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Saturday (12/20): Reports from Greece

dim | 21.12.2008 04:36 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Today it's two weeks since the murder of Alexis and the beginning of the revolt. It is also day of international solidarity and global day against the police and state terrorism. Here are the major protests and events of the day in Greece.

In Athens there was a big number of protests, gathering and demonstrations taking place in neighborhoods: Gizi, Halandri, Nea Smirni, Petralona, Peristeri, Virona, Haidari. Mprahami.
Photos from Gizi:
Photos from Petralona:
Protests also happened at the Sintagma square: In the afternoon there was a freeze flash mob, where 150 people “froze” for about 10minutes and left thousand of passersby starring! The event stopped when the riot cops started pushing people around to make them stop (or should I stay start)! Afterwards, 100 or so people moved to the big christmas tree in the square and started “decorating” in with garbage, the riot squads moved in again and deployed around the tree to protect it (as they have been doing for the past days, since the new tree was put there) and sprayed tear gas to the protesters. That didn't stop the people, which started throwing bags full of garbage at the tree and the cops. The cops started shoving people away and detained some protesters. After some time and while the riot cops didn't move away from the tree, the people there started... dancing around the tree, mocking the cops which were standing there in full riot gear, surrounded by garbage, protecting the fake tree!
Video: (ignore the comments)
another video:
There was also an anti-racist demonstration against the European Union's laws on immigration and deportation of immigrants.
In the afternoon a group of anarchists attacked with petrol bombs the offices of a banking system company. Along with the offices, two cars were burned.
At 9pm, there was a gathering at the exact place that Alexis was shot, 2 weeks ago. Thousands of people attended. A group of some hundreds of protesters decided to demonstrate and moved towards the occupied Polytechnic University. The presence of the riot cops was provocative and soon some squads were attacked and extended fights broke around the University and the Exarchia square. The protesters made barricades and set them on fire, burned a car and threw molotov coctails and rocks to the cops. The cops fired chemicals and tear gas, threw rocks back and attacked the protesters, making arrests. The fights lasted until well after midnight.
Three radio stations were occupied during the day and communiques were read.

In Thessaloniki, a big cultural space was occupied in the center of the city. When the city's mayor was spotted nearby at a municipal Christmas celebration party, he was attacked by protesters who threw a box of pastries and plastic bottles of water against him while shouting slogans. A radio station in the city was occupied. There was also a gathering called by anarchists.

In the rest of the country, gatherings, demonstrations or acts of solidarity took place in Agrinio, Larisa, Naxos and Edessa.
In Ioannina the municipal radio station was occupied for 30 minutes and afterwards there was a gathering in the city center. A different christmas tree was put up by the protesters, decorated with photos of the protests.

In the small hours of Saturday, police cars were attacked and burned in Athens and Kavala.

A new video was released today, clearly showing cops dressed up like protesters and wearing motorcycle helmets, holding sticks and rocks: