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Disarm DSEi at Climate Camp

08-08-2007 22:17

Disarm DSEi will be having a meeting on Wednesday 15th July at Climate Camp at 6.30pm

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SOCPA - not a good day for freedom of speech

08-08-2007 21:45

the monday edition of 'the independent' claimed 'a good day fro freedom of speech' on its front page. it was far from it.

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Thundering Times

08-08-2007 21:34

Ecology, Austerity & Freedom

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No Border Camp benefit in London this Sat!

08-08-2007 21:33

Acoustic sounds plus DJs, at The Cross Kings (near Kings Cross) from 7pm....

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Tribunal allows Sri Lankan asylum appeal

08-08-2007 20:49

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) has allowed LP's "country guidance" case appeal. Refused Sri Lankan asylum seekers may be able to make fresh claims as a result.

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International Action Day in solidarity with Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi

08-08-2007 20:30

Mansour Osanloo
Mansour Osanloo, chair of the bus driver's union in Tehran, was abducted by the Iranian authorities and is now incarcerated in Evin Prison, Tehran. Mansour was snatched from a bus on July 10th and the order to arrest him is thought to have come from Revolutionary Court Judge Saeed Mortazavi. The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has vowed to secure Mansour's release.

Mahmoud Salehi, a leader of an independent bakers union in Iran's Kurdistan province, was arrested in the city of Saquez along with 6 other union activists and is now in prison. His life is in grave danger because the authorities will not allow him to receive medical assistance. Mahood suffers from chronic kidney disease, and his health is failing rapidly. He has only one functioning kidney and requires dialysis to prevent the other from shutting down. Without treatment, he will die.

There is a demonstration in front of the Iranian embassy in London on Thursday 9th August at 12:00-3:00 pm.

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Immigration Minister 'arrested' for locking up migrants at Campsfield

08-08-2007 20:26

Close Campsfield campaigners apprehended Immigration Minister Liam Byrne
Members of the Campaign to Close Campsfield held a very successful demonstration yesterday (7 August) outside the Campsfield immigrant prison, in an effort to "redress the balance of reportage" on the detainees escape last Saturday and to show the detainees inside that "not everyone goes along with the mood of hysteria." There were loud shouts of "Freedom!" and "Thank you very much!" from the main accommodation block, which protesters addressed using a megaphone across the prison's unused, weed-grown football pitch.

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NUJ warns Climate Camp over restrictions on media

08-08-2007 15:51

The NUJ has written to the Camp for Climate Action expressing deep concern at the restrictions they intend to impose on the media covering their Climate Camp at Heathrow Airport, and called on them to reconsider as a matter of urgency

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Another Inspiring Food Not Bombs

08-08-2007 13:44

Last chance for Brum Food Not Bombs to participate in the promotion and mobilisation for this years Camp for Climate Action.
Another great action involving reclaimed and grown food, best curry yet, and broad-based campaigning work.

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Victims' rally support for proper 7/7 investigation

08-08-2007 12:38

for two years now relatives of victims of the 7/7 attacks have been calling for a proper enquiry into what happened that day. These calls have been repeatedly blocked by the Blair regime and with a new government in place this subject can now be revisited.

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Does an East End local copuncil ward by-election mean much to wider society?

08-08-2007 12:02

What is the message being sent out by the various ‘workers’ doing the factional ‘canvassing’ for their respective factional ‘candidate’ at the inner city, ‘deprived’ East London council ward of Shadwell [London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council] where polling is due to take place at the enforced by-election on Thursday 9 August 2007 ?

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What’s going on in Nairobi ?

08-08-2007 10:45

Repeated offenses against constitutionnal rights and police’s violence against civil society 4 months before the general elections in december 2007.

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The Last Chance Saloon is huge success

08-08-2007 10:37

After more than a week of hard graft, the volunteer crew created the Last Chance Saloon again at this years Big Green Gathering. It is amazing what was achieved by a combination of recycled and re-used materials and application of endless creativity and sweat.

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No Borders Demonstration at Lindholme Immigration Removals Centre

08-08-2007 09:08

No Borders banner
On Tuesday 10 people demonstrated outside Lindholme Immigration Centre, in solidarity with asylum seekers incarcerated there and elsewhere, and for the closure of all such centres. The demonstration was met by a large and nervous response by the South Yorkshire police.

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The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror

07-08-2007 23:02

Free the Cuban Five!
This interview with Leonard Weinglass, appeals attorney for Antonio Guerrero was conducted by Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, on August 1, 2007.

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Allotmentistas are planning resistance to road development

07-08-2007 22:42

Reading Borough Council are a bunch of contemptuous (and surprisingly clueless) bastards!

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Fortnightly Bin Collection

07-08-2007 21:15

the solution

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'Don't sacrifice Europe's wildlife for agrofuel expansion' email alert

07-08-2007 20:29

Please take part in an email alert to tell Europe's politicians not to sacrifice our birds and insects for agrofuel expansion. Europe's farm bird populations have declined by nearly 50% since 1980, mainly due to intensive agriculture. 45% of our butterflies are at risk of extinction. Many of our surviving bird population now rely heavily on set-asides. The European Commissioner now wants to scrap all set-asides to open up more land for intensive farming, with no protection for the wildlife at risk.

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Automatic Numberplate Recognition Cameras creating a 'total police state'

07-08-2007 19:11

Philip Hollobone, Conservative MP for Kettering wants the system extended. Why not tell him what you think of that idea on his blog?:

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Ancient Irish site Threatened

07-08-2007 18:30

This is a message for activists who are up for helping the Irish
>in their fight to avert the new M3 motorway away from an extremely
>site, far predating Stonhenge.