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Shelter bling my home, possibly the most misguided homeless fund-raisin campaign

Ben Edwards | 23.12.2009 10:21 | Social Struggles

Shelter this Christmas have launched a 'bling my home' campaign. Running a homeless campaign around the shameless show of excessive consumerism seems extremely inappropriate. Have they totaly lost the plot, have they become part of the problem not the solution?

Bling is the shameless show of excessive consumerism so why shelterer running campaign called bling your street. I personally find the whole bling thing offensive. Maybe shelter think it is ironic but I don't buy that. Bling is the epitome of everything wrong with Christmas. What do you think.

Ben Edwards
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  1. ... — anon
  2. Po faced moaning — Anonymous
  3. May seem like harmless fun — Ben Edwards
  4. Great Video.. — Mike D
  5. agreed — Anonymous