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Citizens FOR police

19-11-2003 08:37

Inglewood ofc. jeremy morse slamming a 16 year old child onto a car.
To the many great people standing up to bush in the Uk I want to inform you of the escalating police abuse in america. The inglewood case of jeremy morse beating a 16 year old handcuffed black youth is the american focal point to the continued occupation of OUR streets and nieghborhoods in america. This is the latest news concerning. I hope you will take an interest in what this story is all about. I appluad you all this week. Thanks so much! Please check this site out by a junglist dj who videotaped this racist crime against all of us.

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Starving the Residents of Bartaâ a ash Sharqiyya into a Prison

19-11-2003 07:42

The approaching Id, the feast at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a time that should be of celebration for residents in Bartaâ a ash Sharqiyya is already fated to be bleak with the continual Israeli measures against Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip; now its unsure that residents in Bartaâ a will even be able to have sufficient food as the Occupation military is forbidding the villagers to bring in food into the community which is imprisoned between the Apartheid Wall and the Green Line.

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Infoshop News to provide expanded coverage of the FTAA protests

19-11-2003 06:42

Infoshop News will be providing special coverage of this week's protests in Miami, Florida, against the FTAA.

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Anti-Bush Mp3s: Rock the Protest

19-11-2003 06:20

A full cds worth of great anti-bush music mp3s
download, burn and blast at the protests

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A list of all the events is available. (recently updated)

19-11-2003 06:04

The web page has a comprehensive list of all the Bush protest events and plenty of detail about the likely whereabouts of Bush. Obviously, people should continue to watch the Indy newswire for info about changes/additions to the protests, but this site has nearly all events all on one page.

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The Axis of Evil on the Internet

19-11-2003 05:22


The United Capitalist Front (UCF) is a coalition of right wingers, conservatives and pro-capitalists working together to divide and conquer the effectiveness of the internet through disinformation and psychological warfare as counterinsurgency.

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19-11-2003 04:19

What is One Global Community all about... In-Short ?
Creating... One Global Community
A World Network Of... Community Centers And People.

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Amnesty Guantánamo Bay Demonstration - thursday

19-11-2003 03:50

President Bush Visit

End the US abuses at Guantánamo Bay - Demonstrate!

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Black Bloc: the ultimate logo

19-11-2003 03:21

By Laura Corradi
PhD Universita di Venezia
University of California

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University College London still occupied by anti-war activists - latest

19-11-2003 02:36

At least 60 UCL Stop the War activists are continuing to occupy part of the main building at UCL after taking control around 5pm yesterday (Tues). The occupation is in protest against George W. Bush's state visit.

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Five Colombian generals caught stealing US aid

19-11-2003 02:17

Half of all Colombia's Police generals have been sacked after being caught spending US money - meant for paying snitches and fighting guerrillas - on diamonds, booze and chocolate during a three-year long fiesta. The scandal comes only days after the resignation of the Minister of Defence and the commander of the military forces, who has lost several hundred troops in combat with guerrillas in recent months.

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Rapid Changes Among Ministers Damage Uribe's Credibility

19-11-2003 02:15

BOGOTA, Colombia, Nov. 13 â?? When he took office 15 months ago, President Alvaro Uribe said his ministers would remain with him throughout his four-year term, a pledge aimed at casting an image of stability and purpose in a country where governments are usually scorned.

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U.S. advisors from Iraq and Afghanistan arrive in Colombia

19-11-2003 02:11

Bogota -- The elderly shopkeeper's gold teeth glint in the half-light of her dilapidated general store in this mountain village 40 miles northwest of Bogota. With a shrill laugh, she slices a gnarled finger across her throat.

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BUSH GO HOME - naked protest at tate

19-11-2003 01:38

Yet another naked word protest against bush!

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Nowhere to run George, nowhere to hide.

19-11-2003 01:29

No stocks for George we want the gallows for this pathetic lying, cheating, murdering nazi scumbag.

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UDHR 31st Article/ 28th USA Bill of Rights

19-11-2003 01:27

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, anti-corruption, anti-cultic, referendum, new people's branch of government. In spirit of green party facilitation/process, change, add, delete to improve.

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pics of rhythms of resistance on first anti-bush demo

19-11-2003 01:18

rhythms 1
some pics from the campaign against climate change protest on the evening killer bush flew into town

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Burning Planet demo report & pics

19-11-2003 01:05

The demo just after Trafalgar Square
Another report and pics from the Burning Planet anti Bush demo on Tuesday evening.

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Be ready, Cambridge

19-11-2003 01:00

As George Bush is now in the country, and his itinerary is a secret, we ask local people: please think about what you would do if George showed up somewhere near Cambridge on short notice. Talk to your friends. Stay ready.

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pix from burning planet unwelcome bush protest to US embassy

19-11-2003 00:57

lots of bright lights and puppet type stuff
Pictures from today's noisy unwelcome bush demo from Burning Planet climate change campaign. Marched from Holborn through trafalger square and on to the US embassy where speeches were made acusing Bush and his corporate backers of crimes against humanity and the earth...