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Occupy Bristol: One Week Later

24-10-2011 10:55

Bristol has been occupied for a whole week. What began as two tents midday last Saturday has grown to over 40 today, over the week numbers have fluctuated as people drop in and out to fulfil commitments to their work and family but steadily the movement is growing
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Bristol has been occupied for a whole week. What began as two tents midday last Saturday has grown to over 40 today, over the week numbers have fluctuated as people drop in and out to fulfil commitments to their work and family but steadily the movement is growing.

Talking to people around the site it quickly becomes apparent how well organised the campaign is, especially without a coordinated leadership. Meetings are held each morning to discuss the pressing issues of the day, the day to day running is delegated to those most willing and most able to help. Everyone is encouraged to contribute in whatever small way they can to collectively run the campsite. Occupy might not be getting much praise from our Conservative overlords but it really is the model for the Big Society.

It takes a lot of effort to keep the campaign running. The camp is run on donations from supporters of the cause, from local businesses, political groups and from regular people. A finance officer collects and distributes the money to buy food and fresh water. A chemical toilet is a possible investment once funds can be raised as the facilities provided by the Marriot and the local library will become stretched if the camp grows much more. A media centre is run out of the back of art gallery to allow the cause to be promoted and spread online and a kitchen tent provides food for the occupiers. Tai-chi and meditation classes are run in the day and a family event is planned for tomorrow.

The people involved have had little to no experience of doing this before, it’s all still a learning process for them but the progress made in just the last week is impressive. That isn’t to say that the camp hasn’t had problems. Trouble in the camp has mainly come from the revellers parading down Park Street, one incident last week had a group begin tearing down the signs and banners, and threatening the occupiers. The police however were helpful and recognised that the outsiders were posing a danger to the peaceful protest and removed them. Security at the site has been tightened up and there are occupiers staying up all night to protect the rest of the camp from any further trouble.

The camp is very laid back and engaging, plenty of friendly people sit around on the chairs and sofas that have been donated and talk about the problems they face, the solutions they propose and everything else besides. The camp acts as an open forum to discuss the issues we face as a nation, and there is lively discussion, from a surprising range of people. There were teachers, social workers, people working in community groups, a guy that had been a commodities trader, people in healthcare, charity workers, council workers, programmers, a surgeon, the unemployed and the homeless. Everyone has a different set of issues, and a different angle on the ones they share.

From the people I’ve talked to on the outside I think the protest has rather an image problem. Many assume that the people staying on the green are simply the work shy with nothing better to do, exploiting the donations of others for their own benefit. They’re dead wrong. To typecast the whole movement grossly underestimates the people there.

The most persistent and most visible may be those that can dedicate the most time to the protest. What the people that haven’t been down to see the camp miss is the daily turnover of those that are working that come down to show their support, the people that camp on weekends because their kids need to go to school and the hundreds that go past and read the banners and placards and walk on glad to see someone with the time to dedicate to the cause.

Some might see the campers as the undesirables that society doesn’t need, but they are the public face of many thousands of “normal” people who agree with what they’re trying to say and can’t be there in person because they have their own personal struggles to deal with. Discounting a movement based on the image of the people supporting it rather than the message they are promoting is the easy option, and exactly what the powers that be would rather you do.

But the message of the protest is has been completely misrepresented in the media so many ordinary people still have no idea of what the campaign is about. The movement has been branded by the mainstream media as “against the banks”, little further discussion is needed to maintain the narrative of “hippy protesters cause trouble for taxpayers by illegally camping and griping about the free market”. It is beyond the scope of the broadsheets to legitimise the protest by having a full discussion of what they are actually about.

Anyone criticising that Occupy has no clear demands has missed the point. At this stage Occupy is a focusing lens for discussion of the wider problems facing our society, to make a demand they need to form a consensus, to do that they need to organise and to do that they need to gather and collect people to the movement for change. To make a real contribution to better society a fuzzy and diffuse stage is necessary, over the coming months we can expect the campaign to harden into a tool that can actually be used to pry our government open and allow people rather than corporations back into governance.

A common thread is that the world we’re in now is no longer a democracy but a corporatocracy The common person has no say in how the country is run, which is okay if we have people in power that are acting in our best interests. But I don’t believe that is true anymore and many agree with me. To get yourself heard you need a couple of million pounds of lobbying money and some mates that went to Eton.

