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COP16 Climate Conference - News

07-12-2010 15:23

Ongoing video coverage of the COP-16 Climate Conference and counter-mobilization in Cancun, Mexico.  Anyone who has knows other good coverage of this, please post more links! Cheers

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Photos of Vice-Chancellor’s Building Occupied

07-12-2010 15:22

Some pictures related article on the Leeds Vice-Chancellor’s Building Being Occupied.

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UK government outlines frontal assault on education

07-12-2010 15:01

The British Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition’s Education White Paper is a frontal assault on teachers, the right of children to a decent education and the state provision of education.

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WikiLeaks and secret diplomacy

07-12-2010 14:59

As diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks continue to be published—revealing each day new information on the sordid maneuvers of American imperialism in various parts of the world—the US government is going on the offensive. It is leading an international campaign targeting WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange and the organization’s web site.

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Protesting in London this week? Here's a useful map

07-12-2010 14:08

G20 map
A helpful map showing various sites of interest in the City of London.

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leeds Occupation eviction Weds 8.30am

07-12-2010 13:55

Eviction Alert!

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St Andrews occupation freezes under repression!

07-12-2010 12:56

Turn up the heat on university officials to end repression of occupation.

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Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative (WikiLeaks)

07-12-2010 12:09

One accuser, Anna Ardin, may have "ties to the US-financed anti-Castro and anti-communist groups," according to Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett, writing for CounterPunch.

While in Cuba, Ardin worked with the Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White), a feminist anti-Castro group.

Professor Michael Seltzer pointed out that the group is led by Carlos Alberto Montaner who is reportedly connected to the CIA.

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PayPal Stole My Money -

07-12-2010 12:01

Details of what has happened to donations to WikiLeaks via PayPal:

"Your donation to WikiLeaks was still 'Completed' therefore the funds was
still on the merchant's account. We have put a hold on all the payment
that the said company has received, and I am afraid, it included your


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Banner Remembering Greece 06/12/08

07-12-2010 11:42

Yesterday morning a banner proclaiming 'Cops Pigs Muderers! 6/12/08' was hung from Newcastle's inner motorway bridge, in remembrance of the Greek uprising two years ago and all those that suffer at the hands of the police.

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Calais, Dunkerque, Xmass... please come!

07-12-2010 11:40

At Christmas/ New Year time there will be a festival of resistance in Calais, starting the 17th December with the projection of 'They are humans', award winning film about the Calais no border camp 2009 and what happened after...
...more people are expected to arrive, and it is a good opportunity for new people to get involved, and do something.

Please come to Calais soon if you can, as we cannot be active both in Calais and Dunkerque, unless we have more people on the ground... and the situation in Dunkerque is critical.
our contacts are here:

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UK Coal's Fragile Financial State Questioned

07-12-2010 10:27

MOPG's latest press release, PR 86 'Safeguarding the Community Benefits of the proposed Minorca Surface Mine' explaines why MOPG are asking all those local bodies with an interest in the Minorca Surface Mine Application, whether for the application (Ashby Canal Trust, Ashby Canal Association and Measham and Ashby Canal Trust Enthusiasts) or against the application (Measham, Swepstone and Snarestone Parish Councils) to join with MOPG in asking Leicestershire County Council to ask UK Coal to provide a Bankers Guarantee as a condition to be met if the company gain approval to work the Minorca site in light of the Company;'s "fragile financial circumstances".

MOPG PR 86, 6/12/10 




UK Coal has recently had to close one of its three deep mines, Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire after a Methane Gas scare

Steve Leary for the Minorca Opencast Protest Group said

“We were very pleased that when Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire had to be evacuated recently because of a Methane Gas incident, that no one was hurt or killed.

However this new incident highlights our concern as to whether UK Coal will always be able to honour the commitments it agrees to should it gain permission to mine on the Minorca site near Measham”


As a consequence of this recent incidence the Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG) has written to the local Parish Councils of Measham, Swepstone and Snarestone inviting them to take action to safeguard the community benefits that would arise from UK Coal gaining approval to opencast on the Minorca site. To help gain approval, the Company has offered an unprecedented amount of money, £1.25m plus machinery and materials, to help to restore a section of the Ashby Canal. In addition the three parishes are being offered a Community Fund worth £150,000. This offer however, has not overcome the objections voiced by these Councils and MOPG to the scheme.

