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Human traffickers

13-02-2013 20:55

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Buy Bye

13-02-2013 18:55


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UG#614 - Granting Autonomy to The Logic of Money 1 (Capitalism, Debt & Banking)

13-02-2013 13:00

We left off our reading of David Graeber with the statement that "The logic of money was granted autonomy. Political and military power were then gradually reorganized around it". This week we look in more detail at what that meant, focusing mainly on the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries. As well as reading more from Debt, The First 5000 Years we hear a few words from Ivan Illich and the first half of a radio adaptation of a video on the Banking Cartels and the US Federal Reserve.

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UG#615 - Granting Autonomy to The Logic of Money 2 (Capitalism, Banking...)

13-02-2013 12:53

This week is a sequel to last week's episode, again combining some hidden history of the bankers in USA with our continued reading of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years. We conclude with the audio of an introductory presentation on Altruistic Economics which Robin Upton gave at the Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin in December 2009.

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Acid Test

13-02-2013 10:55

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International Trade Union meeting/conference - Paris - March 22-24

13-02-2013 10:42

For anyone interested from autonomous Trade Union movements:

The following international conference has been called. The details are below and if anyone is interested you can contact NOII UK by email to find out more and for the PDF doc invitation.

So far there are:

3 delegates from Liverpool TUC (UCU, Unite and UCATT), 2 delegates from the
RMT national exec, one delegate from NUT, UCU, Save ancoats dispensary
community campaign, London Mick Dooley and some others.

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Stop G8 Benefit gig

13-02-2013 09:57

Please Share
A night of frantic hardcore punk and thrash - benefit for Stop G8.

Thursday 7th March: 200 Club Newport - £3 advance

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On the Abolition of Empire

12-02-2013 23:28

The careful look at this world reveals a lethal diagnosis: imperialism. The symptoms are obvious, the denial is total, the precedents for cure are rare, and yet its track record is long and its destructive forces are peaking ever more. What is new is that the technology gap is closing, the period which let imperialism grow but also provided the possibility of independence from it. The cyber imperialism of now brings back the worst aspect of tribal life, and only the worst, and is trying to enslave it for its destructive forces - the impossibility of independence. This is especially odd since if anything good can be said about technological progress then it is that it removed any material need for social dependency. One need not adore the technology it brought, but as a result thereof it was possible to take other ways than the most aggressive group in the tribe. Now technology seems to produce an impossibility to choose any other ways than the most aggressive group in the species.

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Fight gentrification! Reclaim regeneration! For self-organised spaces...

12-02-2013 18:23

The Elephant & Castle area in South London, one of the last remaining central locations that is still inhabited by some less well-off communities, has seen massive changes in the past years. Pioneers of regeneration have "discovered" the area as an "ultra hot-spot" for investment, and the local authorities are eager to serve their needs. This leaves the diverse and organic communities around E&C confronted with soaring rents, demolition of social housing and displacement - in short, gentrification has kicked in.

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Watch Out ??? Here Comes The Bedroom Tax

12-02-2013 14:55

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It’s Official: UK Government’s Workfare Programme is Illegal Forced Labour

12-02-2013 14:01

The UK Government’s controversial Back to Work programme, deemed workfare by critics, received a bloody nose this week as all but one of the WorkFare schemes were found to compel a person’s labour and deemed illegal by the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice. Though not an ultimate victory, this ruling sends a clear signal to the UK government that the public might not be willing to surrender their social contract without a fight after all.

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TONIGHT! Combe Haven Defenders Public Meeting

12-02-2013 10:06

Tonight Public Meeting

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‘But Nothing Really Happened?’

12-02-2013 04:55

Hollaback! Edinburgh recently published an interview with researcher Fiona Elvines on Street Harassment. Fiona’s research studies what she terms ‘male stranger intrusion’, and I had an experience this weekend which proved just how vital Fiona’s work is.


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A Letter From Jock Palfreeman - Anti-fascist Prisoner On Hunger Strike

11-02-2013 23:24

Australian Anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman, serving 20 years in Sofia/Bulgaria for defending two Roma boys from a racist mob, is on hungerstrike from 13th January 2013 because the Director of the Central Sofia Prison has ordered another punishment measure because of Jock´s activist work as chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoner´s Association.

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Dr Azzam Tamimi – The Arab Uprising and its Effect on Egypt & Palestine

11-02-2013 21:16

Dr Azzam Timimi, speaking in Peterborough, UK on Saturday 10th February 2013
Dr Tamimi, a British Palestinian academic and political activist delivered his opinion on the Arab Uprising and its effects on Egypt and Palestine on Sunday 10th February 2013 in Peterborough, UK. A video of his presentation can be viewed here -

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Solidarity Brings Freedom and Justice for Zapatista Francisco Sántiz López

11-02-2013 19:27

After 417 days of wrongful imprisonment, the Zapatista political prisoner is freed.

Thanks to all the people and organizations throughout the world who campaigned for his liberation.

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Jeff Marsh "Comes Out" On Twitter As Being Gay #edl #lgbt

11-02-2013 19:06

Perhaps the most surprising tweet of them all, was this afternoon when violent racist ex-soccer hooligan "Joe Casuals" (Jeff Marsh to you or I) openly came out as "gay". This is the sadistic racist former EDL thug who enjoys slashing Manchester United fans with sharp knives for fun, and many of his mates do stiff arm nazi salutes and use the hashtag #14/88, and now he has supposedly come out of the closet, putting himself at risk of homophobia from his nazi mates.