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Make the G8 Precarious! (FelS G8 Call to Action)

28-05-2007 14:16

Make the G8 Precarious, Flexi-Fight the New World Order
Superfluous and Superheroes of the World: Unite and Take Over!

From 6-8 June, together with thousands of others, as part of the Block G8
campaign, we will cut the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm off from its
infrastructure. The other world – the one we say is possible – will, once
again, be revealed as already here.

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28-05-2007 13:55


Mark McGowan is to eat a corgi dog live on Resonance FM 104.4 on Tuesday 29th May at 9pm in a protest against the RSPCA and their inability to prosecute Prince Philip over the shooting of a fox leaving it to die for 5 minutes then beating it to death with a stick and even stamping on it.

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At Least 17 People Massacred In South Kivu

28-05-2007 13:25

The following news report raises several questions:

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War veterans want cash to campaign for Mugabe

28-05-2007 13:01

Property baron, millionnaire and rambler-hater Nicholas van Hoogstraaten is a crony of Robert Mugabe and has not has his farm repossessed.

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Turf Warfare

28-05-2007 12:59

Trafalgar Square has been turfed over, at great expense of energy and resourses -- only to be removed after two day! What a waste.

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Livesupportmachine Keep Our Hospitals Awareness Gigs

28-05-2007 12:22

A group of promoters and bands in Worthing join together to organise an all age gig to support Keep Worthing & Southlands Hospital Campaign as well as 6 other events.

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ASEM Demo In Hamburg - First Reports And live Ticker

28-05-2007 12:01

Today is the day of the international demonstration against the ASEM summit in Hamburg. After a wide international Mobilisation and Court Appeals against the route and the organisers the demonstration starts fom Millerntorplatz , moves on along Reeperbahn, St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hafenstraße, Baumwall to the Rödingsmarkt. The police protects the city centre with massive presence, media reports that appr. 4000-5000 police are in Hamburg today.

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The End of Liberty

28-05-2007 10:17

I am in general opposed to violence, except as a last resort. And I know that the police are not all fascists. Many policemen don't like the drive against civil liberties any more than I do. But, even granted that they are only doing their job, I can promise you this. The first policeman who stops me as I am peacefully going about my lawful business, and demands to know who I am and where I am going, will get punched on the nose.

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Community Day

28-05-2007 09:18

Fence Painting with the BTCV.
The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and voluntary organisations are calling for a national bank holiday for communities.

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BBC is wrong to brag about the Paul Wolfowitz 'exclusive' interview today

28-05-2007 09:05

The BBC is bragging to the world today [UK ‘bank holiday’ Monday 28 May 2007] about its allegedly exclusive interview with the G W Bush-backed 'World Bank’ president, the soon-to-retire Paul Wolfowitz.

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News Release: Unique Global Linkup August 2007

28-05-2007 00:27

A unique global linkup is being held over the weekend of 25/26 August 2007. Features are local meetings to discuss the world situation and a night gathering on hilltops worldwide.

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Pine Gap Trial Begins with Move to Put Defendants Under House Arrest!

27-05-2007 22:30

Pine Gap is an NSA/CIA Base located near isolated Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. The base is part of the sattelite targetting used for U.S. bombings in Iraq and Adfghanistan. In December of 2005, four Christian resisters made their way into the most secure area in Australia to carry out a Citizen's Inspection

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Critical Mass a Contradiction and a Phenomena

27-05-2007 22:24

large numbers of people turned out to The Mass after court ruling
What the hell is The Mass?

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USUK Preparations for the Apocalypse?

27-05-2007 19:05

In an inexorable build-up of propaganda and military encirclement prior to a first strike attack on Iran, the Bush junta, along with its London quislings, have switched their anti-Iranian propaganda from nuclear issues to accuse the Iranian government of "meddling" in Iraq and supplying Iraqi guerillas weapons with which to fight the US and British occupying troops.

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MSM Defiles Itself defending the Divine Right of Kings

27-05-2007 18:46

Media courtesans take a bow, give themselves standing ovation

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Block G8: Important Info

27-05-2007 17:44

Here's a summary of useful resources related to the Block G8 mass blockades of the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm.

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An animal activist's account of current repression on UK streets

27-05-2007 16:21

Anonymous wrote May 20th 2007: I am preparing for yet another court appearance. Within the last year the police have began attacking anyone involved in animal rights (particularly anti- vivisection). I first found myself involved in this persecution due to attending what was always a peaceful *SPEAK protest in London on 27th Sept 2006.

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Picket of Parole Board HQ in London on Friday 8th June in support of John Bowden

27-05-2007 14:22

Join the latest action in support of long-term prison resister John Bowden and the Anarchist Black Cross Network on Friday 8th June in London.

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Indigenous Tour: Canada to England/Scotland/Ireland

27-05-2007 13:59

Women representatives from the Six Nations on the Grand River community in Ontario, Canada will be touring England, Ireland and Scotland between June 13th – 30th to give talks about taking back a piece of stolen Indigenous land from development and struggling for Indigenous Sovereignty.

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Urgent Apeal from Lebanon for Nahr el Bared

27-05-2007 13:34


So finally some news about the Naher El-Bared attacks, the situation is extremly urgent for the people in the refugee camp and for those who are becoming refugees once again.. a long list of urgent needs was provided by the Naher El Bared Relief Campaign (See bottom of page). Please help raise donations or send supplies.