Leicestershire County Council may still approve the scheme in the New Year so the letter suggests why each of the Parish Councils may wish to ask the County Council that UK Coal plc should provide a Bankers Guarantee to underwrite the Company’s offer to restore part of the Ashby Canal and the proposed Community Fund.

In the letter, part of which is reproduced below, MOPG argue the following:

“In the past MOPG has highlighted the financial plight of UK Coal plc. In August the Company announced that its debt position was so serious that it was beginning to sell off part of its land estate in order to reduce its debt level, then standing at over £250m. The Company, at that stage, expressed optimism that now all its deep mines had overcome geological problems, it could look forward to producing 7m tonnes of coal in 2010 and reduce the level of debt bearing down on the Company. This was still the position when the Company made its Interim Management Statement on 28/10/10, even though the level of debt had risen to £265m.

However we have to advise your organisation that an event has occurred which reduces the prospect that this Company will be able to reduce its level of debt in the short term. Since 23/11/10 Kellingley Colliery has not been able to produce any coal and the last news story on the incident reported that part of the Colliery was on fire. This deep mine produces approximately 25% of UK Coal’s annual coal production, producing approximately 1.6m tonnes per annum, so each week Kellingley stands idle, UK Coal not only loses over 30,000 tonnes of coal but reduces its ability to pay off its debts, thus increasing the likelihood that the business cannot continue as a ‘going concern’, an issue which its own Auditors drew attention to in the Company’s last Annual Report.

We have to advise you that such risks of production being interrupted by unpredictable changes in geological circumstances are an inherent risk when mining coal. UK Coal now only has three deep working mines, each with a single face producing coal so it is very difficult for the shortfall in coal production to be made up. The risks of the Company defaulting on obligations it enters into if the production of coal is interrupted is, we would argue, now a significant risk which your organisation can help to abate if your organisation joins with the Minorca Opencast Protest Group in asking Leicestershire County Council for a Bankers Guarantee along the lines already indicated to you...............

The first obligation of a Company is to its shareholders. If it faces financial problems then the duty of the Directors is to so structure the Company that part of it can remain as a ‘going concern’. UK Coal has already announced that it is to restructure the Company so that the mining activity area responsible for most of the debt is separately managed from the property activity area.

MOPG believe that the current coal production problems, if prolonged at Kellingley, will significantly speed up this restructuring process. If the two divisions can be organised as separate companies then the property company would have no obligation to honour agreements the mining company has entered into, with the risk that should geological problems continue, or arise at any time in the three deep mines during the four years when coal is to be extracted from the Minorca site, the mining company could fail as a going concern and nobody would then be in a position to honour the Section 106 Agreements attached to working the Minorca site. We could be left with a big pit and a muddy ditch if no Banker’s Guarantee underwrites the granting of Planning Permission under such circumstances.”


A similar letter has been sent to those organisations which have supported this application specifically because it will help to bring forward the restoration of part of the Ashby Canal. These are The Ashby Canal Trust, the Ashby Canal Association and the Measham and Ashby Canal Trust Enthusiasts.

Steve Leary for MOPG went on to say,

“Given what we know about UK Coal’s current fragile financial circumstances, any interruption in the production of coal from any of its deep mines directly affects its cash flow. The letter indicates that when all of UK Coal’s mines were not producing coal earlier this year, that Northumberland County Council began formal proceedings in order to get UK Coal to comply with its obligations to restore the Stobswood Opencast site in that county.

At Daw Mill in Warwickshire, UK Coal’s biggest mine for example, coal production had been interrupted when the miners had to remove 150,000 tonnes of rock before they could restart coal production.  Such unpredictable interruptions to coal production could occur at any time and put at risk UK Coal honouring its obligations to provide the community benefits that have been promised. The other possible effect would be to delay the provision of the benefits to the community.

MOPG hope that in light of this evidence all organisations, whether they oppose or support the Minorca Surface Mine Application can agree on the issue of guaranteeing that local communities get the benefits promised if approval is given for the Mine. All groups concerned should  bury their differences and recognise that if we all take the action of asking Leicestershire County Council  for the Bankers Guarantees that will safeguard both restoring the Ashby Canal and  providing the Community Fund should UK Coal’s Minorca Application be approved. In this way we can ensure that the area will benefit if UK Coal gain planning permission, whatever happens to UK Coal as a ‘going concern’.

END                      END                      END                END                             END



 tel 05601 767981,                                                                            email



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Many more mirrors

07-12-2010 10:17

"Saudi Arabia is a very conservative Arab nation, structured by the imperial powers themselves. That “kingdom’s” animosity to a much more nationalist formation like Iran is predictabe and comes as little surprise. Countries like Syria and movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas certainly do not wish for Tehran to be attacked with “shock and awe.” (That an ancient city like Bagdadd suffered such was a genuine “crime against humanity” and that should never be forgotten). Israel and the U.S. have simply not allowed “popular” arab governments to exist. Conservative Arab regimes care no more for their people than GW Bush cared for the poor children of New Orleans."

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THE CUTZ: this week in Bristol and beyond

07-12-2010 09:22

"Better late than never"
Monday 6 December 2010

Apologies for the delay.

[most links removed]


Over 2,000 school children and students joined Wednesday's protests in Bristol. Similar protests occurred across the region. Reports welcome.


There were further protests in Bristol throughout the week. On Friday, the yellow Tory MP for Clifton, Stephen Williams, was targeted at a surgery at Bristol's Council House. He now says he will be abstaining on the fees vote, which will mean the Tories can pass the proposal with ease. Another student protest took place on Sunday, which was notable for it heavy-handed policing.

Thursday December is now the day of the tuition fee vote in Parliament. There will be a BIG protest in London. Get there if you can.


The grass roots anti-tax avoidance protest movement #ukuncut are targeting tax-avoiding Arcadia boss, Philip Green, in their new 'Shut Down Top Shop' high street campaign.


Police have told student protesters in Bristol to talk to them before carrying out any further demonstrations. Avon and Somerset Police saythey wanted to stop the protests causing "disruption and damage". One of Bristol's student organisers, Gus Baker, says it's great they want to talk.


On Wednesday 8 December the University of Gloucestershire will march on a location in Cheltenham. They will be releasing this location using Facebook, Twitter and an email list 24 hours beforehand. This is to prevent a police overreaction like in Glasgow where for 12 protesters they sent 2 squad cars and 8 riot vans.


Schoolchildren and students have been protesting outside Bath Abbey over university tuition fees. More than 100 teenagers turned up armed with banners, placards and David Cameron masks!


Some parents in Bath are talking about having their own demonstrations. Email to get in touch. They'll link you up with other parents near you.


Parents are now organising nationally to support their kids' protests.


Freedom Press have published 'A brief history of kettling', explaining the police's demo containment tactic in more detail.


Bristol Class War have produced a useful guide to the protests.


Emerging as the best of the many anti-cuts websites out there is Check it out for details of the latest events, actions, attitudes and ideas.


Well done to the 200 pupils from Rednock School in Dursley, Gloucestershire who walked out on Wednesday 30 November with other students protesting around the country. Their head teacher David Alexander says, "The actions of a small minority of students was regretable. The concerns around raising tuition fees are legitimate to debate, but the actions of this minority did not help that debate, but distracted from it.”


Roadside boards declaring ‘this Forest is not for sale’ have been produced by Hands Off Our Forest. They are available to anyone who can prominently display them.


Students from the Royal Forest of Dean College at Coleford joined the chorus of dissent on Wednesday 24 November, protesting outside the college while some marched to nearby Coleford town centre. Sixth-formers at schools, including Wyedean, joined the students. Thursday was the turn of local librarians to lead a protest against county council cuts outside Coleford’s The Main Place.


A film about the cuts in Forest of Dean.


“The National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts on 15 December 2010 will be the first of many. This time it will concentrate on Housing Benefit cuts. With this in mind, why not organise a sit in, protest or demonstration in your local Civic Centre, Housing Benefit Office or Town Hall?



The next open meeting of the Bristol and District Anti-Cuts Alliance is on Monday 6 December, 7.30pm
at the YHA (Youth Hostel) on Narrow Quay, Bristol. All welcome.



Unison South West's Senior Regional Officer, Joanne Kaye, sent an email to her local branches late on Wednesday evening branding THE CUTZ “liars”. There appears to be two articles Kaye yhinks are 'lies'. One from 12 November 2010:


Strong rumours are circulating that Bristol's Unison Health Branch, that looks after workers in hospitals, clinics and healthcare in Bristol, have been instructed not to join the Bristol and District Anti-cuts Alliance by the union's regional office.”

Another from 19 December:


Last week's story claiming the country's largest public sector union, Unison had prevented its Bristol Healthcare branch from joining the local Anti-cuts Alliance was inaccurate. The truth is that the salaried bureaucrats of the union's South West Regional Branch office have instructed all their local branches not to affiliate to any Anti-cuts Alliance anywhere.”

