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Metro promotes social cleansing

Squatter | 16.02.2011 14:59 | Free Spaces | Repression

The Metro has published a letter from one of its readers calling squatters 'rats', 'scum' and 'subhumans' and suggests allowing property owners to electrify their property to keep squatters out. We know where the irresponsible promotion of this kind of language leads - to social cleansing, crackdowns and probably the Tories criminalising squatting.

Here is the full disgusting text:

Regarding the news that squatters have moved into Guy Ritchie's home, the law needs to change so these freeloaders can be thrown out on the street.

It's about time property owners are allowed to electrify their property and, if the scum get hurt, then so be it. Why is it that the law-abiding - in this case, the owners - have to go through the stress, heartache and financial burden of removing these rats?

The do-gooders who wrote in a few weeks ago in support of squatting should be ashamed of themselves. If they feel so strongly for the plight of this scum, perhaps they ought to offer them a place to stay.

There is no legality, decency or thought in the actions of these subhumans. Once they are finally out of the property, they will undoubtedly have left filth and destruction of unfathomable comprehension. Things must change, it's simply not right.

B. Gibson, Essex



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