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Christmas tree miracle

22-12-2008 13:38

Christmas tree miracle

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SHAC Shareholder Shakedown Continues

22-12-2008 13:02

For this action alert we will be continuing with HLS shareholders and we are asking you to contact Wells Fargo who own 147,511 shares in LSR (The Ticker symbol used by HLS on the New York Stock Exchange).

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'East London Advertiser' aiding ‘Big Brother CCTV Councillor’

22-12-2008 12:15

The East London Advertiser has run an online piece which is reproduced below.

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FIR against the Gurgaon Kennel Club for violation of laws of the land - OIPA

22-12-2008 05:02

Dogs were tortured by the puppy mills promoters & mother feeding small puppies were sold out, performing animals were not registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India nor with the Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon. These participant dogs were transported with out obtaining transport permit in advance from the Chairman, AWBI said Naresh Kadyan, Chairman of the PFA Haryana.

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Sunday (12/21): Reports from Greece

22-12-2008 02:17

Things are usually slow on Sundays and that was the case today. However, many local assemblies took place to decide further actions.

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ELP Updates; Eco-Activist, SHAC 7 & Ex-Austrian Prisoners

22-12-2008 00:32

ELP Information Bulletin (19th December 2008)

Dear friends

ELP has 3 lots of news for you:

1) Jonatan to appeal his 15 month sentence
2) SHAC-USA News
3) Open Letter from Former Austrian Prisoners

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Colombian amry kills indigenous leaders husband

22-12-2008 00:18

I arrived in Cali after a 15hour journey to find J* waiting for my arrival, anxious to share with me, an international, the events of last week in Cauca, Colombia. My tiredness and hunger disappeared as I pulled out my notebook and began to scribble down his words.

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SHAC Barclays Demo - Cov

22-12-2008 00:05

A few hrs spent educating the cov public & exposing Barclays

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East London MP Galloway misses Glasgow and may even return there...

21-12-2008 19:23

Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway spoke in Parliament against Crossrail in July 2005. And again in June 2006. This commentary will be published by AADHIKARonline and KHOODEELAAR! as a series over the next few days, taking a detailed look at George Galloway' role as the MP for the east London constituency....

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21-12-2008 19:17

Last call

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Olive Planting Program - February 2009 Palestine

21-12-2008 15:54


Olive Planting Program - February 2009
A program for Civil International Solidarity with Palestinians

Invitation to the Olive Planting Program
7th - 16th February, 2009

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Riots or revolt? - An insight into why Greece is now in flames

21-12-2008 15:19

The fatal shooting of Alexis Grigoropoulos took place on the border separating Greece's haves and its have-nots.

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Athens Polytechnic occupation under imminent threat

21-12-2008 14:58

A few moments ago one of the pro-vice-chancellors of the Athens Polytechnic announced to the people inside the occupied building that the control of the building is no longer with the university senate and that it has been passed on to an attorney general instead. Anarchist radio 98 FM reports that the senate has ordered the university guards to leave their positions.

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Malmo riots, Sweden: Some context and pics

21-12-2008 14:10

Here are some (badly translated) statements from Malmo AFA and others regarding the recent riots in the city. Following that is some background to the events.

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URGENT: Forced deportation from Heathrow tonight!!

21-12-2008 13:28

Stop ALEX being deported tonight!!

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SOCPA 2005 - Bollocks As Usual...

21-12-2008 10:25

I have been refused authorisation of my "Family 4 Life" SOCPA 2005 Notification (September 11, 2008) of my human rights regarding HRA 1998 and have lodged (Dec.16/2008) N244 - an urgent appeal for an immediate oral hearing application to the Royal High Courts of Justice as a judicial review CO-12068/2008 to order the Commissioner to authorise... what an absolute crock of shit!

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Radley Lakes saved: BBC runs scared of the controversy

21-12-2008 09:19

The BBC has pulled the Radley Lakes interviews from its Listen Again service.

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Thoughts on Greek Revolt

21-12-2008 08:57

some thoughts on greek revolt and the reasons it ll go on..

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The National Institute of Animal Welfare in new hands - PFA Haryana

21-12-2008 05:49

Vet-Train Director, Ian Douglas (2nd from left), the Chairman of the AWBI
Source -
On 23rd. Jan., 2009 Vets Beyond Borders - going to start a new course at NIAW in Faridabad. OIPA INDIA & PFA Haryana welcome the new innings of NIAW in the interest of animal rights & their welfare. Cheers...............

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Saturday (12/20): Reports from Greece

21-12-2008 04:36

Today it's two weeks since the murder of Alexis and the beginning of the revolt. It is also day of international solidarity and global day against the police and state terrorism. Here are the major protests and events of the day in Greece.