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'Aryan Unity' Scum Update 'Liverpool Reds' Page

27-06-2006 14:09

With pressure growing to shut down 'Aryan Unity' site Redwatch since Mersey TUC leader Alec McFadden was knifed at his Wallasey home, the fascist scum have updated their 'Liverpool Reds' page with new photos and implicit incitement to violence against Merseyside activists.

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New Mark Thomas website

27-06-2006 12:38

A new website is launched where you can get involved helping Mark out in his campaigns and demos.

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Wildcat Walkout in Ellesmere Port!

27-06-2006 12:19

Production at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port factory was stopped on Monday after staff walked out at neighboring TDS Automotive Logistics.

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Rebel Clowning in Albania

27-06-2006 11:49

The following article is written by Johan (Belgium) one of the rebel clown trainers in the caravan and reports on the visit of the caravan and some of the events that took place in Tirana (Albania) between June 21 and 26.

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First Bus oppose Workers Rights Proposal

27-06-2006 11:39

Worker shareholders at FirstGroup have a resolution the company should respect International Stadards for workers and human rights. The company are opposing it! Then this is a company that is opposing Union organisation and the freedom to association.

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27-06-2006 11:38

Bristle 22

A warm greeting from your brothers and sisters at Bristle magazine.

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Australian-led campaign pressures East Timorese prime minister to resign

27-06-2006 11:29

Neo-colonial occupation
Rather than ending the political chaos in East Timor, the ousting of Alkatiri can only lead to the sharpening of social and political tensions. What has been artificially portrayed in the media as a struggle between “easterners” and “westerners” is in fact a conflict between two factions of the country’s ruling elite, neither of which are capable of meeting the needs and aspirations of the impoverished masses. Whatever the shape of the next government in Dili, popular opposition will inevitably grow to Australia’s neo-colonial occupation.

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About Palast: 'Was the Invasion of Iraq A Jewish Conspiracy?'

27-06-2006 11:15

An article now published by journalist Greg Palast reads more like a failed attempt at shifting the blame. Or a survival act by the writer. It's not the journalism we are used to from Palast. Now the 'goys' are to blame? This item, which anyhow was published under his name, is definitely not kosher.

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Villagers in North India begin Hunger Strike in protest against Coca-Cola

27-06-2006 09:30

Villagers Begin Hunger Strike to Demand Government Action Against Coca-Cola

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9/11 - The Trigger

27-06-2006 05:34

I'm not going to go into too much technical
detail on why it's all a lie. There are too
many well researched sites by professional
smart guys for that.

Instead, let's step back for an overview
and put some puzzle pieces together.

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Ben Seattle's Annual Report for 2006

27-06-2006 04:26

Ben's annual report summarizes his work in the antiwar movement, the Media Weapon community and SAIC as well as his plans for work in the coming year on the Attention Refinery.

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Philippines: Freedom from Gloria, Freedom from tyranny

27-06-2006 01:18

One hundred and eight years ago, the Filipinos, declared independence from the oppressive control of the Spaniards, today AKBAYAN declares freedom from a homegrown tyrannical regime. "Taking into account the fact that the people of this country are already tired of bearing the exploitative rule of the elites led by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), we say we have had enough of GMA," said AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas today as the group joins protest actions in celebration of Independence Day.

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Pentagon report on China highlights danger of nuclear war

26-06-2006 23:56

One sinister aspect of the US Defence Department’s 2006 report on the Chinese military released last month is its discussion of nuclear policy.
Overall, the document entitled “Annual Report to Congress: Military Power of the People’s Republic of China” marked a more aggressive US military stance toward China than in previous years. It identified the Chinese regime as a military rival and highlighted its growing defence spending, particularly its investment in advanced military technology (see: “Pentagon report targets China as a military threat”).

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26-06-2006 22:31

And then they brain wash us with one israeli soldier captured....

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RIP Matilda

26-06-2006 22:27

A few folk have written about MATILDA and what it meant to them so here are my thoughts.

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The Status Quo

26-06-2006 21:59

Perhaps the only question is whether the people or corporate elites should regulate and plan. Perhaps businessmen are not the only ones who understand growth and development. Perhaps profit worship, trickle-down economic and the self-healing market are myths.

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Art Not Oil at The Foundry, London, June 29-July 1

26-06-2006 21:56

'Brian in a Traffic Jam' - Eva Ronnevig
* for creativity, climate justice and an end to
oil industry sponsorship of the arts *

Art Not Oil at The Foundry, 84-86 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3JL, (Old Street tube)

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Zapatistas challenge the sanctity of the presidential elections

26-06-2006 20:51

When the Zapatistas launched the Other Campaign in San Cristobal de Las Casas on January 1, 2006—exactly twelve years after they took that city by force—they made clear that the stakes would be high. Now, after four months on the road, four hundred Other Campaign meetings held across twenty states, and two hundred and twenty political prisoners taken during the brutal police raid on San Salvador Atenco on the morning of May 4, the Zapatistas have cast their “everything” against the most sacrosanct day of the Mexican political calendar: election day.

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straw bale building in Nottingham

26-06-2006 20:07

previous days work
Pictures from day 3 of the straw bale building week at eco works Nottingham.

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How come Galloway's RESPECT group has teamed up with Tories and lib Dems !

26-06-2006 19:34

While Tony Blair teams up with all known factors against democracy and fairness in society in his new programme of attacks on society in Britain, the last thing we needed was the group of local politicians representing the RESPECT Party of George Galloway, teaming up with Tories and lib Dems and pleading for the guidance of Ruth Kelly on what to do about democarcy !