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Filipino journalists remember 'Maguindanao massacre'

25-12-2009 00:14

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party)
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – Dozens of journalists held a prayer rally Wednesday in Zamboanga City to remember and seek justice for the brutal slayings of 57 people, among them at least 30 journalists massacred last month in Maguindanao province in the southern Philippines.

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Aminatou is home - don't look away now

24-12-2009 18:54

Aminatou at Lanzarote airport where she staged her 32 day hunger strike
The return of Saharawi hunger striker Aminatou Haidar to Western Sahara is, in her own words, a victory for ‘international law, for human rights, for international justice’. However, the battle is far from over. Now that Morocco's human rights standards have been thrust into the spotlight, the UN and the EU must fulfill their obligations to end human rights abuses in occupied Western Sahara and bring justice to the Saharawi people.

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Camden Fascist Pub Birthday Party Boycott, Gloucester Arms Kentish Town 29 Dec

24-12-2009 17:34

The fascist Jobbik party known as Euro Nazis [see Nothing British, Freedom magazine, Camden UAF etc] have been having meetings in a Camden Pub, the Gloucester Arms on Lieghton Road in Kentish Town. the Camden New Journal has covered a protest agains the pub who told protesters and the CNJ that they "could go whistle" and that he will do what he likes...His birthday party is on 29 Dec 09....

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Camden : Alpaca Llamas being abused and frightened on Camden High Street

24-12-2009 17:10

A man has been bringing Alpaca Llamas on to Camden High Street and making money out of tourists posing for photos with the frightened animals. Local dogs who have never seen a llama before were barking at the frightened animals causing upset to the llamas and the dogs. The llamas are being transported in a trailer not meant for animals which is towed by a Vauxhall Astra for no reason except cash...

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Whistleblower Ex-Lecturer Convicted of Harassment Against British Knight

24-12-2009 14:36

Kingston Police Report on Content of Website,
On 22 December 2009, Dr Howard Fredrics, former Senior Lecturer of Music at Kingston University, London, was convicted in absentia of harassment against Sir George "Peter" Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University for having operated a website that revealed evidence of misconduct by the University. The conviction was handed down by the Kingston Magistrates Court despite a compelling police investigation report that indicated that there was no evidence that the site contained anything that could lead to such a charge.

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January 19 Committee - a call for solidarity with Russian antifascists

24-12-2009 12:33

Manifesto of the January 19 Committee

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A Good Year For The EDL? Probably Not

24-12-2009 11:31

So this is Christmas and what have you done? Well, despite wanting to ‘stop Islamic Extremism’ which they do not seem to have done, the English Defence League have managed to ring up a huge police bill, had many arrests, got their mugs on Sky News and, well, that’s it.

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The Libertarian C.N.T. and the F.A.I. Supported Freedom of Religion in Spain

24-12-2009 07:06

“Could any other declaration be made? It is de rigueur (socially obligatory -ed) that in any programme type declaration we register our respect for religions…” 1. states the C.N.T. on May 10th, 1938 Circular No. 12.

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Human Rights Activists Celebrate 2009's Many Wins Against Scientology Cult

24-12-2009 03:43

Anonymous > Scientology
The Scientology organization suffered many crippling blows in 2009, as the Anonymous human rights activist network turned up the pressure, journalists and judges stopped pulling their punches, and cult members continued to bail out in droves.

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Are we serious? the shambles in Copenhagen

23-12-2009 23:25

A personal account of the failure of the protests in Copenhagen. It's all too easy to blame that nasty "police repression" for the lack of fizz of the demos in Denmark -- but were the protests ever serious?

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Barbarism begins at home. Anarchists agains the family

23-12-2009 23:11

Family as another Modern institution to be destroyed since it proves unable to be resignified. Merry Xmas.

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Foie Gras Cruelty

23-12-2009 22:26

Nicolas wine store chain selling the vile product foie gras

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Communication, education and human rights activist imprisoned in Israel!

23-12-2009 20:30

Jamal Juma, Human Right's defender and coordinator of "Stop the Wall" campaign in Palestine, campaigner for the democratisation of communication and organiser of the future world education forum, was arrested onthe 16th of December without explanation and held in Israel. Appeals go out for support and pressure for his liberation and the right to trial in his home Palestine.

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Obama Is Preparing for War in South America

23-12-2009 15:10

"The 1999 Constitution is one of the most advanced in the world in the area of human rights. It guarantees the rights to housing, education, healthcare, food, indigenous lands, languages, women's rights, worker's rights, living wages and a whole host of other rights that few other countries recognize on a national level. My favorite right in the Venezuelan Constitution is the right to a dignified life. That pretty much sums up all the others."

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Smash EDO: Remember Gaza, January 18th announcement

23-12-2009 15:01

It is now less than a month to Smash EDO's Remember Gaza event. Make sure that you stay updated!

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Victory for Western Sahara hunger striker

23-12-2009 14:37

Jeremy Corbyn in London and Stefan Simanowitz in Lanzarote report on the dramatic end to Aminatou Haidar's hunger strike which saw the Moroccan's back down and allow the human rights activist to return home without making any concessions.

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Second attempt to remove Ntarh Pascal Ntarh

23-12-2009 14:15

Ntarh Pascal Ntarh a national of Cameroon and resident of Glasgow, is currently in Colnbrook IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 28th December @ 06:05 on EasyJet flight U2431, from London/Luton to Paris for onward transit to Cameroon.

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Shelter bling my home, possibly the most misguided homeless fund-raisin campaign

23-12-2009 10:21

Shelter this Christmas have launched a 'bling my home' campaign. Running a homeless campaign around the shameless show of excessive consumerism seems extremely inappropriate. Have they totaly lost the plot, have they become part of the problem not the solution?

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NCADC News Service

23-12-2009 10:09

NCADC will be not be resting this festive season as UKBA will continue to remove people everyday.

NCADC will operate an emergency service 25th to 28th December: If your case is urgent and only if it is urgent, Email

Please check your Email daily in case we need your help to lobby airlines.