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Strasbourg NoBorder Camp Ends

IMCista | 29.07.2002 12:07

After saturdays defiant protests and actions the Noborder Camp in strasbourg tatted down and everyone got off site by the end of sunday afternoon.

Saturday night saw a final party with a huge bonfire, banner burning ceremony, fireworks and manic all night drumming.

While many had expected the police to repress the camp at the end of events this didnt happen and as far as I know everyone was able to leave unhindered throughout the morning and afternoon - the train station was devoid of the large numbers of cops seen over the last few days and the streets were free from the excessive ID checks.

Many stayed however until the final people were ready to leave - exiting the camp in a mass exodus convoy - the intention was to go via the prison where a couple of people were still being held, but the vehicle convoy was soon blocked by police causing severe traffic jams. As people leafletted the other cars people negotiated with the cops saying if the police released two remaining prisoners then the convoy would leave without entering the centre of strasbourg - and after a couple of hours the polcie agreed.

Finaly many people headed together to another site not that far away, to set up camp and finish celebrating.

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