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Anti Deportation demo at Crawley bus company

30-06-2009 11:09


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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 30th June 2009

30-06-2009 10:28

Claude Ndeh & Family
You have the Power to Stop Deportations

You will need Courage, Persistence and Faith

An Anti-Deportation Campaign involves organizing resistance to restrictive immigration legislation, and simply means making the government change their minds regarding an individual case.

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Rossport Solidarity noise demo – Irish Embassy 1pm tomorrow

30-06-2009 09:48

Support protesters jailed for opposing Shell’s dangerous gas pipeline in the west of Ireland.

Seven Rossport Solidarity Camp activists have been remanded in custody in the Republic of Ireland following arrests yesterday at the Shell gas pipeline compound.

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Defend Yunus Baksh

30-06-2009 09:12

Defend Yunus Bakhsh Campaign June 2009

A reply to UNISON

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urgent gaza update

30-06-2009 08:48

ive been asked to pass on these details about situation aboard ship off gaza

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Picket Indian Embassy - No to landgrab and state terror in Lalgarh, India

30-06-2009 04:33

Protest at the Indian embassy, Birmingham, against the state terror unleashed on the people of Lalgarh, a village in West Bengal, India, who refused complying with a government sanctioned corporate landgrab of 5000 acres of land uprooting them from their habitat of hundreds of years.

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Free Gaza Boat “Spirit of Humanity” departs Cyprus

30-06-2009 04:26

The Spirit of Humanity and The Dignity in Cyprus
The Free Gaza boat the “Spirit of Humanity” departed Cyprus at 7:30am
on Monday, 29 July. Twenty-one human rights and solidarity workers
representing eleven different countries were aboard. The passengers
include Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. congresswoman
Cynthia McKinney. The ship also carries three tons of medical aid,
children’s toys, and rehabilitation and reconstruction kits for twenty
family homes.

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Calais No Border Camp 2009 Report & Pics

29-06-2009 23:56

Camp's main gate placcard
Here there are a few pics of the Camp, followed by a personal account of it.

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Honduras-The CIA Never Quits

29-06-2009 23:46

The United States has a long history of interference in Latin America and the coup in Honduras could be a part of that.

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Rossport: 7 protestors remanded following bail hearings for Shell to Sea cases

29-06-2009 23:30

This evening, Judge Mary Devins jailed seven Shell to Sea protesters at a special siting of Ballina District Court. The seven protester were arrested yesterday along with two others who were released on bail. The four women and three men who were jailed were remanded to appear at court this Friday, the 3rd July at 10:30 in the morning. The four women's cases will next be held in Court 44 in the Four Courts, while the three men's cases will be held in Harristown. Of the nine arrested yesterday, five were arrested for a lock-on, one for a climbing a tripod, and thee others for walking across a road. For a report on these arrests read indy media article:

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Calais No Border Camp 2009 Transnational Demo Report & Pics

29-06-2009 19:43

The campers encountre the police block just 5 minutes after leaving the camp

On Saturday 27th June, over 2000 people took part in the Transnational demonstration in the French port city of Calais, called by the Calais No Border Camp 2009. A group of around 500 people left the camp at around 9.30am to march together to the meeting point at the Calais Lighthouse. This group quickly encountered a police line blocking the road, and which effectively became a check point as riot police demanded the demonstrators to be searched as a condition for the march to move forward.

Some people decided to allow the cops to search them, so the march could pass trough the police line and arrive on time to meeting point where local groups and unions were waiting for the campers to arrive. Others refused to do so when it became clear that cops were confiscating scarfs and coats from people's bags. After half and hour or so of a standoff, finally police opened the line when it became obvious that searching everyone would be a logistical nightmare, specially taking into account that there was only one female police cop searching women through.

The march then proceeded to move through a surreal game of cat and mouse with the cops. At every intersection where the demo was trying to move into town towards the Lighthouse, lines of riot police were quickly formed preventing it from moving on. This forced the march to improvise a route in order to not get trapped. This meant that what should have been a half an hour stroll to the Lighthouse, became an almost 3 hours long journey through council estates, back roads, parks, industrial estates and so on.

The campers stood together for the whole time, so they managed to eventually get to the Lighthouse where around 1500 people had been gathering waiting for them to arrive. Then the planned march towards the ferry port finally started, but once again, lines of riot police kept blocking the demonstration at every junction towards the port. That forced the demonstration to take an alternative long route, which ended when it encountered a massive police block at the main road leading to the port. At this point it became clear that it would be impossible to overcome the hundreds of riot police lines with tear gas, water cannons and mobile fences, so the marchers decided to go back to the starting point at the Lighthouse, where a series of speeches by migrants took place explaining the conditions in which they are forced to 'live' in and around Calais.

Here there are some pics of the demo:

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Marx in Soho

29-06-2009 15:33

Howard Zinn's play performed by Jerry Levy in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Palestine Today 062909

29-06-2009 15:14


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday June 29th 2009.

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Military Coup in Honduras (by Latuff)

29-06-2009 14:58

Military Coup in Honduras
An attempted coup has broken out in Honduras in the lead-up to a referendum scheduled for June 28. The referendum is on whether a further vote should be held to decide to re-write the Central American nation's constitution. Read more here:

To be published in the bulletin "Divulgando" of the Associacao dos Servidores do PRODERJ, ASCPDERJ, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Public Debate - Resisting War Crimes is not a Crime?

29-06-2009 14:26

On January 19th this year,during the bombardment of Gaza six people entered the EDO/ITT arms factory in Moulescoombe and caused extensive damage. On May 4th thousands took to the streets for a mass demonstration.

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Drax29 - climate activists on trial

29-06-2009 14:16

Last June, 29 people stopped a train loaded with coal that was heading
for Drax power station. Today their trial began at Leeds Crown Court.

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Shut ITT protester pleads guilty

29-06-2009 13:47

One man, arrested at Smash EDO's Shut ITT demo (see plead guilty to section 5 of the Public Order Act

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G8 Meeting at L’Aquila: an appeal for security of President Obama

29-06-2009 13:43

Presient Obama, a symbol against racism
EveryOne Group: “Italy’s racist voices and Obama’s example of tolerance and dialogue"

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all-out for support: Mainshill Solidarity Camp eviction granted!

29-06-2009 13:14

Come resist Scottish Coal and Lord Home, and defend communities and the climate!