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History of London's first African mayor John Archer told in his Battersea turf

04-04-2013 08:39

NARM John Archer And Black Politics
A hundred years ago in November 1913 John Archer became London's first African mayor when he was elected mayor of Battersea (now the London borough of (Wandsworth). History consultant Kwaku's presentation at Battersea Library on April 16 will show there was more to Archer's history than just being elected mayor.

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EDL In Plymouth 13th April

03-04-2013 19:47

Info about EDL in Plymouth 13/04/13

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Notts IWW website launched

03-04-2013 16:55

Notts IWW has a new website. We will be covering events we are involved in and things we support, plus other relevant news and comment. You may have seen our banner out and about.

Notts IWW is a grassroots union. We have members in the City and County, including Nottingham, Mansfield and Warsop at present. Our website has more details. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch. Our email address is on the website (link below, in the ABOUT section).

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Labour MP's response to Workfare

03-04-2013 16:55

Had written to local Nottingham MP to enquire after attitude to workfare.

As you can see, the Labour position on all this is not exactly satisfactory.

When addresing the lack of labour backbone in actually voting against the 'emergency legislation', I especially enjoyed the statement "I do understand why it would have sent a good message to the country if the government were shown to voted down on these issues, but there are reasons why this did not take place".


Labour’s 43 welfare sanctions rebels 19 March 2013

There were a total of 43 MPs rebelling against the Labour whip.

The vast majority of Labour MPs abstained on the Jobseekers Bill this afternoon – as they were whipped to do – despite the fact that the Bill sought to protect sanctions for a system that Labour thinks is worse than useless. 


Labour 'pressed MPs to abstain on welfare vote'

MPs put under 'significant pressure' by party leaders to abstain on crucial vote, says outgoing parliamentary private secretary

Shiv Malik and Hugh Muir 24 March 2013

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David Parry: Neo-Fascist!

03-04-2013 16:18

David William Parry is a man on the rise in the London Heathen community. Parry has made a name for himself as a Heathen Priest of Nerthus, a poet, and a playwright. Most well-known for organizing the London Thing in 2012 which was attended and blessed by Freya Aswynn, Parry is growing increasingly active and visible. By all appearances he is a man who should be welcomed. He is educated, an artist, and runs a play company. Only on further examination does the real David Parry come to light.

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Planning and Opencast Coal: the Bad and the Good News

03-04-2013 13:49

LAON's latest Press Release provides an update on the Growth and Infrastructure Bill Clause 24 plus progress on the Halton Lea Gate Judicial Review. In addition news that a Health Impact Assessment process is to be used to assess the health aspects of the Deanfield Surface Mine Application near Sharston, Wakefield.

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Sheffield & Doncaster Sabs - End of Season Report 2013

03-04-2013 11:44

August 2012 - April 2013 sabbing news roundup

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R.I.P. Bryan Law, while awaiting trial for disarmament of attack helicopter

03-04-2013 09:20

It is great sadness and shock to hear that Australian anti-war activist Bryan Law has passed away in Rockhamtpon, Queensland, Australia.

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Showcase of innovative energy efficient Eco-homes

03-04-2013 08:55

Saturday 30 March 2013,  University of Nottingham Campus

Seven homes on the University Park Campus have been designed and constructed to various degrees of innovation and flexibility to allow the testing of different aspects of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), energy efficient design and renewable energy systems.

The project is a research and educational showcase of innovative state-of-the-art energy efficient homes.

It aims to stimulate sustainable design ideas and promote new ways of providing affordable, environmentally sustainable housing that are innovative in their design.

Structures known as the Nottingham H.O.U.S.E (Home Optimising the Use of Solar Energy), it was designed and built by students from the Department of the Built Environment at the University of Nottingham.

Built with a mass market in mind, the aim was to show how a small, eco-friendly 'starter' home could be produced - one with the ability to sit side by side with other houses as part of a terrace.

Creative Energy Homes

The Ecologist

The solar powered house of the future? - The Ecologist



You can see some earlier examples of an alternative approach to eco-friendly building in the series I photographed showing the process of straw bale construction.

Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns Part 34

Hill Holt Woods Project 1




Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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CURO Housing reclassifies home of anti bedroom tax activist from 2 bed to 3

03-04-2013 07:49


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Edinburgh East Save Our Services Meeting

02-04-2013 22:55

6.30pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013 Northfield / Willowbrae Community Centre, 10 Northfield Road, EH8 7PP. Open meeting for people in the East of Edinburgh to organise against public sector cuts and privatisation. All welcome.

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Three days to sign bedroom tax petition!

02-04-2013 22:55

The closing date for our Bedroom Tax petition to Edinburgh Council is Friday 5th April. The petition calls on the Council to commit to not evicting tenants who fall into rent arrears due to their housing benefit being cut.

Click here to sign the petition. Full text below.

read more

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Sat 6 April - Modern Warfare Exposed. VfP meeting at Friends House, Euston

02-04-2013 21:43

ALL WELCOME! An afternoon of talks and short films exposing the true nature of modern warfare with an emphasis on Drones and Special Forces. Organised by Veterans for Peace, Speakers include Julian Assange, Editor of Wikileaks, Ian Cobain, Guardian Journalist, Chris Cole, Editor of Drone Wars UK, Michael Lyons, former Royal Navy Medic and Afghan war resister, Adnan Sarwar, former Royal Engineer, Iraq War veteran and writer, Ben Griffin, former SAS soldier and Iraq war veteran/resister.

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LAON's Review of English Opencast Site Applications for March 2013

02-04-2013 14:14

This review highlights recent developments affecting new opencast site applications in England. it includes news that the first Health Impact Assessment for a new opencast site in England for 4 years is underway in Wakefield for the Deanfield Site. The Judicial Appeal over the Halton Lea Gate decision makes progress and coal extraction by surface methods could return to Walsall as part of the process of reclaiming and remediating the Phoenix 10 / IMI Coppper Works site.

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Dublin Alternative G8 Summit 17th & 18th June

02-04-2013 13:33

Dublin Alternative G8 Summit 17th and 18th June

Theme of Summit: Resistance to Imperialism

Monday June 17th: Day of Lectures, Seminars, and Anti-imperialist Discussion, with national and international guest speakers. Night of Revolutionary Dance and Song.

Tuesday June 18th: Mass Demonstration in Dublin Center in Commemoration of the 1913 Dublin Lockout and to protest the presence of the world’s most dangerous war criminals holding their G8 summit on Irish soil.

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Easter POW! FBWL #35

01-04-2013 22:55

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The Master Race Goes to the Pub [again]

01-04-2013 16:55

Saturday 30 March, Derby Road, Nottingham

Far right activists, led by Casuals United and Tony Curtis of the English National Resistance, had announced a demonstration against a Muslim conference in Nottingham at the weekend.

Originally arriving on the Nottingham University campus, a sizable police operation became apparent. On grounds opposite the East Midlands Conference Centre, two large marquees had been erected to accomodate officers. The approach to the Conference Centre was controlled by the universities own security personal [personally, I didn't know they employed that many!] Anyway, they didn't like me photographing on the campus, and was removed ..... twice!

Those involved in their demonstration got no where near the Conference Centre of course, and not even getting past the campus gates. I first met them being escorted down the road, away from the western entrance of the university.  The police were escorting the 10 - 20 folks the short walk, directly to the pub, a Toby Carvery on the Derby Road.

While I took some photos, a local resident came and asked me what was going on. I explained and he said he was just going in there himself.  Since when the group had initially gone in, I noticed many of the customers, some with children, leaving. I asked him if he would ask the pub manager why they were being served, semingly at the expense of his regular customers.

EMAF Said: "In spite of national call outs and attendances by the North West Infidels, Paul Pitt of the South East Alliance, Casuals United, the English National Resistance, Nottingham EDL and the EVF, barely a dozen people bothered turning up for Tony Curtis’ demo at Nottingham Uni yesterday. After plotting up at a nearby Toby carvery the pitiful crowd weren’t even allowed onto the campus and had to stand around in the road outside listening to Tone the Moan. Casuals United reckon they go where they want but as usual they meekly went exactly where the police wanted them. They didn’t get close to the event they were supposed to be protesting or speak to the general public so the whole thing was a waste of time."

East Midlands Anti-fascists

Far right humiliated in Nottingham

Far right demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday