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George Galloway MP backs Khoodeelar No to Crossrauil hole Bill

KHOODEELAAR | 11.02.2006 19:56 | Analysis | London

Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway today reiterated total support to the campaign against the Crossrail. hole bill . speaking at the Brady centre in the heart of London’s brick lane, the respect coalition mp said that the leader of Blairite tower hamlets council Michael Keith was misleading the people in his bid to cling on to power at the may 2006 local election, Galloway also blasted ex MP Oona king as a liar on the issue of the Crossrail hole attack and other issues affecting the people n the constituency.

Full report on the meeting will appear on

2100 hrs GMT
Saturday 11 February 2006



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  1. KHOODEELAAR No to Crossrail Council collusion — KHOODEELAAR/CBRUK/LAWMEDIA 2006
  2. George Galloway will take UK Govt to court to stop Crossrail hole — © The Author / KHOODEELAAR/cbruk/lawmedia 2006
  3. Brilliant meeting at the Brady. We're with you. They shall not dig here! — Hanbury Street shop