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Disarm DSEi at Climate Camp

a disarmer | 08.08.2007 22:17 | DSEi 2007 | Anti-militarism | London

Disarm DSEi will be having a meeting on Wednesday 15th July at Climate Camp at 6.30pm

Disarm DSEi will be having a meeting on Wednesday 15th July at Climate Camp at 6.30pm.

The meeting will be held in the London Barrio. The meeting will be about plans to disrupt DSEi (the world's largest arms fair) when it meets in East London from the 11th-14th September.

Disarm DSEi
Stop the world’s largest arms fair
At least 7 million people have died in wars across the globe since 1989. War will never stop whilst weapon sales are a booming global industry worth over $40 billion a year.

DSEi (Defence System Equipment International) is the world’s largest arms fair and is integral to the arms trade and global conflict. In 2005 DSEi hosted 1,100 companies, 70 official military delegations and 20,000 visitors from across the globe. Many of the countries invited were at war, some with each other. Many were dictatorships with appalling human rights records. Many had huge national debts with populations in severe states of poverty and starvation.

There are no borders, no limitations and no morals when it comes to arms trading.
We will not let them meet without disruption and opposition. Join us and take action. Say no to war. Say no to the arms trade.

11-14th September, Excel Centre, East London for further information

a disarmer
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I assume

09.08.2007 07:45

I assume you mean wednesday 15th August




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