It is the biggest globalised industries that have the closest attention of our leaders and they have only their shareholders interests in mind. Maybe you subscribe to the “trickle down theory” but I don’t buy that either. Big industry may be the biggest profit makers but they certainly don’t pay their way in tax, once you can offshore your operations then you can pay a lower percent in taxes than someone on minimum wage. It may be legal but it doesn’t make it right.

This isn’t a question of party politics, Labour are just as guilty of pandering to big business as the Tories despite what they may have been saying to the contrary. What we need is a way to return the government that has OUR interests at heart and not one that hopes business will sort out our problems for us.

The Occupy movement is only in it’s infancy, but as they learn and improve they will only become more effective in promoting the message for change. Let’s make a system that works for the 99% and not for the 1%.

Authored by!/therealelsid

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Occupy Sheffield General Assembly - 8pm Tue 24th Oct

24-10-2011 10:16

Lets meet for a general assembly - Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 8:00 PM - The Benjamin Huntsman

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Riot Gran in action - video link

24-10-2011 06:38

FIRST there was Loukanikos the Riot Dog and now Athens has a new symbol of hope and global resistance - Riot Gran!

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Nottingham Occupation continues: Saturday Day 8

24-10-2011 02:55

Saturday 22 October 2011

The occupation of the Market Square, continues ......

Last night, people moved their tents and kit from the area immediatly outside the Council House, to the other end of the square, adjacent to the water feature.

The council wanted the site to erect a christmas tree.  Also there were other events the protest would have disrupted. Numbers have since swelled even more.

This morning, there was also a related gathering:

The Hardest Hit campaign Demo: Market Sq. Nottm

Hundreds of people had gathered in Market Square, to listen to speeches and offer support to the many disabled people being 'hardest hit' by Government Policies of cuts to services. 



Occupy Nottingham

Part of a global movement in solidarity with other occupations across the globe.

We aim to occupy the Market Square Area of Nottingham from Saturday 15th October 2011 as part of an ongoing non-violent/peaceful demonstration.

Broadly speaking, we aim to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for.

Currently our government strips away our civil liberties and public services, all in the name of greater profit for banks & corporations who exert far too much influence and control over our supposed leaders.

We want to encourage and inspire people to work together towards a fairer society for all, rather than the current system where the rich few get richer and the rest of us get left behind.

Ways you can help

Join us in our occupation

Tell friends and family about the movement

Donate food, water, clothing, blankets, tents, anything that will make our stay more comfortable - winter is coming! [See wishlist below]

Film us, take photos, question us - share the info with the world (the media certainly won't)

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: @OccupyNotts & OCCUPY Nottingham for Global Change

Email: occupynottingham[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk


The story so far ........


Nottingham is occupied [Feature]


Nottingham Occupy 1 The March


Nottingham Occupy 2 The Rally


Nottingham Occupy 3 Uncut Tour


Nottingham Occupy 4 Market Square


Nottingham Occupy @ Market Square Day 2 Sunday


Nottingham Occupation continues: Wednesday Day 5


Nottingham Market Square continues occupied, Day 7


Nottingham Indymedia have now added a further feature with more links ......


Nottingham Occupation Continues [2nd Feature]




Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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The Hardest Hit campaign Demo: Market Sq. Nottm

24-10-2011 00:55

Saturday 22 October 2011.

Hundreds of people gathered in Market Square, Nottingham, to listen to speeches and offer support to the many disabled people being 'hardest hit' by Government Policies of cuts to services. 

There was also music and poetry from inspirational local group Moveable Feast. Speakers shared their views on the present and proposed changes.  A number of local people spoke from their own experiences about what the cuts to benefits and services meant to them as disabled people, trying to live independent and fulfilling lives. 

Many also were part of the 'Occupy Campaign' who were camping out in Market Square to protest at the wider politic, wot appears to be causing all this distress in the first place! 

Disabled people, those with long-term conditions and their families are being hit hard by cuts to the benefits and services they need to live their lives. The Hardest Hit campaign, organised jointly by the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) and the UK Disabled People’s Council, brings together individuals and organisations to send a clear message to the Government: stop these cuts.

