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Dublin Alternative G8 Summit 17th & 18th June

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Dublin Alternative G8 Summit 17th and 18th June

Theme of Summit: Resistance to Imperialism

Monday June 17th: Day of Lectures, Seminars, and Anti-imperialist Discussion, with national and international guest speakers. Night of Revolutionary Dance and Song.

Tuesday June 18th: Mass Demonstration in Dublin Center in Commemoration of the 1913 Dublin Lockout and to protest the presence of the world’s most dangerous war criminals holding their G8 summit on Irish soil.

The Dublin Alternative G8 Committee calls on all Progressives, in Ireland and around the Globe, to join us in Dublin on the 17th and 18th of June 2013, for a summit to discuss how we can offer effective resistance to the genocidal policies being pursued by those who call themselves the G8. The New Scramble for Africa has begun. Secular Arab states are being bombed out of existence, to be replaced by the dictatorship of thousands of racist and sectarian gangs (easy for the imperialists to control.) As in 1873, when the Western financial system collapsed, the only answer for the Western powers is imperial conquest. Millions of lives are now in the most grave and immediate danger. Africom is enforcing de facto control over Africa by force of arms, setting one African nation against the other and creating civil wars that will tear the social fabric of Africa to shreds.

The imperialists are organized on a global basis. Within hours, the USA can bomb any point on the earth. Their British and French lapdogs have not been slow to get in on the action – hungry for a share of the colonial loot. Countries like Ireland, that pretend to be neutral, have shown their greed and envy by surreptitiously joining in the occupation of Afghanistan and offering to send troops to join in the re-conquest of Africa.

We anti-imperialists must also organize on a world-wide basis. The Dublin Alternative G8 Summit offers an ideal opportunity to galvanize what has already been achieved, and set out ambitious plans to stop imperialism in its tracks. As a country under imperial occupation and partitioned by the sectarian and ethnic division vital to all imperialist conquest, Ireland is a very suitable place for this debate to take place.

By holding the G8 Summit in occupied Ireland, the imperial powers have thrown down the gauntlet to all anti-imperialists world-wide. Do we have the courage to pick it up? The imperialists will get their answer soon enough.

To add insult to injury, the imperialists have chosen the centenary of the 1913 Dublin Lockout to hold their carnival of reaction in Ireland. The Dublin Alternative G8 Summit will be the center piece of the commemoration of that noble event, when tens of thousands of Working Class people suffered months of starvation rather than bend their knee to the power of the Irish comprador class, which was led by William Martin Murphy, owner of the infamous Irish Independent newpaper (liespaper in fact.) Hundreds of thousands marched on the streets in support of the strikers – defying police thugs who attempted to baton them off the streets.

Hopefully, a hundred years later, the people of Dublin will remember the courage of 1913 and prove themselves as worthy as those who went before them.

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