THE CUTZ sources for these stories are impeccable and textual evidence exists to back them. We therefore stand by the stories, which are neither 'lies' nor produced by 'liars'.

What's actually happened is that - due to pressure - Unison South West have made a major u-turm on affiliation to the anti-cuts movement in the last week but don't want to admit it. Their new strategy, now that they have had to concede that their branches can affiliate, appears to be to discredit the anti-cuts movement to its members. But they ain't mugs.

For aficiandos of this kind of thing, there's a highly entertaining flame war over all this on Bristol Indymedia where Kaye's staffers are calling the IWW rapists! Last time we looked some Unison official was telling THE CUTZ "I hope the police kick the shit out of you"!



Avon Fire and Rescue Service want to spend millions on a helicopter. Fire chiefs say it would be quicker and more efficient for flying in specialists to road crashes. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) say the plan is "a folly" while 48 firefighters face redundancy. Four fire engines and crews would be cut to pay for the helicopter and its £800,000-a-year running costs. Thirteen delegates from the fire service are flying to Munich next month to try out possible aircraft.


While Bristol City Council is now legally required by equalities legislation to carry out an equalities impact assessment on their £70m budget cuts, such a document is yet to appear. When questioned about this the city's yellow Tory cabinet explained, “It has not been published on the web but is available on request and has been sent to the equalities stakeholders.”


Bristol City Council has 'fessed up to spending £420,000 on their doomed World Cup bid. The actual amount is likely to be higher as this sum doesn't incude staff costs, on-costs or the £200k cost of this summer's over budget 'fan park' in Queen Square, touted - at the time - as vital for the World Cup bid.


St Paul’s library is currently closed on a Saturdays due to staff shortages. Bristol City Council claim it will it will be opening again on Saturdays from 8 January 2011 “further to successful recruitment”.


Councils across the West have spent £17 million on CCTV cameras over the past four years, a report from Big Brother Watch says.


Avon & Somerset Probation Service's 600 members of staff currently deal with 4,500-5,000 cases. Unions says that plans to privatise parts of the service will see private companies making money out of 'community payback' work. The union warns this will create a race to the bottom on service quality and terms and conditions for staff.



The number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance for more than a year in North Somerset has more than trebled in three years. Long-term unemployment in the area has risen by more than 300 per since January 2008.


The National Housing Federation says the demand for holiday homes in North Somerset is pricing locals out of the market.


The North Somerset Music Service, which provides music tuition to thousands of pupils, is waiting to hear how much money it will lose. Its central Government grant is “under review” and the cut will be announced on December 7. North Somerset Council also fund the service and they're looking to save up to £42 million over four years.


61 councillors of North Somerset's councillors have been named in a formal allegation of misconduct, which has cost the taxpayer up to £12 million claims the former councillor Bob Coleman who made the complaint.


Weston Super Mare's Arts Festival has folded due to “ difficulties in securing funds to support the initiative”.


Nailsea town councillors have complained about the ‘poor condition’ of some of the town’s car parks. Councillors say the car parks, which are owned and run by North Somerset, suffer from pot holes, uneven surfaces and are not accessible for disabled people. North Somerset Council say “the car parks are free so they don’t generate any budget for maintenance.”


The Prime Minister's 'Big Society" is now at the heart of Gloucester City Council's policy making. Councillors have voted in favour of Cameron's vision for devolving power to communities after an hour-long debate at its full council meeting last week. Tory Councillor Jennie Dallimore said, "we need Big Society in Gloucester.We have had a nanny state for too long and even here at the city council we have over-delivered to our residents at a huge cost but it is time we stopped delivering and started supporting."


North Somerset Council boss Nigel Ashton says town and village council services will bear the brunt of the £42million savings needed over the next four years. North Somerset has already signed a 10-year £85million deal with Agilisys to run their ICT and payroll in an effort to save £16million. It has also carried out a library review, which has proposed the closure of three libraries.



1,000 street will be switched off in Thornbury to save South Gloucestershire Council money. 1,180 street lights will be turned off between midnight and 5am. The council say it is good for the environment.


Governors at Woodlands Primary School, in Sundridge Park have agreed to make it an academy. It is the first primary school in South Gloucestershire to become an academy.



A new £8 million hospital in Tewkesbury will not have enough beds. NHS Gloucestershire non-executive director Anne Noble says, "I wonder if we currently have 48 beds, whether 20 will be enough”. The population of Tewkesbury is about 22,000.


