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16-05-2005 09:28

Louts who swear, spit or huddle together in a group with hoods, will be compelled to arrange flower baskets, wearing Camp X-Ray orange overalls, with YOB emblazoned on the back.

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16-05-2005 08:08

35 Greenpeace activists have locked on to a land rover production line in an SUV factory in Solihull.

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king's cross community conference

16-05-2005 07:27

"One of ways of empowering people is to increase their level of awareness of options they have... how they can shape decisions that affect their lives."

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9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?

16-05-2005 01:09

An Address by David Ray Griffin
"I suggested earlier that seeing the true connections between 9/11 and the global domination project helps us understand how fully this project reflects “fanaticism based on a deeply perverted value system.” This is a value system that is diametrically opposed to the value systems on which all the great religious and moral traditions of the world have been based."

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Belgrade Zoo

16-05-2005 00:55


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Lancaster University denies freedom of speech

15-05-2005 23:54

Market orientation at university results in zero-tolerance approach to dissent --->

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Unrepent Criminal Gets Sainthood?

15-05-2005 21:35

When I was 7 years old I was anally raped in the men's bathroom of the Capitol Theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba by a Catholic priest. I was lured into this situation with the promise money. I came from the home of a hard-working single mom struggling to raise four children on her own and where of course we did not have a great deal money. So the promise of money was very attractive to my seven year old imagination. Little did I know what the cost to my life over the next several decades would come too.

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Pastoral Care and Neoliberal Economic Policy

15-05-2005 19:35

The motor of progress for Hayek is the social tension between poor and rich.. the greater the measure of inequality, the more productive forces are aroused in a society.. The New Testament understanding aims at social integration and opposes Hayek's exclusion.

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Anarchist Masquerade Ball!

15-05-2005 17:28

A posh fundraiser for the mobilisation against the G8 summit.
Saturday June 4th, 12-9 pm
Cambridge (in the Green Area, Strawberry Fair)

Dancing, Music, Info-shop, Speakers, Frivolity
Bring masks, ball-gowns, jackets, costumes, friends

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Lancaster Attempting Campus Crackdown

15-05-2005 17:06

Lancaster University has brought charges against 6 students and graduates after a peaceful protest against Arms Dealers and GM Companies on campus.

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Protest at fascist Griffin in Leeds

15-05-2005 16:35

Nick Griffin is in Court - join the protest against the fascist leader!

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ecumenical day on spirituality

15-05-2005 16:19

Fr Ian Graham explaining the icons
Churches Together in Cumnor and Oxford exploring spirituality as taught by the Anglican, the Reformed, and the Orthodox traditions.

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EDO injunction still not in place

15-05-2005 14:41

The lawyers are still arguing about the interpretation of the judge's ruling on the interim injunction. This means that protest can continue as before so let's make protest whilst the sun shines.

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International Networking Meeting in Thessaloniki against the bosses of G8

15-05-2005 14:23

20 – 22 of May 2005
International Networking Meeting in Thessaloniki against the bosses of G8

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15-05-2005 09:04

S. Korean government plans a new attack to smash the Migrant Workers Trade Union there.

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Horror Of US Depleted Uranium In Iraq Threatens World

15-05-2005 05:10

"The most frighteneing thought for me is that these nuts may be trying to protect themselves from having to account for their crimes against humanity by destroying most of humanity????"

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Anniversary is woodland destruction - their answer is to ban public access!!!

14-05-2005 22:31

This Sunday 15th May at 2pm Spodden Valley campaigners are to meet at the concrete blocks on Dell Rd/Woodlands Rd in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale.

Thieaim is to walk the short distacnce on the public path ans cycle path of Woodlands Rd to where woodland was destroyed a year ago to the day.

To find out more about the environmental corporate vandalism that happened on 15/16th May 2004 go to

This might be the last chance to people may have to walk and cycle there for years…

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Demonstrate against murder of anarchist in Columbia - 18th May 2005

14-05-2005 19:26

London Anarchist Federation are calling for a demonstration at the Columbian Consulate in London in response to the brutal slaying of 15 year old Anarchist, Nicolás David Neira Alvares, during Mayday Demonstrations in Bogotá. Columbia.

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International Conscientious Objectors' Day in Greece

14-05-2005 18:25

Flyer as jgp
Join the international demonstration from the Labrakis monument.
There will be street theatre, carnival, fun & games.
Enjoy FREE food and drink from the FOOD NOT BOMBS collective.

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Bradford Make Poverty History Demo

14-05-2005 17:30

The Bradford Make Poverty History campaign is creating a ‘human wristband’ around Bradford Town Hall