The Hardest Hit campaign




Earlier reports on related matters:

ATOS National Day of Action: Notts contribution 1


ATOS National Day of Action: Notts contribution 2


Nottingham protest rattles Atos {Feature]


National Day of Action Against Atos 30-09 [UK Feature]



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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NATO-Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi

23-10-2011 21:05

The ‘Rebel’ Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO Operation from A to Z ... Muammar Gaddafi – revolutionary leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was assassinated on Thursday 20 October, 2011, in the Libyan city of Sirte. The precise circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded with mystery and contradicting reports, but the media consensus is that NATO’s ‘rebel’ stooges captured and killed him. This has lent the unelected and universally despised NTC occupation government a decisive propaganda victory in the war on Libya. However, a picture is emerging as to the actual circumstances of his death, one that puts NATO special forces – likely the British SAS – in the centre of the frame.

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BHP Billiton - Dirty Energy protests - pics

23-10-2011 18:55

Campaigners from London Mining Network, Kick Nuclear, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, London Rising Tide, Occupy London and other groups gathered outside and inside Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton's central London AGM to protest the company's record of environmental damage and forced displacement of indigenous communities in Colombia, Australia, Indonesian Borneo and elsewhere, due to its extraction of dirty fuels, including coal and uranium.

Some of the group later visited the Australian High Commission, demanding to speak to an official about BHP's uranium mining activities and exploration on aboriginal lands in South and Western Australia. The 'diplomatic protection' police were called by the High Commission. When the police arrived, the protesters were ordered to leave the building.

See also the following reports on the AGM and demo:

All images are Copyright (c) 2011 D. Viesnik, but may be reproduced free of charge for non-commercial use if credited. For larger, high resolution versions, please e-mail.

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Occupy Rome – one week after

23-10-2011 18:07

One week after the now (in)famous Roman 15th October that ended up on worldwide headlines as “the only protest of the Occupy movement that ended in violence and riots”, and here we all are reading and writing about it.

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Save the Welbourne Centre, Tottenham - OCCUPATION!

23-10-2011 17:08

Save the Welbourne Centre, Tottenham, occupation this Wednesday.

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OLSX Finsbury Square 23.10.11

23-10-2011 16:55

A few photos of OLSX occupation of Finsbury Square Sunday afternoon 23.10.11

Time will tell...

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Launched Renewable Energy Consultation met by Act

23-10-2011 16:55

Members of Action Against Agrofuels climbed trees 10m above The
Mall 200m from Buckingham Palace with a vast banner reading "Biomassacre:
Don't subsidise it" as the government consultation on renewable energy
subsidies commences.

Activists are furious that the most unsustainable and environmentally
damaging form of energy is being branded ‘green' and wins one of the
highest levels of subsidies for power generation. This, activists state
diverts venture capital away from true renewables such as wind and solar.

This follows a gathering of about 80 protesters outside DECC (the
Department of Energy and Climate Change) called by Biofuelwatch and the
Campaign against Climate Change yesterday calling for a complete halt to
subsidising bioenergy.

Biomass power station applications are appearing all over the UK as
venture capitalists seek to profit from burning biofuels and wood chips.
Activists say that subsidies are not just destroying ecosystems but are
driving land grabs at an unprecedented rate.  Land previously available
for food production is now being taken for energy crops with serious
implications for global food poverty.  This is because consent on just the
current planning applications would require woodchip imports of nearly six
times the total UK production, all of which is currently allocated.

Andrew Butler commented that "We're seeing the start of unjustified
payments to burn wood and vegetable oil to produce electricity on an
industrial scale, depriving millions of people of the land they need to
grow food.  We're also seeing an onslaught on the world's last great
forests exacerbating biodiversity loss and climate change.  To cap it all,
we're being forced to pay for this with mandatory surcharges on our energy

Ironically even the government's own think tank the RFA, and more recently
the European Environment Agency2 as well as the UN Environment Programme3
have all cautioned that liquid biofuels and biomass (wood chip and wood
pellets) could speed up deforestation, land grabs and climate change.

Burning biomass also has severe local impacts.  Increased air pollution
from particulate toxins and arsenic released when liquid biofuels and in
particular wood chips are burnt are set to trigger health problems on an
unprecedented scale.

Ali Connolly stated "At home too the impacts are devastating.  Ex-minister
Jim Fitzpatrick acknowledged research stating that the health cost to the
British public from toxic emissions at 1.5 million life years annually.
The coalition government is condemning all those living within the
vicinity of these power stations to an early grave."

The consultation document confirms subsidy proposals of 1.5 ROCs
(Renewable Obligation Certificates) for bioenergy beyond 2013.  This is an
unprecedented bonanza amounting to £3billion of free money just for the
bioenergy power stations already proposed.  A flood of new applications
will undoubtedly follow.

