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07-11-2006 02:15

Full of strange inconsistencies
Court hears British Al Qaeda planned international attacks?

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British bid to create part cow, part human embryo

07-11-2006 01:39

Could blur the line
The proposal has been questioned by some ethics campaigners, who claim it could blur the line between animals and humans.

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Defend Halima and 6-month-old Bailey Jr. - Monday 13 Nov, 9am

07-11-2006 00:46

Defend Halima and Bailey Jr!
There is to be a demonstration and protest outside the offices of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) on Monday 13 November, from 9.00 am, in Piccadilly Exchange, Manchester, near Mosley Street Tram stop, Piccadilly Plaza. The demo is in support of Halima Aboubacar and 6-month-old Bailey Jr. who face a deportation appeal hearing. If they lose, a date for deportation will be set and face deportation to the persecution Halima fled. Bailey Jr. also faces deportation to a country he’s never been to before. Come and support Halima and Bailey Jr. No to deportations! Stop deporting children and babies! Defend all asylum seekers!

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Iraq Strategy Day for Campaigners

07-11-2006 00:13

The occupation of Iraq has never been so unpopular, but there is still no clear end in sight. On Saturday 18th November, Iraq Occupation Focus is hosting a strategy gathering in London for anti-war campaigners to discuss what it will take to end the occupation in 2007.

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Netcu Watch updated Nov 7th 06

06-11-2006 23:56

The website dedicated to keeping an eye on the New Labour built 'National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit' has been extensively updated 07 11 06

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Plane Stupid day of action against short haul flights

06-11-2006 23:32

Cheap Flights Cost the Earth (poor picture)
Like other spots around the country, short haul retailers feel the heat (and paint)

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NOISE DEMO! Friday 10th November! Dallas Court!

06-11-2006 23:06

The next protest in the series of monthly protests at Dallas Court Reporting Centre, Salford Quays, will be held on Friday 10 November at 12-2pm. People are kidnapped daily at Dallas Court and taken to detention centres, and racially abused and insulted by racist staff. All are urged to attend and support these protests against the oppression of asylum seekers by this racist Labour government.

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Skellig Michael: The Denial of History as State Policy

06-11-2006 22:27

The Skelligs Rocks, 8 miles off the coast of Co. Kerry, constitute one of only two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ireland. However, the Office of Public Works (OPW) is currently engaged in reconstruction work there. On the South Peak of Skellig Michael, an altar, dating probably to the ninth century, has been destroyed by unsupervised workmen. In addition, there has been extensive rebuilding carried out on the main complex, which has led to considerable damage to the original structures. The work has proceeded without an Environmental Impact Assessment; while the Department of the Environment and OPW have argued that, because the Skelligs are a national monument (thus covered by the National Monuments Act 2004) and because the current work is part of an ongoing programme of conservation dating back to the 1980’s, neither an EIA nor planning permission is necessary.

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Photos- Smash EDO Halloween demo

06-11-2006 21:35

About 50 Halloweeners decended on the bomb factory EDO/MBM in Brighton on 31st October.

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06-11-2006 21:16

>Please act now and pass on this message.

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Letter in Support of the People of Oaxaca

06-11-2006 20:48


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1.3 million people march in Oaxaca

06-11-2006 19:47

pics of the 6th mega marcha in Oaxaca.

the pics show the protesters, a military spy caught by activists, burned out barricades, activists with self-made-bazookas and molotov cocktails for protecting - if necessary - the mega marcha against the police.

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Stop the massacre in Oaxaca! Down with the murderous governments of Fox-Calderon

06-11-2006 18:25

Today federal troops burst into Oaxaca massacring the people. The best of the working people of Oaxaca have risen up to face the troops of the murderous government

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Saddam Hussein’s death sentence: a travesty of justice

06-11-2006 18:16

The death sentences handed down yesterday against Saddam Hussein and three other prominent figures in his regime are the outcome of show trial concocted for political purposes. Amid unspeakable atrocities being committed against the people of Iraq every day by the US occupation forces, a hand-picked court has condemned the former Iraqi dictator to die. The very timing of the sentence is an attempt to lift the electoral fortunes of the Republican Party in Tuesday’s congressional elections by energising its right-wing base with the prospect of a high profile legal lynching.

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November 11th is Rememberance Day

06-11-2006 17:44

a day to remeber all the military deaths since 1918.


They don't remeber the Iraqis, Palestinians, Afgans, Germans, French, Belgians, Kuwaitis, Kosovans, Serbians, and many, many, many, more civilian casualties who have died in the 300+ wars since 1918.

Over 200 Million people have been slaughtered in Wars around the World, since the "war to end all wars" (WW1)

That's why.

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When is a Pork Pie not a Pork Pie?

06-11-2006 17:04

Northern Foods change government policy - how do they do it?

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Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity

06-11-2006 16:14

No Sweat's annual conference takes place in London on 25 November.

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Interview with Freed Journalist

06-11-2006 16:04

Gabriele was released and belwo is an interview with him just after being released. This is an unusually happy ending. Hopefully the articles I have published from the time of his kidnapping have given some idea of the process.

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06-11-2006 16:00

. . . . the recent attempt to backspin the "war" factor involved the odd delay to a less than surprising verdict in the Iraqi dictators courtcase (- the judge- swapped a couple of weeks ago too-), as a strangely conditioned seeming act in the dock - waving koran, shouting against invaders, collaborators, etc - timed for USA wake-up TVnews, tried to pretend that old terrorist tie-in to legitimise the entire mess. .

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Cardiff Remembrance Day - Remember Fallujah

06-11-2006 15:27


Assemble 2 pm, Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street, Cardiff
Saturday 11 November