandela Park: Kwanele! Enough!

16-02-2011 09:59

2009: Backyarders rally at night to avoid a police ban
Written by the Mandela Park Backyarders Movement (A South African anti-eviction campaign)

The following is a self-written history by our movement. After a lot of deliberation with our members, we came up with this document as a way of explaining how we have come to say Kwanele! Please use this document in order to better understand our struggle…

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Acting to avoid more deaths of cyclists

16-02-2011 09:22

A small demonstration was held on Monday the 14th of February 2011 on the issue of cyclists killed on the road.

The demonstration was attended by supporters of road safety charity Brake and friends and family of cyclists killed on the raod like Eilidh Cairns  and Marie Vesco among others.

To raise media awareness about the issue of High Goods Vehicles, HGVs, and the campaign  'See Me Save Me', there was a truck parked at Hyde Park Corner from 11:30am. A drawing next to the lorry indicated the "blind spot" area. Police officers were instructing anyone who would listen to stay away from such area, especially at traffic lights, even if that meant to disobey the "highway code". They also reminded us that the markings on the road, some of which indicate cyclists to place themselves exactly where drivers can not see them, are not law and that one must put their own safety first.

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The very tolerant English Defence League (by Latuff)

16-02-2011 07:03

English Defence League 1
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Charnwood Campaign Against the Cuts meeting on 21 February

16-02-2011 05:38

Charnwood Campaign Against the Cuts is planning to escalate its protests in Loughborough through a series of meetings.

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Anti-Cutz Propaganda

16-02-2011 04:22


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Nottingham Solidarity with Egyptian Revolution

15-02-2011 22:23

Protests in Egypt have ended nearly 30 years rule by President Hosni Mubarak. The movement has inspired people across the world, with solidarity protests held in many cities, including Nottingham.

On the newswire: Demo to celebrate resignation of Mubarak | Nottingham Anti-Mubarak Demo | Support Demo for People of Egypt | Nottingham Supports Egyptian Revolution!

According to the Post, on Tuesday 1st February, a silent protest was held at the University of Nottingham on Tuesday, attended by around 200 people who had relatives in Egypt.

On Friday 4th February, Nottingham Stop the War Coalition organised an “emergency protest” in support of anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Egypt in front of the Council House. This was attended by almost 100 people and protesters

On Sunday 6th February, the Notts UK Uncut group organised a demonstration against Vodafone as part of it’s ongoing campaign against tax dodging companies. More recently, Vodafone had closed down its network in Egypt at the behest of the authorities and allegedly sent out pro-regime text messages. Campaigners linked the demands that Vodafone pay its tax and that it stop supporting the Mubarak regime. This demonstration was covered by local BBC news (available to view on YouTube).

On Friday 18th, Nottingham Stop the War called another demonstration. This was initially called in response to Mubarak’s speech the previous evening when he had seemingly refused to stand down, but by the time protesters converged at 5pm Mubarak had left for Sharm El Sheikh and resigned as president. The protest became instead a celebration, although speakers were keen to point out that the revolution would not be successful until the apparatus of terror which had maintained Mubarak in power was removed. Simply changing the faces at the top wasn’t enough.

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Fight Back! A Reader on the Winter of Protest

15-02-2011 22:22

Published today, Fight Back! features reports, analysis, images, reflections and overviews on the UK's winter of protests, and the start of a movement against fees and cuts.

From a 15-year-old UK Uncut activist to a rebel Lib Dem peer, via kettled students and forward-thinking commentary - Fight Back! captures both the spirit and arguments of revolt, bringing together the best reportage and analysis of an extraordinary political moment.

Sections include: The Demonstrations, The Occupations, The Under-19s, The Universities, The Establishment, The Trade Unions, The Aesthetics, The Generations, and Overviews

Contributors: Guy Aitchison, Anthony Barnett, Rosemary Bechler, Tasha Bell, Joanna Biggs, Ben Braithwaite, Sophie Burge, James Butler, Felix Cohen, Tony Curzon Price, Jesse Darling, Siraj Datoo, Rowenna Davies, Genevieve Dawson, Keith Ewing, Alan Finlayson, Cailean Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher, Jeremy Gilbert, Asher Goldman, Tom Griffin, Dan Hancox, Johann Hari, Adam Harper, Gerry Hassan, Owen Hatherley, Oliver Huitson, Peter Johnson, Markus Malarkey, Ben Martin, Anna Mason, Maeve McKeown, Len McLuskey, Jonathan Moses, Anthony Painter, Nick Pearce, Laurie Penny, Aaron Peters, Rory Rowan, Paul Sagar, Trevor Smith, John Stuttle, Niki Seth-Smith, Daniel Trilling, Oliver Wainwright.

(it's available as scribd doc atm but full pdf will be up on the site tmrw). A print version will be available in March.


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Cambridge Activists Target Reptile Dealers 'Pets at Home'

15-02-2011 20:58

Pets at Home - Shame on You!
Reptiles are not good 'pets'. Protest Pets at Home!

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GM stick up at Tesco in Bristol

15-02-2011 20:19

Tesco have been pushing their 'we don't use Genetically Modified ingredients, honest' line for years. With evidence mounting of the horrific impact of GM soya in South America, it seemed about time to start making some noise about the way GM has been creeping back onto the shelves, especially when we heard they'd gone so far as to make an in store display of GM oil.