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Anniversary is woodland destruction - their answer is to ban public access!!!

Save Spodden Valley | 14.05.2005 22:31 | Ecology | Health | Social Struggles | World

This Sunday 15th May at 2pm Spodden Valley campaigners are to meet at the concrete blocks on Dell Rd/Woodlands Rd in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale.

Thieaim is to walk the short distacnce on the public path ans cycle path of Woodlands Rd to where woodland was destroyed a year ago to the day.

To find out more about the environmental corporate vandalism that happened on 15/16th May 2004 go to

This might be the last chance to people may have to walk and cycle there for years…

It is reported that the developers want to close the WHOLE of WOODLANDS RD
IMMEDIATELY and for up to 18 MONTHS !!!

see report at:

WHY? To stop residents “straying on the land” ?

There are scurrilous reports suggesting local people are removing soil from the land.

It is very odd that this SERIOUS ALLEGATION about PUBLIC HEALTH wasn’t mentioned by the developers at a meeting with councillors and the head of the Planning Department last Thursday?!

Are local people taking soil off the land? -A few months ago the developers were falsely suggesting that local people had dumped asbestos on the land “to cause trouble”!
Is this nonsense what we have to put up with in the months to come?

The last 12 months must have been very embarrassing for the developers and their contractors.
Public vigilance has kept our community safe.
Eyewitness accounts and photographs have ensured there is hard evidence of wrongdoing and questionable activity on the site.

To ban the public from paths for 18 months is rather convenient for the developers.
What could go on throughout site without public scrutiny?

For the developers to quote ‘Public safety’ is an insult.

To close about half a mile of road… how much dust are they expecting?
To close it for 18 MONTHS… how much soil are they to disturb?

NO REASONABLE person would object to PROPER health and safety precautions - temporary fencing of areas of danger, temporary closure to small stretches of rights of way.

Is this a genuine health and safety measure or an excuse way to keep people away?
What is to happen to people who live next to the site or work in the factory buildings?

Please give your support if you can this Sunday 15th May at 2pm

And please voice your opinion to the media.

12 months on- It is time we got some answers.

Save Spodden Valley
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