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new and improved base

magpiie | 02.03.2006 21:35 | Free Spaces

good news? new squat in bradford. we have managed to convince the dean of bradford cathedral to let us squat in one of his old buildings so next teusday the accustic nights formaly held at the shearbridge will now be held in our new function room

accross the road from the cathedral in little germany is on old house, through the gate and up the old cobbled drive is an old door, behind the old door is our new home(for now anyways). hopefully we will be there for a bit longer than the shearbridge. gingerback is away on his holidays at the moment but don't be too depressed, next teusday there will be an accoustic night with a vegan cafe and music. donations well and truelly apreciated. for those who are interested in helping to organize any other social events let us know, the more help the merrier. life is sh*t so get over it, come down and we will attempt at least, to chear you up a bit.

p.s. to anyone reading this who had the unfortunate luck of meating me at the last party, i was rather drunk and sincerely apologise to you if i managed to offend or upset you. a bottle of san booka is on its way( to those in the know). see you soon

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