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beware the Nuclear Rennaisance in doncaster

no nuclear no way | 16.02.2011 11:46 | Ecology | Globalisation | Terror War | Sheffield | World

PROTEST AGAINST THE 'Nuclear Rennaissance' event

This thurs 17th at Doncaster Racecourse 9am onwards

NUCLEAR RENNAISSANCE event is brought to you by the people at NAMRC and MAS
hundreds of businesses will be attending this grooming event to get on board the nuclear gravy train and earn more profit and power for arms companies like Rolls Royce, Boeing, Costain and the many other associated crooks!

While they plot out our landscape for new nuclear dumps and power stations they continue to poison our land and communities with their existing nuclear facilities and dumps. Fast tracking the open cast coal and selling off forests that will fuel these new nuclear facilities this 'rennaissance' agenda is raping our earth and condeming our future.

Doncaster Racecourse is approx a mile from the centre's train station.

no nuclear no way


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