Media Contacts:

Oran Kalsi: 07733 788 195
Maryla Hart: 07793 319 141


1. ROCs Consultation Information about the Consultation on the Renewables
Obligation Banding Review can be found at

2. The European Environment Agency provides independent information on the
environment to the EU. Its September 2011 report on bioenergy stated,
'Hence, legislation that encourages substitution of fossil fuels by
bioenergy, irrespective of the biomass source, may even result in
increased carbon emissions - thereby accelerating global warming.'  The
full report can be found

3. The United Nations Environment Programme 2011 Report, ‘The Rush for Land
and Its Potential Environmental Consequence', can be found at

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Newly Launched Renewable Energy Consultation met by Activist Fury

23-10-2011 15:35

Biomassacre - Don't subsidise it
Members of Action Against Agrofuels, dressed in Orangutan suits, climbed 10m up trees above The Mall 200m from Buckingham Palace with a vast banner reading “Biomassacre: Don’t subsidise it” as the government consultation on renewable energy subsidies commences.

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occupy LSX report and pics

23-10-2011 14:55

despite the media reports that st paul's had to close due to 'health and safety' concerns, yesterday afternoon saw not only a strong presence at the LSX occupation, but also a new successful occupation at finsbury square in the heart of the city.

click on image for larger version. 'some rights reserved' - free for credited non-commercial use, otherwise contact author for permission


media reports on friday evening quoted the dean of st paul's announcing with heavy heart that 'health and safety' concerns meant that st paul's had no choice but to close its doors and that as a result, the occupation, which had 'made its mark', must now move on.

it was odd then, that on saturday morning, despite these health and safety issues, a school visit went ahead at the cathedral, and a wedding took place - surely madness to put these children and the happy couple at such risk?

in the meantime, while the repurcussions of the dean's annnouncement are yet to make themselves felt, yesterday afternoon the occupation group put on a series of workshops and events to encourage more people to join them, and a samba band went on a stroll with a couple of hundred people, ending up at finsbury square, where a new occupation began, with around twenty tents and two tripods quickly established. the first reaction from the met police who cover the square was fairly low-key compared to the crazy and violent over-policing at st paul's last saturday.

when i arrived at st paul's in the afternoon, their 'info' marquee was very busy, with a long line of interested newcomers waiting for help. in front of the steps, hundreds of people listened to music and poetry over a small sound system. one of the highlights was a performance from excentral tempest, with her superb conscious rap poetry.

the plan at present is for the LSX occupation to continue, and for numbers to grow at both sites.

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2011 Annual march against custody deaths -

23-10-2011 14:32

A silent procession in memory of people who have died in custody will be held in London on 29th October 2011. The United Families and Friends Campaign, the organiser of the procession, is inviting all to join what will start as a silent procession along Whitehall followed by Noisy Protest at Downing Street.

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BNP's Nick Griffin in Hastings Today

23-10-2011 11:25

The far-right British National Party will be wheeling out its elusive chairman and MEP Nick Griffin in Hastings this afternoon (Sunday 23rd). Anti-fascists will be there to greet him.

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Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva

23-10-2011 11:00

A Contribution for the Compas in the Fire Cells Conspiracy/Informal Anarchist Federation

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Biofuels and biomass protest outside DECC

23-10-2011 09:41

Protesters outside DECC from across the country
As different actions continue across London, campaigners from across the country joined forces outside the offices of DECC yesterday to denounce the government's latest plans to carry on subsidising destructive biomass and biofuels despite the fact that their use leads to human suffering across the globe, and increased carbon emissions.

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Speech Julian Assange at Occupy London 15 oktober

23-10-2011 08:19

Speech Julian Assange at Occupy London 15 oktober

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An important announcement from OccupyLSX

23-10-2011 00:55

Our mission continues. We are delighted to announce that our second site of occupation is now open and ready to receive happy campers. 400 people are already creating a radically open democratic space at Finsbury Square EC1 and you are cordially invited to join them. Bring a tent, warm clothes, provisions , a torch and your optimism. We look forward to seeing you there.

We would like to offer our respect and best wishes to our brother and sister occupations all over the world. There is a bright future out there and we are committed to building our own small part of it in London.


Please note that we shall be occupying Finsbury Square in addition to St Paul’s Churchyard.