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Unite injunction against Belfast sacked shop stewards

29-05-2008 12:10

The Unite union has served an injunction against protesting shop stewards, threatening them with fines and imprisonment.

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May 31 | 2012 Workshop & Action Reminder

29-05-2008 10:41

Come | Forward !

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Noise demo against imminent open cast coal mine 9th June

29-05-2008 10:20

A new open-cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire, unless we stop it now. Help us send the message loud and clear to UK Coal to leave it in the ground!

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GTMO actions in London:Picnic tomorrow/Public Meeting on Sat. & June demos

29-05-2008 09:25

Tomorrow (Friday 30 May), the London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a picnic in Grosvenor Square next to the US Embassy at 3-6pm with People in Common/On Saturday 31 May, we have a public meeting to raise awareness about Binyam Mohamed in Queen's Park, west London/ and the schedule for actions in June. Join us and let the British and American government know that victims of the "war on terror" have not been forgotten.

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Food And Climate Change Day of Action - London

29-05-2008 09:16

serving free vegan food in the streets
A London action for the Food And Climate Change Day of Action

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Healthcare in Cuba and Britain: Newcastle Public Meeting 01/06/08

29-05-2008 02:25

Cuba is renowned for its healthcare system, but how is this possible for a small country under economic blockade?
And what can we learn from Cuba about the situation we face in Britain, with an NHS under crisis and privatisation?
Come and join the discussion. All welcome.

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The Exploding Christian Vegetarian Movement: or Thou Shalt Not Kill Animals

28-05-2008 23:46

The Christian vegetarian movement is exploding. This post includes articles
by a Vatican priest, a Jesuit priest, , Seventh Day Adventist Ellen White, John Wesley, General
Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army (an article published many decades ago
by the London Vegetarian Society, a Baptist minister, a Pentecostal prayer warrior, etc

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Tre Arrow reached a non-cooperation plea agreement

28-05-2008 22:20

American eco-activist, Tre Arrow, has reached a non-cooperation plea agreement with the authorities concerning the ELF charges against him. Below is a statement which his support campaign has circulated.

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Surviving Powercuts&/or conspiracies to end Gordon Brown - a "Q&A"

28-05-2008 21:43

The UK national grid has taken the blame for power cuts which left hundreds of thousands of Britons (& Scottish people) without electricity yesterday for more substantial reasons than being scared of violating their probation status by leaving their hovels with an electronic tag device around their ankle to stick their charge key in the meter.

The tone thus set, a simple "Q&A" for people who'd like to know how to make their own electricity so that dark hidden conspiracies to make Gordon Brown as unpopular as Harold Wilson affect not their households.

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Benefit Party at Bowl Court Squat for and ASS

28-05-2008 21:41

Music and Lights Saturday 31st May @ Bowl Court Squat, Plough Yard, Near
Drunken Monkey off Shoreditch High Street/Gt. Eastern St junction

Electro,funk and more!

Its at the Rampart collective's new space thats just had its court date so check it before its too late!

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Author to write book with dando 'killer'

28-05-2008 20:38

A hard campaigning journalist is confident that justice will prevail for Barry George when the man accused of killing Jill Dando stands trial next week and is looking forward to writing a book with the accused man.

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Glasgow bin workers in wildcat strike

28-05-2008 20:35

170 bin workers in Glasgow took part in wildcat strike action last Friday 23rd May.

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Newcastle Green Festival 7 & 8 June 08

28-05-2008 20:04

Newcastle Community Green Festival is jam packed full of top class entertainments, workshops and music to suit all tastes and ages! From mad-cap bike powered music stages to a stylish Green Fashion show –there’s something for everyone!

7 & 8 June 2008

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Update on Austrian activists in prison

28-05-2008 20:03

In the meantime all 10 animal rights activists have been remanded to pre-trial detention without the possibility of bail. Nine of them are in the jail in Wiener Neustadt (right next to the courthouse Wiener Neustadt). One person is still in jail in Innsbruck – rumors about a possible transfer to Wiener Neustadt have not been verifiable up to this point. The next evaluation of the detention will probably take place in two weeks; at this time the only thing that will be decided on is whether the current detention will continue or whether the prisoners will be released.

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For academic freedom and against deportation

28-05-2008 19:47

On Wednesday 28 May, hundreds of students and academics came together at the University of Nottingham to protests in defence of academic freedom and against the imminent deportation of university community member Hicham Yezza.

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Dodgy question for press to ask: Are you a 'suspect'?

28-05-2008 18:38

If you answer yes to White Ben's 10 questions below then your profile matches, Are you a 'suspect'?

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Rome mayor set to name street after fascist

28-05-2008 17:52

Defending The Race
Giorgio Almirante Awards ceremony. Giorgio Almirante (1914-88) was the top leader of Italian neo-fascism. In the days of the Nazi occupation he was in the editorial staff of La Difesa Della Razza [Defending The Race], a vicious antisemitic magazine.

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Fur shops & foie gras supplier targeted

28-05-2008 17:14


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Leave it in the Ground’s Picnic in the Park trespass report

28-05-2008 15:33

Around 70 people had set of to travel on a bank holiday Monday which is no easy task as public transport has a natural tendency not to run or has a limited service on bank holidays, for a picnic in a remote part of Derbyshire. The weather reports had all predicted thundery showers for the day, which seems to be normal for a bank holiday outing.