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St Andrews occupation freezes under repression!

anon | 07.12.2010 12:56 | Education | Public sector cuts

Turn up the heat on university officials to end repression of occupation.

St Andrews students are suffering from severe repression as officials and the police lay siege to their occuptation of the university. In a pathetic and inhuman act the heating was turned off leaving the students inside facing obscene conditions in order to continue their protest as outside temperatures dropped below -5C last night. Police have also stopped freedom of movement meaning that the students have been denied access to food and other amenities. The students inside are said to be dealing with the repression and keeping their spirits up. The university is now coming under mounting pressure from people acting in solidarity by sending messages to the principles office complaining about this repression.

Turn up the heat on the University principles office by emailing them to complain about its awful treatment of students.

Currently there is a media black out on coverage of the student protests by corporate media in order to starve the movement of publicity. Now it seems universitys have taken to trying to starve and freeze students as well. Please get the word out and take whatever action you can.

We will not tolerate £9,000 tuition fees!
We will not tolerate repression and inhuman treatment!
We will not tolerate being condemed to an age of austerity!



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