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'Jenin, Jenin' Film Showings - York, Bradford, Leeds

03-06-2004 10:09

Mohamaad Bakri and his film "Jenin, Jenin" are on tour the UK from 1 to 9 June. There are showings on Friday 4th in York and Bradford, and in Leeds on Monday 7th.

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12th June - Autonomous Alt Tech / Media Assembly re ESF

03-06-2004 08:52

Join us on Sat 12th June to map out possible projects and strategies around the european social forum planned for October this year... from supporting existing projects like the NOMAD DIY open source translation infrastructure, to supporting autonomous spaces and using wi-fi to link spaces inside the ESF, outside the ESF and on the streets, radio and video streaming, alternative media centres and reporting, experimental media labs etc etc

Some initiatives are underway already, others are yet to be imagined...

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Postal workers try to refuse to carry BNP mail!

03-06-2004 01:41

p to 30 postal workers in the Grimsby area initially refused to deliver election literature for the British National Party (BNP).

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Latest news from

02-06-2004 23:38 is an Open publishing platform that invites registered users to post news, opinion, and comment on local and global issues. Intended for non-mainstream political and social news and views.

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Abuse of Iraqi prisoners provokes anti-gay hate among Arabs and Muslims

02-06-2004 23:31

The US military’s use of homosexuality to humiliate Iraqi prisoners has been condemned as “homophobic sadism” by the gay rights group OutRage! It says the officially sanctioned culture of homophobia in the US armed forces is directly to blame.

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BBC News website

02-06-2004 23:00

Did anybody else notice that the BBC News website came up instead of the UK IndyMedia website earlier on this evening?

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oxford animal rights demo

02-06-2004 22:01

thursday 3rd june 2004 at 3pm

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UN: "Palestinian youth suffer"

02-06-2004 21:38

From a report by Al-Jazeera...

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Seize The Day Live!

02-06-2004 20:44

Seize The Day, described as 'Bold, Beautiful, Frontline Folk" by the Guardian (but imo, are much more) are playing a rare gig in Sheffield tomorrow, Thursday 3rd June..

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The European Creative Forum

02-06-2004 20:12

The European Creative Forum Presents Visions of Another World - a series of monthly events every 2nd Saturday...

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New anti-G8 social cnetre openning friday!

02-06-2004 20:02

23Topia is a new anti-G8 social centre in Worthing

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02-06-2004 18:31


The court case that could decide the future of the Gana and Gwi
Bushmen will be held in July this year. Two hundred and forty-eight
Bushmen and Bakgalagadi are taking Botswana to court over the
government's forced eviction of them and their families from their
ancestral land, in what could be a test case for Bushman rights
across southern Africa.

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The New War on "Terror"

02-06-2004 17:00

The Bush administration sent a calculated message to grassroots
political activists this week: The War on Terrorism has come home.

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Unite Anti Facist Festival

02-06-2004 15:48

Unite Anti Racist Festival has been forced to change the Venue to Hammersmith Apollo after Police Objections to it taking place in Finsbury Park.

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Zapatista Coffee vs. Starbucks, Oxford

02-06-2004 15:02

Report and photos from Starbucks, Cornmarket Street, Oxford

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Daily Mirror D-Day Cartoon - almost

02-06-2004 14:07

Not the Daily Mirror D-Day commemorative issue cartoon!
With no apologies to the Daily Mirror.

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Activist Jailed for Breach of the Peace

02-06-2004 13:17

On 1 June, 2004, Ludd, a For Mother Earth Scotland activist handed himself in to the police. A hearing was anticipated on 2 June, 1994. He is spending this time in jail for refusing to pay a £550 fine, imposed on him for opposing Government’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was charged only with of a breach of the peace. He was immediately taken to jail for 28 days on an extract warrant.

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Art of War : Guerrilla Art

02-06-2004 12:57

King Oil
The 1st Annual Exhibition of Resistance to Big Oil

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Activist on Remand for Resisting Government Weaponry

02-06-2004 12:41

Activist on remand in Scotland for refusing to pay £550 fine for action at Faslane.

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antisemitism in canada

02-06-2004 11:27

in canada there has been a resurgence of antisemitic activity