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No Peace for Israel

29-07-2002 20:54

Please read this interesting piece on the Middle East Struggle. It really make you think.

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SHAC video - Stop Huntingdon

29-07-2002 18:52

The news you dont see on the TV from Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

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29-07-2002 16:59

US accused of airstrike cover-up
From Dumeetha Luthra in Kabul

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GERMANY: Total objector in military arrest

29-07-2002 16:57

GERMANY: Total objector in military arrest
German total objector Thomas Kroll is since 3 July in military arrest.

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29-07-2002 16:46


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ISRAEL: Two more refuseniks in prison

29-07-2002 15:17

ISRAEL: Two more refuseniks in prison
Two more refuseniks were jailed in Israel recently.

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German Tory candiate PARODY (in German)

29-07-2002 15:16

Portrait of the real Edmund Stoiber, the chancellor candidate

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Iraq and Macedonia

29-07-2002 12:11

Today in Global Observer you can find an interview with Scott Ritter (UN's inspector in Iraq) and articles about US plan for the attack against Iraq and Al Qaeda's presence in Macedonia.

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Strasbourg NoBorder Camp Ends

29-07-2002 12:07

After saturdays defiant protests and actions the Noborder Camp in strasbourg tatted down and everyone got off site by the end of sunday afternoon.

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Small Town Terrorism - Invisible Palestine

29-07-2002 10:44

Update on daily life in villages around Jenin.

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CLASH do Jaguar Advertisement

29-07-2002 06:19

CLASH do Jaguar Advertisement
Jaguar Motors is using a CLASH song to promote their new line of luxury cars!

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Footsie 'faces fall to 3,000'

29-07-2002 06:03

Disaster looms for shares as consumer confidence vanishes and the Pink 'un's fortunes plunge

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The Roadblock

29-07-2002 04:24

They had stationed themselves just before the on-ramp, and they were seriously impeding the forward progress of about a dozen already harried commuters who were desperately trying to escape the sleepy, cow-town of Lakeland, Florida.

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On the road w/ The Walk For Democracy <part2>

29-07-2002 03:48

Part 2 of the series introduces Lisa, the Support Driver for Democracy and shows what it's like on the road.

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straight pree beats indymedia hands down

29-07-2002 01:29

what's allowed in the broadsheet media is sometimes disallowed in this radical and free line

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American Animal Rights Protesters Indicted on Felony Charges

29-07-2002 00:44

Last April, ten people were arrested durring a World Week for Animals In Labs (WWAIL) protest in New York City. Six were idicted on felony criminal mischief (in the second degree). One is currently being held in jail on $15,000 cash only bond with conditions set so that no activist my post bail. All six stand to receive sentences betwen one and six years.

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28-07-2002 23:21

Four supporters of the Simon Jones Memorial Campaign will appear in court this week following a protest last December at the Shoreham dock where Simon Jones was killed in 1998. The four face sentences of up to six months in jail for taking part in the peaceful protest which was staged to draw
attention to the continuing lack of any enforcement of safety regulations at the Euromin-owned dock.

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Fuck the War Criminal! (cartoon by Latuff)

28-07-2002 21:21

Fuck the War Criminal! (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli oppression.

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Paul Foot for Socialist Alliance Mayor of Hackney

28-07-2002 21:04

Hackney Socialist Alliance has unanimously selected Paul Foot to stand for mayor of Hackney in the election to be held on Thursday 17 October.

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conspiracy in the '60's

28-07-2002 21:00

"3. A "Remember the Maine" incident could be arranged in several forms:
a. We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba."