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A Call to the International Community of Conscience

09-05-2001 16:56

This June, peace activists will be marking the 34th year of Israel's occupation by a series of public actions in Israel, Palestine, and cities throughout the world. Join us in the struggle to end the murderous occupation.

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Global Action Day against Exxon Mobil (Esso) !

09-05-2001 14:45

Soon there will be a Global Action day against Exxon Mobil because of their Evironment-politics.. It will be a day of actions in several cities all over the world and there will be Cyberactions aswell !

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Rising Tide FM

09-05-2001 12:02

Radio Rising Tide FM will be transmitting across West & South West London on Friday the 11th of May. Talk, facts and music can be picked up on 87.7FM from 8 in the evening until midnight.

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Terrorism Is in the Eye of the Beholder -or- Liberals at the Trough

09-05-2001 07:00

Liberals are notorious for believing everything they hear from the government. Like dogs at raw meat they swallow down whole chunks of government press releases without breathing. At the risk of editorializing, I'd have to say that the only difference between dogs and liberals is that dogs digest what they take in.

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Security as Commodity

09-05-2001 06:54

"Security" has been hyped into the stratosphere lately, not only by burglar-alarm salespeople, but mostly by politicians as a key ingredient in their smokescreens. Leaving aside the understandable personal desire for a room of one's own, the bleat of security has been used to tear-gas the population in attempts to effect a siege mentality among its members.

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Indymedia May Day publication

08-05-2001 21:40

Issue #4 of weekly PDF: May Day actions and other stories

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Can’t Really Afford Mardi Gras 2000?

08-05-2001 21:32

Can’t Really Afford Mardi Gras 2000?

Reclaim Your Pride!
And spend the day with Us!
Saturday 30th of June

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Boycott Esso

08-05-2001 17:09

A national campaign to boycott Esso (ExxonMobil) was launched in London today by the
Stop Esso campaign, an alliance founded by Greenpeace, Friends of the
Earth and People & Planet.

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08-05-2001 17:00

On April 1, 2001, successfully activated its first action-performance, Whirl-Mart. It was a silent march winding through the aisles of Wal-Mart in Troy, NY, that was symbolic of the group's opposition to violent capitalist values. It was not necessarily a protest against Wal-Mart. Now is calling for simultaneous Whirl-Mart action-performances across the country and/or globe on Sunday June 3 and the first Sunday of every month following.

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Barcelona-2001.Call for an international meeting.

08-05-2001 16:25

Dates: May 12 and 13.
Place: ESPAI OBERT (Open Space),
Address: Calle (street) Blasco de Garai 2,Poble Sec,Barcelona (METRO POBLE SEC)

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MayDay in Galway,Ireland

08-05-2001 14:13

200 in EyreSquare celebrate MayDay with little or no police

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It's Official

08-05-2001 14:06

Lord Chalfont, Chair of the House of Lords, says America is the ONLY Superpower and will be for some time to come.

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Variations on "Plan Colombia"

08-05-2001 13:52

by Carlos Fazio
Uruguayan-Mexican journalist and writer

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California:Lights Out Again

08-05-2001 13:32

The California Independent System Operator (California ISO) ordered rolling blackouts on
Monday, hitting some 250,000 to 300,000 customers

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Liberty Conference: Privacy and Human Rights

08-05-2001 13:28

Important for campaigners who use the internet (how much are we watched - what powers does the state now have under RIP act etc). Also important in general...

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WTO Conference Qatar - Web Site

08-05-2001 12:29

The web site for the WTO's next conference at Doha, Qatar 9-13 November 2001 is now online and developing.

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U.S. Gas Prices Up, Up and Away

08-05-2001 03:58

U.S. retail gasoline prices hit an all-time high Monday the Energy Department reported on Monday. The Energy Department shows U.S. gasoline inventories at 199 million barrels, down 8 million barrels from a year ago and far below average levels for this time of year. Increased
summer demand will continue to drive the price of gasoline to even higher levels.

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Election 2001 - New Labour's position on WTO.

07-05-2001 22:10

This is New Labour's position on globalisation, as put forward by Blair himself.

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Wombles make friends - pictures

07-05-2001 17:49

Wombles make friends - pictures
Proving they're not such shy creatures after all - wombles on May Day.

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Lurking around oxford street - mayday pics

07-05-2001 17:15

Lurking around oxford street - mayday pics
An afternoon of avoiding getting surrounded and detained by police.