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Wrong IBAN codes in Ruben and Ignasi (Barcelona anarchists) solidarity account!

02-03-2006 22:28

Due to a problem with the bank, we were given a bad IBAN (International Bank Account Number),
which, together with BIC (Bank International Codes), are necessary to transfer money.

In some mails and texts we sent, such as "A thousand reasons to keep fighting" the code started
with ES33, but the good one starts with ES52 !!!

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Mysterious forces behind Iraqi violence "paid by us" - Robert Fisk

02-03-2006 22:19

In a television interview that has stunned Australian audiences, Beirut based journalist Robert Fisk has hinted that mysterious forces trying to foment civil war in Iraq are behind the recent upsurge in voilence there.

Fisk went on to state that Sunni Arabs and other Iraqis do not conduct suicide bombings and are not divided as a society.

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Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council drops by at the ASBO

02-03-2006 21:43

The Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council, Mr Gordon Mitchell, came on a tour of Radford district of Nottingham on Monday morning. While in the area, he, and a couple of councilors, dropped by at the ASBO squatted centre on Burns Street, for a bit of a chat.

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new and improved base

02-03-2006 21:35

good news? new squat in bradford. we have managed to convince the dean of bradford cathedral to let us squat in one of his old buildings so next teusday the accustic nights formaly held at the shearbridge will now be held in our new function room

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02-03-2006 21:22

An evening of comedy, music and dancing

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Anti-Deportation Protest at Nottingham Magistrates Court

02-03-2006 20:13

People protested the illegal deportation of a 20-year-old Afghani refugee at Nottingham Magistrates Court, 9.30 - 10.30am this morning [Thursday].

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Faslane Peace camp needs folk!!

02-03-2006 18:40

Faslane Needs People.

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Call for Global Women’s Strike 2006

02-03-2006 18:14

Global Women’s Strike – 8 March 2006
End Poverty, War and Environmental Devastation –
Invest in Caring Not Killing!

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OutRage!-Russian Embassy demo 2 march

02-03-2006 17:22

Report on the demo held outside the Russian Consulate.

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BNP front groups

02-03-2006 16:08

BNP sets up a civil liberties group and a union 'Solidarity'

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Friday March 3rd // Exhibit A + Hip Hop Nite @ The Square

02-03-2006 15:31

THE SQUARE Occupied Social Centre // 21 Russell Square // London WC1H
(North west Side of Russell Square)
For info:

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How Bush was wonderfully prepared for the hurricane

02-03-2006 15:16

US demonstrates it's competence in both foreign and domestic policy

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Drums of Peace video

02-03-2006 15:11

Drums of Peace, a celebration of cultural diversity, took place on Fri 10th Feb, and featured music and food from around the world.

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world books . . . . something else to remember

02-03-2006 14:29

Lots of chat on this commemorarion / celebration of books occasion . . . . heres a couple of brief snippets about the social / politics history to enlighten things . . . .

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Violation of International Law In Afghanistan, War Vet Tells Troops, PM

02-03-2006 14:24

Press release relevant to all soldiers and citizens of all nations involved in the Afghan war. Four documents: -To Canadian troops in Afghanistan, -Canada Violating International Law In Afghanistan, War Vet Tells Troops, PM -Letter to PM Stephen Harper, Feb. 28, 2006 -Research Brief: “Legal Aspects of Canada’s Actions in Afghanistan Deeply Troubling,”

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Black Horse Finance & Capital Bank Leisure, A Family’s Picket at NEC Boat Show

02-03-2006 12:57

One Man Picket Welcome National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show Birmingham NEC
Banking on ‘finance specialists’ to secure a loan for an ‘extra special treat’, seems the ‘norm’ for most people these days. Vince Shalom of the Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice made request for a different kind of help, at the 2006 UK National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC.

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Statewatch News Online

02-03-2006 12:40

Statewatch News Online, 2 March 2006 (04/06)
Full contents see:

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Camp for Climate Action website relaunched

02-03-2006 12:39

it's better and prettier

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Shepton Mallet Tesco - Activists Back on Site!

02-03-2006 12:36

Activists are back on site today and up the trees. They are asking for anyone who can to get there ASAP.

The trees used for the last camp were destroyed after the eviction, but there's around 180 still waiting to be saved.

More news as it comes in.

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Haiti: SOKOWA union struggle forces IFC to recognise ILO core standards

02-03-2006 12:34

The struggles of the CODEVI Free Trade Zone Workers’ Union in Ouanaminthe, Haïti, have established a HISTORIC, WORLDWIDE PRECEDENT!