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07-03-2004 19:44

A tip off today has revieled that COSTAIN intend to go ahead with an illegal eviction early 2moro morning.

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Monster Makers at work

07-03-2004 19:31

History is full of Monster figures, but none come close to khomeini and those who gave birth to him & Islamist terrorists.

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ESF London October 2004

07-03-2004 19:20

The assembly agreed at the end of the Saturday session the ESF in 2004 will be held in London. The main venue will be Alexandra Palace.

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Words have failed us - Amira Hass

07-03-2004 16:52

This is an admission of failure. The written word is a failure at making tangible to Israeli readers the true horror of the occupation in the Gaza Strip. When something is written about the sea being closed off to Palestinians in the north and south of the Strip, the response will be "they are terrorists." If something is written about neighborhoods in the western part of the Khan Yunis refugee camp and how the buildings are all full of bullet holes from heavy machine guns and cannon shells, the response will be "the Palestinians started it." Tell the story of how 15-year-old Yusuf Bashir's family home in Dir al-Balah has been turned into an army fortress, and in Israel they'll say, "there is no choice, the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom must be protected, like Kfar Dekalim, Atzmona and Morag."

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McDonald's Confirms 'No-Arabic' Policy At Its Restaurants in Israel

07-03-2004 16:44

McDonald's Corporation today confirmed that it has a policy banning its employees from speaking Arabic in its restaurants in Israel, despite the fact that Palestinian citizens of Israel form 20% of its workforce, and Arabic is one of the two official languages of Israel. The Corporation denied, however, that Abeer Zinaty, a former "Excellent Worker 2003 -- McDonald's Israel," was fired because she spoke Arabic on the job.

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US Stop signs get subvertised

07-03-2004 16:39

A message for Sheffield motorists.
Sheffield motorists get told to 'Stop Driving' by handy subvertising stickers.

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Strikespotting UK 23.02 - 07.03.04

07-03-2004 14:22

summary of last weeks strikes in the UK

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Something about Haiti...

07-03-2004 14:19

So far the mainstream press has been critical of the democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

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Bridge Man Trial Dates

07-03-2004 13:36

Next day in court is April Fools Day!

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Yesterday stall for 9Ladies on Market St Manc

07-03-2004 13:33

If you destroy the earth, you cannot put it back,,,
hope the photos work out better sizes this time!!

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Costain use violence at Blackwood

07-03-2004 11:54

Costain subcontractors drive through human chain of activists on Friday.
Blackwood police investigating.

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gm findings - latest

07-03-2004 11:44

sorry -its lifted from a mainstream newspaper but: new sci-findings from tests on non-GM crops to prove impossibility of co-existence

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Colchester Peace Campaign News

07-03-2004 03:43

News bulletin of local peace action network in north Essex.

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The water rats report! ESF EXCLUSIVE

07-03-2004 00:45

Today the SWP used different people to speak at the 2nd European meeting to organises the London ESF. The green party deputy mare spoke but didn’t say anything – just like a politician. Finally, maybe we may perhaps might start thinking about the process… the was a secret smocked filled room were a real deal was done? Except this was the ESF so it was a light open room with lots of people looking on that did the deal… which maybe possibly could perhaps make the London ESF fulfil the principals of the Social forum movement. Please don’t be put off from participating because maybe, possibly, the is a chances the sects that fail to run the show maybe have noticed that they are not as essential as they always insisted.

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Anti-fur demos in Worcester today

06-03-2004 23:52

Seven activists demoed Quatermaster in the Shambles, Worcester today.

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Analysis of Animal Liberation Front

06-03-2004 23:07

Analysis: Animal Liberation Front

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menwith hill blockade

06-03-2004 22:49

is anyone from the aberdeen area off to menwith hill for the cnd blockade on the 19th march?

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French Toast kickstart-opening night!

06-03-2004 22:02


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Leicester football-players assaulted sexually 3 black women ?

06-03-2004 21:06

BBC reported as it seems - not complete about this case. Foreign media reported more.
Therefore, 2 Questions about BBC-information.

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GCHQ Interview: Official Secrets

06-03-2004 19:02

Audio GCHQ from the air - is it a donut or a flying crop circle?
Dialect Radio interviewed Phillip Hilton this week, about GCHQ, Katherine Gunn and the official secrets act.