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Britain's Breaking Abu Ghraib Scandal

12-02-2006 20:21

Once again, those fighting 'war for peace' are shown to be a thousandfold more evil than any Bogeyman they can invent. This is what results when Fascists are allowed to remain in pwoer, even after comitting "the Supreme International Crime".

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The Secret Of Israel's Kadima Party

12-02-2006 20:20

Sharon left the Likud Party, because it was discredited as a haven for Far-Right Extremists, supporters of an increasingly Fascist vision. His only recourse in keeping such an agenda alive, was to rebrand. For the most part, his plan was a media success, but since then, revelations about the party - and its plans - have begun to come to light.

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Attention: Bush friends' kidnap and torture victim needs your help

12-02-2006 20:08

In June 2004, A man called Richard Thomas was taken at gunpoint from his home in the Honduras (based on a bogus warrant), basically kidnapped, without any real cause, or due process.

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Foreign Office seeks to ban book exposing complicity in torture

12-02-2006 20:07

The UK Foreign Office is threatening legal action against Craig Murray over his book "Murder in Samarkand", which exposes British complicity in torture.

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12-02-2006 19:15




[Queens Bench, High Court, Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London]

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Riding-high with Hugo Chavez & the Drug Lord by Google

12-02-2006 18:51

Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair, has been Bush’s main ally in the illegal occupation of Iraq and the ongoing war of terror. In Parliament this week, Blair admonished Chavez that he should “respect the rules of the international community”, ignoring his own gross violations of the UN Charter and the Nuremberg Tribunal.

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G8 2003 cops on trial this week!:

12-02-2006 18:05

In case you did not know, it is not only the Genoa G8 2001 cops who are on trial, but Swiss cops are in courst this coming week too. The Swiss lawyer for the case of the Aubonne Bridge thinks we have a chance to win. We think if the cops are found guilty, it can send a big message to Russia and Germany, and to tell the Russian and German cops that if they beat people up at the G8 in 2006 or 2007, they can be found guilty too.

We have issued political statements for the radical left, and we also
have press releases for mainstream press, which are on the web-site. The decision of the trial should be next Thursday or Friday and then it will quickly be put on the web-site:
If you can pass on this info, or post it on your local or regional IMC's, that would be super helpful!



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An urgent message to people everywhere

12-02-2006 17:06

A call to action as US/UK prepare attack against Iran

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British soldiers beat defenceless Iraqi teenagers w/ video

12-02-2006 16:37

British soldiers beat defenceless Iraqi teenagers w/ video

February 12, 2006

Details emerged last night of a shocking video which shows a group of British soldiers brutally beating and kicking defenceless Iraqi teenagers in an army compound.

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Audio and review of Boliva Solidarity gig

12-02-2006 15:27

A bunch of audio files including traditional bolivian music, an interview with a member of the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, plus a little bit of Attila The Stockbroker...

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Video - london news roundup sat 11th feb

12-02-2006 05:56

A quick crash edit of various things that happened in London on the 11th Feb. Video is 6 mins 30 seconds long and encoded in H264 MP4(10)

If your media player can't handle this new format, download and install VideoLan (VLC) which is available of Windows, Max OSX and GNU/Linux.

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Fields of Battle

12-02-2006 03:58

Faced with the undeniable and now unavoidable truth of the criminality of the Bush, Blair and Howard governments, what do you suppose are the consequences for these men? People are fined for parking and littering offences but murder and plunder on an international scale incurs no penalty it would seem. [The ICC is a puppet court, an institution with zero credibility.] Is the lack of legal and public response surprising? Advice from leading consultants and ‘people managers’ was/is unanimous; once a decision is acted upon by a government and a nation is committed to a particular course, the people are swept along regardless of compromising evidence released during or after the event.

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worker from occupied argentinian factory speaks in oxford

11-02-2006 22:56

On Monday 13 February Jose Julian Pununuri, a worker from the worker-occupied Zanon ceramics factory in Argentina, will be speaking in Oxford as part of a national speaker tour organised by No Sweat and the Argentina Solidarity Campaign.

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11-02-2006 21:27

See Globally
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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Prosecuting racist hate speech

11-02-2006 20:10

Do it for the princess?
Why aren't those responsible for producing racist hate speech been charged with criminal negligence yet? How many have to die?

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George Galloway MP backs Khoodeelar No to Crossrauil hole Bill

11-02-2006 19:56

Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway today reiterated total support to the campaign against the Crossrail. hole bill . speaking at the Brady centre in the heart of London’s brick lane, the respect coalition mp said that the leader of Blairite tower hamlets council Michael Keith was misleading the people in his bid to cling on to power at the may 2006 local election, Galloway also blasted ex MP Oona king as a liar on the issue of the Crossrail hole attack and other issues affecting the people n the constituency.

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Reclaime Love...Piccadilly Circus...London...11.2.06

11-02-2006 19:23

Love Reclaimed at Piccadilly, Londono

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"The Greatest Battles are yet to be Won"

11-02-2006 18:18

At last the truth behind the endless stream of 1984-type propaganda against Iran has finally emerged on the fringes of the British mainstream media (MSM).

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Asda/WalMart's anti-Union tactics cost them £850,000

11-02-2006 16:46

WalMart well known for it's anti-union tactics elsewhere tried to bribe workers in Tyne and Wear to give up union rights and had given out material "very hostile to trade unions and highly disparaging of the process of collective bargaining".

The workers response? Take industrial action. Finally, now they all get compensation as the court finds against, and is highly critical of, Wal Mart.

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The Battle for Queen’s Market

11-02-2006 16:40

Newham Council are trying to sell off a thriving hundred year old market to developers St Modwens, who will sub-let to supermarket chain Asda. local campainers "friends of queens Market" have been fighting the plans, and have a lot of local support.