Matson Library in Gloucestershire, with a footfall of around 100,000 a year, is up for closure. Liam Kelch of Matson and Robinswood Residents' Group says, “an area like this needs its library most”. Gloucestershire County Council leader Mark Hawthorne says communities now have to play an active role in staffing their own libraries if they want to keep them open.


Forest of Dean MP, Mark Harper has told Cinderford Town Council he will not attend a public meeting to discuss woodland sell-off plans. Harper, who says the sell-off presents an “exciting opportunity” for the community to buy forestry land, was to address a meeting on Friday December 10. An undisclosed prior engagement is preventing the MP from attending the meeting at the Miners’ Welfare Hall, Cinderford at 7.00pm.


David Miliband has attacked the ConDem's plans to sell-off Forestry Commission land. He told his Twitter followers, “Stop stealth conservatism - sign the petition at to stop weakening of Forestry Commn role in licensing logging.”


Stroud District Council is cutting the number of on-site wardens at their sheltered housing schemes by 38 per cent.


Plans to turn eleven libraries into community ventures run by volunteers could be illegal say campaigners. Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries are planning to get 5,000 people to sign a petition opposing the scheme – enough to trigger an automatic council debate.


As part of Gloucestershire County Council’s plans to save £120 million, changes will be made to bus routes, school travel and concessionary fares. The proposals include running fewer evening and Sunday services, bringing fares in line with commercial bus operators and fewer and less frequent journeys.

Free bus travel for the elderly and disabled in Gloucestershire will now include a clause that says the over 60s cannot use their bus passes before 9.30am on weekdays. The use of bus tokens, which allow pensioners to pay for journeys on local and national bus and train services plus some taxis will also be scrapped.


Improvements to Cheltenham's rail link to London are dead in the water. The Department for Transport said the multi-million pound plan to improve Swindon to Kemble line "does not look affordable".


The Green Party has called for a voluntary increase in council tax precepts to protect services threatened by Gloucestershire County Council's £108 million cuts.



Somerset County Council has appointed a new corporate director for its children and young people's service and given her a salary of £135,000 per annum. That's £23,000 a year more than its other managers. The council has a £75 million deficit and is looking to make mass redundancies.


Around 3,600 people have signed a petition calling for a recycling centre at Crewkerne to be kept open. A Facebook group - Save Crewkerne Recycling Centre - has more than 200 members and protestors chanted outside the town's Victoria Hall while the recycling centre was discussed inside



The Daily Mirror has received a 'secret' guide issued by the ConDems to councils on how to implement cuts and fire staff. Employees at Bristol City Council will recognise many of the tactics in there.


Emma Harrison, the millionaire boss of welfare-to-work provider A4E - who get 25 per cent of the government's multi-billion pound budget for getting long term unemployed back to work - said this week, "The coalition government's cuts are, in fact, fantastic!... Cutting benefits will put a stop to people making a profession out of being unemployed."
A4E, 14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH


Councils in west have been told to spend their multi-million-pound reserves to fund cuts. The four council's around Bristol have reserves of $107 million between them.


Farming Futures, which gets farmers to invest in green technology is to be cut.


Art critic Brian Sewell has told council's to sell off their artworks to protect public services threatened by spending cuts. A Museums Association spokesman said a sell-off of art to support public services would be a tragedy.


Council leaders who turn down the opportunity to get millions of pounds worth of extra government grants by giving planning permission to developers will find their annual grants from Whitehall reduced as the ConDems divert the cash to compliant town hall chiefs.



Banks will not lend to first-time buyers at "pre-credit crunch" levels until 2020 according to a research paper by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.


A report by the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign says half of the affected people in the west cannot cover the cost of their gas and water bills. The charity say that 90 per cent of people do not receive enough money from the benefits system to cover the additional cost of living with a disability. Apart from Cold Weather Payments, which are made when temperatures drop below freezing for seven consecutive days, there is no financial support available for winter fuel for disabled people.


A quarter of farmers are officially living in poverty. A report by Commission for Rural Communities says the poorest are receive little support either from agricultural policies or the welfare state.


20,000 public servants are among the UK's top 1% of highest earners who are paid more than £117,523 a year according to a report for government by economic journalist Will Hutton.



The Unite union have described the so-called 'fair tips system' introduced by the hospitality industry last year as a “total failure”.

