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Sunday (12/21): Reports from Greece

dim | 22.12.2008 02:17 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Things are usually slow on Sundays and that was the case today. However, many local assemblies took place to decide further actions.

Until early this morning, there were fights around the Polytechnic University in central Athens. Some hundreds of protesters remained in the building all night and made sporadic attacks with rocks and molotov coctails to the riot squads which had surrounded the university. The cops fired tons of teargas, many of which inside university. Strong rumors have been going around that the cops are preparing to raid into the Polytechnic University. There was an assembly of the occupants and solidarists and decided to stand their ground. The occupation remains and they are calling a benefit/solidarity show for Monday.

Also in Athens:
A demonstration took place in Kaisariani with around 200 people, some ATM machines were blocked.
In Ilion, there were two separate demonstrations, one called by leftists and one by anarchists. During the later one, 4 banks, a governmental unemployment office and some offices of the governmental party were attacked and had their windows and surveillance cameras smashed.
Major media video:
A group of 100 people went to around 15 theaters in Athens, interrupted the shows, unfolded banners and read communiques.
Early in the morning there was an examination at the scene of the murder, called by the Alex's family lawyer. The eyewitnesses which saw the cop raising his gun and shooting towards the kids attended and gave details of the incident.
Major media video:
The occupants of the GSEE building decided today to end the occupation and left the building.

In Thessaloniki, an assembly took place inside a church! The protesters entered to protect themselves from the cold and left after they discussed about further actions and protests.

The mainstream media also report the following attacks, all taking place early in the morning:
In central Athens against a bank and some surveillance cameras. In Nea Filadelthia (Athens) where 6 police cars were destroyed. In Nea Ionia (Athens) against a bank. In Virona, 2 cars were burned. In Iraklio against 2 banks and a car dealership.