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Zapatista Coffee vs. Starbucks, Oxford

spanner | 02.06.2004 15:02 | Ecology | Social Struggles | Zapatista | Oxford

Report and photos from Starbucks, Cornmarket Street, Oxford

There was free coffee today at the Starbucks coffee shop in Oxford.
Not inside Starbucks itself though: it was from the activists out on the pavement in front.

The aim was to combine solidarity with the Zapatistas and the Palestinians by distributing Zapatistas coffee, while boycotting the zionist corporation Starbucks.

It was a busy Wednesday lunchtime in Oxford city centre, and Cornmarket was crowded with people taking their lunch hour shopping, eating lunch and taking in a rare bit of sun.

A table was set up, and we handed out leaflets and chatted with passers-by, and gave out free cups of delicious Zapatista coffee. Just how delicious is it, I hear you ask? Buy some today, and find out. You can order some for yourself, or start distributing it, by emailing

The reponse we got was overwhelmingly positive: some people we chatted with had no idea about the terrible economics behind coffee, or that Starbucks gives the people who actually produce their coffee such a shite deal, or that Starbucks has such strong ties to Israel. I had no negative responses at all, though some people were too busy to stop and talk.

Find out more about more about what the coffee you drink has to do with solidarity with the Zapatistas here:

Find out more about the ultra-zionist chief executive of Starbucks here, and learn why it's important to support the boycott of Starbucks:

- Homepage:


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