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An urgent message to people everywhere

colin buchanan | 12.02.2006 17:06 | Anti-militarism | World

A call to action as US/UK prepare attack against Iran

An urgent appeal to people everywhere!

For some time, now, the US/UK leadership has had plans to attack Iran as part of their overall strategy of extending their control over the Middle East and, ultimately, the world. It looks like this attack may now be about to happen. The launching of the Iranian Euro spot-market in oil on the 20th March may well be a factor in precipitating this aggression. The consequences of such an attack are incalculable but it could certainly bring about a wider, even global war. There are also strong indications that the US/UK plan to use nuclear weapons.
It is true that a Russian compromise – Iran’s nuclear fuel to be processed in Russia – is still possible, but there is no diplomatic solution to this crisis from the US/UK point of view: they merely intend to use diplomacy to trigger war, as they did in the period preceding the invasion of Iraq. If “the diplomatic process” fails to provide a pretext for war, they may seek to provide another through setting up a provocation of some kind, for example, a terrorist attack attributed to Iran.

It’s up to us!

Clearly, it is absolutely necessary to oppose this escalation of the war but there is no point in waiting for official peace movements to do the work. They have already failed miserably by not warning us about or opposing energetically these monstrous plans for a greater war: now it is up to us.

What we can do.

1) We must do everything we can to inform ourselves and then to inform others. Hours spent researching on the internet are not wasted as long as the information is passed on to others. Create E-mail lists and spread the word far and wide.

2) The internet is a great tool – but it is not enough! You must also engage with others directly. Talk to family, friends and colleagues. Take to the streets, set up a stall, hold rallies, pickets, demonstrations etc. Organise discussions, committees, public meetings etc. Organise educationals, seminars, conferences, boycotts of products of aggressor countries etc.

3) Use the internet and all other media to publicize your activities- whatever you are doing let others know. Provide reports and photos. Contact newspapers, political parties, prominent individuals, representatives, celebrities and so on. In this way small events, even involving only one or two people, can have resonance throughout the world.

From small beginnings a thousand tributaries can come together to form a global peace movement. It is important to realize that only a tiny group of warmongers are behind these war plans and that we have allies everywhere throughout the whole of society and throughout the world.

Now more than ever peace is necessary and for the first time in human history it is also possible. At stake is the future of us all but let us think most of all of the new generations: we must pass on a peaceful world and viable eco-system to them.

Let’s work together now to make this future possible.

We are about to set up a website: which hopefully will serve as one point of reference for our movement.

Colin Buchanan,
Glasgow, Scotland, 12th February

Here are some other valuable websites: (in construction- coming soon)

colin buchanan
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- Homepage: (in construction)


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