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Dr Kissinger arrested at Gleneagles shock!

13-03-2005 23:04

Relax and let Gleneagles take over!
This is an account with photos of my experiences at the Gleneagles Hotel on Saturday 12th March 2005. I was taken into custody after hotel security were not amused by my impersonation of Dr Henry Kissinger!

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13-03-2005 22:58

In recent years, countries have successfully complained before The World Court that their citizens were sentenced to death by U.S. states without access to diplomats from their own nations. Withdrawal from the protocol means that the United States will not have to "bow" to the International Court of Justice, ever again.

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Anti-war vigil in Worthing

13-03-2005 20:53

An anti-war vigil is being held in Worthing, West Sussex, on Friday March 18.

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Noise Demo at International Energy Roundtable - London March 15th

13-03-2005 17:53

International Energy and Environment Ministers Roundtable
March 15th 2005

The Brewery, 52 Chiswell Street, 12 noon

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13-03-2005 17:40

Stop the next generation of nuclear weapons
Come to Aldermaston on Easter Monday
28 March 2005
12 noon - 5.0pm

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Ouseley report on council racism

13-03-2005 16:00

Lord Ouseley, former member of the Commission for Racial Equality, has just delivered a report into racism in the south London council of Southwark.

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Dallas Court Reporting Centre, a 'point of disappearance' for asylum seekers.

13-03-2005 14:48

This is a report of the demonstration at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, South Langworthy Rd, Salford on Tuesday 8th March, 2005.

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250 teenagers sign new “Refusal Letter”

13-03-2005 13:50

About 250 Israeli teenagers today sent a collective letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, chief of the IDF general staff and Minister of Education.

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we need urgently DV tapes to film what its happening in Parliament Square today

13-03-2005 13:48

we need urgently DV tapes to film what its happening in Parliament Square today

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Terror law cartoon

13-03-2005 09:41

Terror law cartoon

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Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

13-03-2005 09:33

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans for a combined air and ground attack on targets in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear programme.

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Your DNA in a handy spray?

13-03-2005 09:26

Reports from Queensland , Australia speak of rising concerns about lax conditions in DNA testing labs. It is even suggested that when a small DNA sample is replicated many times to enable tests, the procedure is no more complex than making 'bathtub ecstasy'. In other words, anyone could cook up a batch of your DNA to spray around a crime scene...Can anyone confirm this is possible?

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13-03-2005 05:02

Karen Hughes knows how to keep things under her hat, and her short Phyllis Diller fright wig; so President Bush wants her back in Washington, against the wishes of her husband and teenage son. Her mission: Make friends with the Muslims of the Middle East as we decimate them and level their cities.

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Huntsman arrested at Essex Hunt after allegedly assaulting Female Sab

12-03-2005 20:09

hunt arrest
A Joint Master of the Essex Farmers + Union Hunt, was arrested today after an alleged assault on a female sab.

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Action against persecution of Basque youth in London

12-03-2005 19:44

Two activists displayed a banner on behalf of the Basque Youth in Buckingham Palace. The banner refers to the on-going trial of young people who were members of the Basque separatist youth organization Jarrai/Segi/Haika.

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Stop the BNP picket April 6th

12-03-2005 17:51

The BNP plan to hold a picket outside Halifax police station on April 6th.

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12-03-2005 15:50

HALABJA: The Martyred City

Nemat Sharif
March 2003

Off Hiroshima
The Smoke ascended
And the earth quacked
Homes smashed and domes cracked
Temperature rose into thousands
Cadavers scattered
Humans burned, things blackened

It was said:
Radiation causes cancer …
But in years, from the rubbles
Will rise a healthy Japanese
Who will hoist the flag!

* * *

On Halabja
A colorful smoke descended
Dazzling the eyes
Dazing the mind
And slowly
It seeped inside
A tormenting curse, it descending
On all living beings …
On animals,
On plants,
On humans …

* * *

Spring was breezy fresh
When on Halabja
The smoke descended
The earth didn't quake
Domes didn't crack,
And homes didn't smash
Temperature didn't rise
And flesh didn't fly
But by the thousands
Corpses scattered
--Some bleeding here,
--Others frozen there.

"What is it?" the world asked
"Surprised!", a Kurd replied:
"Hitler is born again."

* * *

Hitler is calling for revenge
Deep the feelings ran
It was said, again:
It isn't carcinogen
But in years …
In a generation or two
There will be born
A deformed Kurd
Who will bear the signs

On his right, will be
--A sterile plant

And on his left,
-- A wingless bird

In years, in Halabja
There shall rise,
-- A deformed Kurd
-- Who will ring the bell!
-- Who will call to return …

And for Kurdistan,
--He shall hoist a flag.

Of Nagasaki, they told:
Of fire, and destruction
A long history, and a little
Of mercy and care, they said.

Of Hiroshima, they said:
The fear of defeat,
The drive to win,
And of Halabja, they said:
Revenge ….
May be revenge!

* * *

Of the Kurds, he said:
"People without land" and it is
"Our exact calculations …
Did we err when we set
To change the balance of power
In the north"
And solve the equation of reality

A land without people,
A land infertile
A land scorched
A land saturated with toxins
Where life is bleak
And plants unlike plants
A land driven insane
With mustard, with Sarin
With nerve gas!

* * *

He said it years ago:
"A land without people
Or people without land?"

But history proclaimed:
He has lied
His equation isn't true!!
One day, from the ashes and gas
A deformed Kurd shall rise
He will spit on the world
Form a burnt lung
A spit half chemicals
And the other half is blood

He shall write
On his scorched land
Kurdistan shall be
Kurdistan will live
Kurdistan is My Home
Kurdistan is My Home …

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Repression in Sicilian sauce

12-03-2005 15:46

They came out of their dens all together. The forces of repression in Palermo have decided to fully display their power and their violence to the people who, in this highly controversial town, works with a forgotten community.

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Demo against G8 employment ministers (pics).

12-03-2005 14:50

When hell is too crowded the dead will walk the earth........
A small but perfectly formed theatrical protest against the G8 employment ministers and the offices of the DSS fraud squad.

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Pig Watch in Cambridge

12-03-2005 13:36

See how pigs are supporting and protecting local people.