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Dear Friends - co-operation of actions underway.

07-04-2001 20:00

Dear Friends - co-operation of actions underway.

Hello everyone.

Now it is time for all of us to put up a plan on
future actions. What does it mean?

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Libertarian Days 20.-22. April Düsseldorf

06-04-2001 22:17

From the 20th to 22nd of April 2001 there will be
"Libertarian Days" and an anarchist demo taking place
in Duesseldorf, Germany.

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Corporate Media War On Human Health

06-04-2001 21:58

From one newspaper on one day, three classic examples of Corporate Media (in U.S., as elsewhere) use of omissions, distractions and lies to protect top industries from Public Relations disasters, profit loss and even prison.

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Fred Hampton Junior may be released!

06-04-2001 19:23

Protesters from the Uhuru movement U.K. stood outside the U.S. Embassy at Grosvenor Square on Wednesday to coincide with a Clemency hearing that was taking place for Fred Hampton Junior. He has already served eight years of an 18 year sentence for arson, however his supporters believe he is a political prisoner.

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Public enquiry called for York development

06-04-2001 17:45

John Prescott calls a public enquiry into Land Securities and York Council's plans to build a huge shopping centre next to the historic site of Clifford's Tower

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We Will Win

06-04-2001 11:56


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no more trees

06-04-2001 04:51

sbs world news australia

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Tomato flinger gets convicted.

05-04-2001 19:17

The woman who threw a tomato at the Fuhrer to protest against Iraqi sanctions has been givebn a one year conditional discharge

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05-04-2001 13:35

Leeds Metropolitan University to link with PR giant Burson-Marsteller. The company are to provide input into LMU's courses, share research, provide visiting lecturers and offer undergraduate and graduate training programmes. Harold Burson is to be awarded a Visiting Professorship.

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Anti-environmental forum

05-04-2001 08:08

This forum is weighted down with pro-logging and anti-environmentalists. It is supposed to be an environmental forum

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Minneapolis Activist needs your help

05-04-2001 06:44

The Twin Cities Mutual Aid Defense Committee has formed to help in the defense of Robert "Tumbleweed" Czernik, a Minneapolis, Minnesota man facing a felony charge following a raid on a home after successful protests against a meeting of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) in July, 2000.

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Des(s)ert Storm Watch - Mr World Bank and his fellow executives

05-04-2001 00:47

Des(s)ert Storm Watch - Mr World Bank and his fellow executives
Helsinki News and Reviews present:

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Monsanto Joins (or takes over) the E.P.A.

04-04-2001 21:07

As if agri-business doesn't have enough power lobbying the U.S. government... now it has a place in the Environmental Protection Agency. Hold on to your plates, G.M.O. foods are coming to a dinner table near you.

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green force

04-04-2001 18:39

green force
eko anarchism

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Dublin Council defeated in attempt to ban demonstrations

04-04-2001 09:23

Dublin Council defeated in attmpt to ban demonstrations

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US funds fumigation and war in Colombia

04-04-2001 03:14

Toxic poisons and paramilitary massacres plague the poor, afflicted with the US fundbunny named Plan Colombia

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ICEA - A BAD IDEA, look to your heart

03-04-2001 21:44

ICEA - A BAD IDEA, look to your heart
Look whos talking.
Announcing the Childrens day.

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Fund rasing single launched!

03-04-2001 19:03

Popstar Liberation Front single released! Buy a copy now to support the Resistance Conference in Bristol

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Norweigens say shut down Sellafield

03-04-2001 18:11

Norweigens say shut down Sellafield
The Norweigen Environment minister Siri Bjerke has expressed their wish for the shutting down of the Sellafield processing plant after the latest monitoring information shows an increase in levels of technetium-99 along Norway's coastline.