The union say, “Workers expected their employers to hear the demands of consumers last year to pass all the money they intended for staff to them, instead many businesses have chosen to continue business as usual and profit from the gratuity charges. The government must now act to implement the review of the ‘Tips Code’ that was committed to in order to hold this industry to account, it has been a total failure.”

It's one year since the government was forced to close the loophole in the minimum wage legislation which allowed bosses to take tips customers left for staff.


A Plymouth manufacturer which was taken over by management last year to safeguard jobs is making 70 workers redundant. Plessey Semiconductors has begun a 30-day consultation over the jobs of more than a third of its workforce.


'Infrastructure services firm', May Gurney's profits have risen by 31 per cent to £11.1 million The firm employs 850 people in the Westcountry.


JJB Sports is in talks with its banks over its future. The retailer expects to breach the terms of its loans next month. It is currently engaged in 'refinancing talks'.


Business confidence in the South West region has fallen according to the lICAEW/Grant Thornton UK Business Confidence Monitor.


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No Tesco in Stokes Croft Showdown

07-12-2010 08:22

Wednesday 8 December at College Green 2 pm

Out of 500 local people surveyed, 93% said "No to Tesco in Stokes Croft".

Thousands of people have written to Bristol City Council to object.

In the light of this week's announcement from the Coalition of new planning laws to give locals "people-power", has the community been listened to?

Find out this Wednesday.
Tesco picked the wrong place when it set its sights on the eighteenth-century building at 138-142 Cheltenham Road in Stokes Croft - one of the UK's last urban high streets without a corporate retailer.

Tesco bought the lease on Jesters comedy club and applied for change-of-use to shop in September 2009.

It used a third-party so that change-of-use was granted without the planners realising this was for no ordinary shop.

In fact it was for a huge food chain that keeps its stores in centralised depots and articulated lorries.

Tesco operates just-in-time-deliveries - it estimates at least six daily lasting about 40 minutes each.

The increased traffic will impact on Cheltenham Road's cycle lane, bus lane and two pedestrian crossings.

Extra traffic and noise are two of the issues raised at the last council meeting on September 22.

Have the planners listened?

Their response to local objections is even more significant coming the same week that the Coalition promises a reform of the planning system that aims to grant communities:

"...more people-planning and less politician-planning, so there is more direct democracy and less bureaucracy in the system," according to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government,

Greg Clark, Minister for Planning and Decentralisation, says:

"The Coalition Government will revolutionise the planning process by taking power away from officials and putting it into the hands of those who know most about their neighbourhood - local people themselves."

The Bristol City Council meeting is at 2.00pm on Wednesday 8 December.

Please assemble at 1 pm outside the Canteen on 80, Stokes Croft or meet at College Green at 2.00 pm for a carnival rally.

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Goldsmiths University Occupied!

07-12-2010 07:31

Several hundred people occupy Goldsmiths library, first statement made + demands

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Dec.7th. 11am-1pm*Solidarity Vigil US Embassy- with U.S.Anti-War ActivistsTrial!

07-12-2010 07:26

There will be a solidarity vigil outside the US embassy in London for the five plowshares activists going on trial on December 7th. 11am-1pm.
Join Chris (BAe Ploughshares), Ciaron (ANZUS/ Jabiluka/ Pitsop Ploughshares), Dan (Trident Ploughshares) Sr. Susan (Riverside Ploughshares) and other good folks outside the U.S. Embassy in solidarity with friends on trial today in the U.S.

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Bradford University Issue their Demands

07-12-2010 06:23

After a heroic exercise in consensus decision-making, the occupying students of the University of Bradford have finalised their demands.

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Puerto Rican students block central offices in fee protest

07-12-2010 03:00

Dozens of students sought to disrupt work Tuesday at the University of Puerto Rico’s main administrative offices in Río Piedras in a protest over looming $800 quotas.

The students blocked off the main gate to the UPR offices at the Botanical Gardens, pledging to only allow the finance and financial aid offices to continue working.

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Violent police attack on students in Turkey

07-12-2010 02:55

Police violently attacked to the students in Turkey who wanted to protest the summit of Prime Minister and University Rectors. One pregnant student (age 19) lost her baby because police continuously kicked her from the belly even though she yelled that she was pregnant. Around 150 students who were coming outside of Istanbul were stopped at the entrance of the city and attacked, beaten and detented by the cops. Many were severely injured. It is claimed even in the right-wing bourgeois media that police used agent orange sprays against the students which was also used by USA army in Vietnam that can cause cancer.