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Bath Bomb #25 Out Now

11-09-2009 19:47

Well, we've had a month's hiatus and put our feet up, but now Bath's monthly radical freesheet is back in the press, typos and all...

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Straw meets Brown to discuss policy

11-09-2009 19:31

Straw meets Brown to discuss policy
Straw meets Brown for a discussion of foreign and domestic policy

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This Week in Palestine -Week 37 2009

11-09-2009 16:55


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for September 5th to September 11th 2009

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September 11 eight years on (by Latuff)

11-09-2009 16:23

September 11 eight years on
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Declaration of the Africa People's Movement on Climate Change

11-09-2009 14:23

Confronting the climate crisis: Preparing for Copenhagen and beyond

Nairobi, Kenya, August 30, 2009 -- We, the leaders of various people's movements, community-based groups, academia, NGOs and civil cociety organisations, met in Nairobi under the banner of the People's Movement on Climate Change (PMCC) to discuss strategies to confront the climate change crisis for Copenhagen and beyond from August 27 to 28 , 2009.

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Migrant camp destroyed, local French town sets up camp outside town hall

11-09-2009 10:43

Camp Besson (named after immigration minister)
Solidarity with migrants whose shelters and belongings were destroyed by riot police

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Pirate For the Sea London Screening

11-09-2009 10:00

8.30pm 28th September 2009, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS. This evening will be the first screening in the UK of 'A Pirate for the Sea' a documentary on the life of Paul Watson, founder and Captain of Sea Shepherd. The Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for Sea Shepherd UK, will be introducing the film and holding an audience Q&A afterwards.

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Cuban 5

11-09-2009 07:51

Another screwy USA vicious jailing.

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Disarm DSEi Pix - Hilton Hotel

11-09-2009 07:51

Disarm DSEi and other anti-arms trade protesters outside London's Hilton Hotel

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Pre-Hilton Actions For DSEi

11-09-2009 07:18

Protesters decide to hit the hotels early and wake up delegates for the DSEi conference and an small group hits AVIVA.

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We’ve become our own predators….

11-09-2009 02:03

In People of the Lie, M. Scott Peck wrote a compelling argument that narcissistic people, who lack the capacity to empathize and are pathologically self-centered, are evil. What could be more narcissistic than a species of beings that believes that the planet on which they reside and the fellow creatures with whom they share that planet exist for them to use and abuse as they see fit?

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Law Society committee urges US to protect Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf Iraq

11-09-2009 01:03

Press Conference for release of 36 Ashraf residents in Iraq
New legal report by Finers Stephens Innocent law firm unveiled outlining US/UN obligations at Camp Ashraf

The International Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales on Wednesday accused the US of having some responsibility for the massacre of Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf six weeks ago by Iraqi forces and it urged the Obama administration to protect people in the camp.

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Why Criminalise Drugs?

11-09-2009 00:18

Dialect Radio is an internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Bristol studios and posted for download every weekend. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Saturdays 9pm & Sundays 6pm (or Wednesdays at 6pm during Ramadan)

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Direct aid & joining the dots

10-09-2009 22:00

We could really do with more people making the connections between war, migration and climate change, working with those most affected by all these things

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Call for anti-capitalist analyses of the COP15

10-09-2009 20:25

Call for anti-capitalist analyses of the COP15 - linking what´s going on in the COP-process with other dimensions of the capitalist system.

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Candle lit vigil for Oxford Six

10-09-2009 19:15

Six floating candles were set adrift this week in a symbolic act of solidarity with the six students from Western Sahara who were arrested and beaten last month after protesting when the Moroccan authorites refused to allow them to travel to a peace conference in England. Although released, the Oxford Six remain in danger and two of them have subsequently be picked up and tortured by police.

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Co-Mutiny respond to police twitering

10-09-2009 18:46

Representatives of Avon and Somerset police ("Richard and Alex") have tried to contact “the organisers” of the Co- mutiny series of events and protests taking place in Bristol from 12th - 20th September. The co-mutiny has decided to respond with an open letter.

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DSEi Arms Fair Exhibitor and SHAC Protests in Cambridge

10-09-2009 18:24

Protesters At Mott MacDonald
Arms trade and animal rights protests in Cambridge

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Chronicles Of A Wasted Life On The NEW DEAL

10-09-2009 17:38

Labour's New Deal scheme is a SHAM. Press ganged onto the New Deal, Alfred Doolittle relates his own experiences of time wasted on this appalling scheme, where the unemployed are corralled into detention centres.