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For academic freedom and against deportation

Disillusioned kid | 28.05.2008 19:47 | Education | Migration | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War

On Wednesday 28 May, hundreds of students and academics came together at the University of Nottingham to protests in defence of academic freedom and against the imminent deportation of university community member Hicham Yezza.

Despite the fact it was pissing down throughtout, hundreds joined the demonstration outside the Hallward Library and listened to academics reading out from the document which precipitated the arrest of politics student Rizwaan Sabir and staff member Hicham Yezza.

The assembly was addressed by Hicham's MP Alan Simpson (who has sent a strongly worded letter to Liam Byrne about Hich's case) who delivered a rousing speech condemning the university and Home Office.

At this point people marched off to the Trent Building where they regrouped in near total silence. Seeing hundreds of people standing together in the building's courtyard, many of them symbolically gagged, while still being able to hear birds singing was a truly surreal experience.

While people drifted off at this point a large number of protesters congregated just outside the Trent Building and heard Hich express his gratitude through a friend on the mobile phone to him.

There are more photos from the demo here.

Disillusioned kid


Most awesome demo ever!

28.05.2008 23:40

Check out these photos too

And don't forget the blog

We must continue until the uni accept the concerns, appologise and take steps to ensure this never happens again. Let us demand a pound of flesh from the registrar and VC for every day that Hicham and Rizwaan spent in detention!

Outraged student


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