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Dodgy question for press to ask: Are you a 'suspect'?

White Ben | 28.05.2008 18:38 | Anti-racism | Other Press | Terror War | World

If you answer yes to White Ben's 10 questions below then your profile matches, Are you a 'suspect'?

. You are campaigning against a person or group of people. Do you announce a target that could be construed by the recipients as incitement of serious crime to that target?

. You are planning to take action. Do you use weird tactics like reading out banned documents?

. You are involved in a sensitive meeting. Do you invite convicted criminals?

. If you think security would have said no, do you push ahead anyway? You don’t trust the police do you?

. Political demonstration. Do you have a quiet chat to the anti-terror unit and then go, “let’s all read out banned documents?”

. Someone does a little thing like writing “F*** the World Police” on a placard. You’re too ladylike to rip apart an offending poster or banner, but think it could make your Movement look bad. Do you say “No, that’s not allowed because when I used the f-word I got arrested!”

. You seek recognition. Do you announce to the press that UK is undergoing an Orwellian Holocaust?

. Someone passed unbalanced information to the police and got you taken hostage. Do you topple the power with no idea what next?

. Institutional racism has been tackled for 10 years. Do you believe you’re being searched because you're black / Arab?

. Here's the clincher. Are you Islamic?

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  1. i suspect I may be. — self-incrimination