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Al Qaeda's new home

09-06-2003 22:11

Not anywhere you'd expect

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Humor as a political force

09-06-2003 20:52

Humor as a political force,
or how to open the eyes of ordinary people in social democratic countries

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ISM Reports: News From Nablus

09-06-2003 20:09

The Latest ISM activist Reports

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Diamonds Are Forever | Facts About Conflict Diamonds

09-06-2003 20:00

Africa's bloodiest walords of the 1990s vied for control of the continent's richest diamond fields, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) and the Kono district of Sierra Leone in West Africa. Engulfed by ensuing wars, local diamond traders profit...

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09-06-2003 19:55

I guess this could be construed as a call for anyone interested to spend a couple of days longer in Northern Greece, doing a NO BORDER/ANTI BORDER type camp.

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Global warming's sooty smokescreen revealed

09-06-2003 19:25

Will Steffen of the Swedish Academy of Sciences says the message for policy makers is clear: "We need to get on top of the greenhouse gas emissions problem sooner rather than later."

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Solidarity Action For Martin and Guy In Norway

09-06-2003 19:24

Activists in Oslo 30 activist blocaded a bridge in central Oslo to demonstrate the right to protest the recent examples of police violence against activist doing political actions.

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09-06-2003 17:21

Have a look at this. I've pasted it from another website. It's by someone called Johan Norberg, whoever he is.


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TERRA AUDIO Squatted Social Centre open in Brighton.

09-06-2003 17:10

TERRA AUDIO Social Centre Opens with massive party, all positive, no trouble.

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The World Awaits the Revealing of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

09-06-2003 14:16

Serious ethical questions are now being raised that Bush administration's intelligence seems to have been either faulty or manipulated.

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09-06-2003 13:59

BBC's 'Spooks' series to be aired tonight contains extreme racist / anti-Islamic propoganda.

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Independent video from Iraq being shown in Cambridge

09-06-2003 13:40

There will be a showing of video from a visit to Iraq in January 2003 by an Iraqi fellow who has family in Baghdad. Film and discussion on Monday, July 16th at 7:00 pm

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Jewish Students for Justice for Palestinians

09-06-2003 13:00

Jewish Students for Justice for Palestinians is a recently formed network of students who are holding their first meeting this Thursday at QMUL Students' Union

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09-06-2003 12:01

On the way to Thessaloniki...

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LARC Film Night; Tues 10th, 7.30pm

09-06-2003 11:28

ARGENTINA Evening: Que Se Vayan Todos! - They All Must Go! Film Benefit for the Argentina Autonomista Tour - 'Hour Of The Furnaces'/'Argentina In Revolt'

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Picket Wilko's in Stratford

09-06-2003 11:08

A picket of Wilko's store in east London is being held on Sat 21st June. If you opposed foreced labour - be there!

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El Laboratorio (Madrid) has been evicted today Monday 9th June

09-06-2003 10:41

When they are rough times in Bristol’s autonomous scene, a TV program on local squatting to be screened in tonight’s program, we’ve heard with sadness about the eviction of El Laboratorio, one the most inspiring examples of collective anarchism. From Bristol our solidarity: La lucha continua!!

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G8 Lausanne blockade photos

09-06-2003 09:11

Photos of the G8 blockades in Lausanne can be found at:

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Yomango Radio Liverpool Launched!

09-06-2003 09:08

People Not Profit - in conjunction with the new IMC Liverpool project - are launching a new internet radio station covering grassroots culture and community politics. If you are interested in getting involved, either on the technical or programming side, visit

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Some realistic views: the one state with many peoples solution

09-06-2003 08:31

Michael Tarazi is an adviser to the Palestinian negotiating team: Tarazi proposes to let Israel sow as many settlements as it wants, and wait patiently until the Palestinians and Jews become one entity. He is convinced that in another 10 to 20 years, the world will impose a one person-one vote system on Israel. Then, what happened to the apartheid regime in South Africa will happen to Zionism; a Palestinian will be elected to head the new entity in the 1947 borders.