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Video - london news roundup sat 11th feb

r2r | 12.02.2006 05:56 | Anti-racism | Workers' Movements | London

A quick crash edit of various things that happened in London on the 11th Feb. Video is 6 mins 30 seconds long and encoded in H264 MP4(10)

If your media player can't handle this new format, download and install VideoLan (VLC) which is available of Windows, Max OSX and GNU/Linux.

Saturday 11th Feb saw a rally in central London organised by the Muslim Association of Britain. It was saw a gathering of racist skins heads who I found apparently having a chat with several dozen police at a pub not far from Trafalgar Square. It wasn't clear what was going on but after one of the fash flipped a finger at me while I was filming through the window, I was quickly threaten with arrest.

Back in the square the overwhelming impression was the apparent uniformity of the rally thanks to a proscription on 'unofficial' placards. I did manage to find a couple, but it was a tiny tiny fraction. Respect and the SWP were also there of course.

Also there was the comedy terrorist who tried out some of his latest gags of the assembled crowds and was quickly removed by police. I thought his performance was pretty funny but I imagine it might have been taken the wrong way and led to a comedy demise for the comedy terrorist.

I then went to Piccadilly to witness an unholy alliance of hippies and tourists holding hands, hugging and dancing around the statue of Eros. The extreme cold seemed to have had a detrimental effect on my camera battery so I didn't film the hippies (it only encourages them and there were plenty of cameras there anyway). I did however catch an encore by the comedy terrorist as he passed by to catch his train.

Later in the evening I blew a load of cash for a good cause (does any good cause justify charging two pounds eighty pence for a bottle of shit beer?). The Red Lion 'pub' in Camberwell was hosting a Bolivian Solidarity gig. Among the acts was Atila The Stockbroker and various bands, however I was only interested in the Bolivian band and the traditional dancing and I managed to eke out a few more minutes of recording by heating up the camcorder battery as best I could by sticking it in my underwear.

My minidisk recorder battery was also playing up but sticking it in my mouth like a thermometer, resurrected it long enough to get an interview with a member of the solidarity campaign. He explained about the delegations going to Bolivia in the next few weeks, The interview will be uploaded tommorow, and hopefully go out on Resonance FM next wednesday with some of the music from the Bolivian band.

So, that's it, another saturday in London.



Addiontion - 3gp version for mobile phones

12.02.2006 11:57

Here is a version compressed to a tiny 3gp file designed for mobile phones that are capable of playing video. You can share such videos with friends via bluetooth and help to great a new grassroots distribution system for independent media.

share it with bluetooth


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