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Nottingham Solidarity with Egyptian Revolution (Nottingham Indymedia) | 15.02.2011 22:23

Protests in Egypt have ended nearly 30 years rule by President Hosni Mubarak. The movement has inspired people across the world, with solidarity protests held in many cities, including Nottingham.

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According to the Post, on Tuesday 1st February, a silent protest was held at the University of Nottingham on Tuesday, attended by around 200 people who had relatives in Egypt.

On Friday 4th February, Nottingham Stop the War Coalition organised an “emergency protest” in support of anti-Mubarak demonstrators in Egypt in front of the Council House. This was attended by almost 100 people and protesters

On Sunday 6th February, the Notts UK Uncut group organised a demonstration against Vodafone as part of it’s ongoing campaign against tax dodging companies. More recently, Vodafone had closed down its network in Egypt at the behest of the authorities and allegedly sent out pro-regime text messages. Campaigners linked the demands that Vodafone pay its tax and that it stop supporting the Mubarak regime. This demonstration was covered by local BBC news (available to view on YouTube).

On Friday 18th, Nottingham Stop the War called another demonstration. This was initially called in response to Mubarak’s speech the previous evening when he had seemingly refused to stand down, but by the time protesters converged at 5pm Mubarak had left for Sharm El Sheikh and resigned as president. The protest became instead a celebration, although speakers were keen to point out that the revolution would not be successful until the apparatus of terror which had maintained Mubarak in power was removed. Simply changing the faces at the top wasn’t enough. (Nottingham Indymedia)