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Palestine Today 061808

18-06-2008 14:44

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday June 18th, 2008.

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No Platform for the IOM

18-06-2008 13:45

Picket - Thursday 19th June 10pm-6pm
To coincide with "IOM Day" being held as part of Bristol's Refugee Week
activities at the Pierian Centre, Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol

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60 years wiping the smirk of the NHS

18-06-2008 13:44

you really can't fake smiles - top scientists have proved it.
This really is a tale of human interest. Flicking through the online pages of today's British Press I learn how in future (after the 60th anniversary of the NHS) British nurses are to be rated on their smileyness. After choking on my meusli and recovering from a mild cerebral apoplexy, I thought the implications of this little scrap of news are just too good to be missed by the kind of people who don't read newspapers anymore but still might rely on the NHS. Please note there is no need to encourage consultants or hosptial managers to be smiley.

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Protest visit of Israel's Ambassador to Wales

18-06-2008 13:40

"I am unwilling to accept the invitation to meet the ambassador because of my objection to the failure of the state of Israel to meet its international obligations to the Palestinian people of the Holy Lands. I would invite other colleagues to do the same." - Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly writing to other AMs calling for them to boycott the Ambassadors visit.

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Get Lost Festival Celebrates Public Space

18-06-2008 12:33

Thanks to everyone who is helping to Make Get Lost such an amazing success

The next few days see a flurry of special events which reclaim the city for more than shopping and look for magic under the pavement. It would be splendid to see you at some of them

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Tibetan Demonstration not Thursday Now saturday

18-06-2008 12:07

The Tibetan Demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy is now not on Thursday 19th June But Saturday 21st June, this is to coincide with the arrival of the torch in Lhasa which has been moved to Saturday

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Open Cast Coal site request for help

18-06-2008 10:55

Following the squatting of Prospect farm and trees surounding it on the prospective open cast coal mine in Derby shire, there is a call out for help!

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Ex-UK Army Chief in Iraq Confirms Peak Oil Motive for War

18-06-2008 09:28

A former senior British Army official in Iraq, James Ellery, admits the link between peak oil and the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq. Currently director of British security firm and US defence contractor, AEGIS, Ellery also whitewashes the massive corruption in Iraqi reconstruction projects.

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Fitwatch at anti-bush demo

18-06-2008 08:51

Steve Discombe
Report of fitwatch at sundays demo

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Bogotá university anti privatization demo

18-06-2008 06:27

Students today at Bogotá National University, Colombia, demonstrated against planned privatisation and the introduction of tuition fees.

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Climate change protestors occupy Derbyshire open cast site

18-06-2008 04:59

Today climate campaigners from ‘Leave it in the Ground’ have occupied the UK Coal’s Lodge House site in Derbyshire by barricading themselves in a disused farm building and taken to the trees on the site of the open cast mine.

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Lodge House open cast mine site occupied

18-06-2008 04:51

Bodge House
Under the cover of darkness Lodge house open cast mine in Smalley, Derbyshire has the building squatted as well as trees with ariel runway.

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Campaign against misleading car adverts.

18-06-2008 04:45

There is every reason to believe that 99% of car adverts published in newspapers and magazines and on roadside hoardings in the European Union are illegal.

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Criminal Charges Against Alumbrera Mines in Argentina

18-06-2008 02:39

Charges were filed for the first time against a transnational mining company in Latin America, at the Alumbrera Mines (Xstrata, Goldcorp and Yamana) in Catamarca and Tucumán in Argentina. This article is about the history and events which have led up to this important event, and what we can do to support Latin Americans fighting against big mining operations.

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Fight Speciesism! #2 - Out Now

18-06-2008 01:14

Front Cover
The second issue has expanded from 6 to 10 pages because of the quantity of news and analysis that has been published since the first edition.

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Break the chains

17-06-2008 22:52

Report of the solidarity event with political prisoners of imperialism 14 June 2008

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Italy, Deportation Of 40 Afghan Refugees

17-06-2008 21:53


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Bush brings his magic touch to Whitehall.

17-06-2008 19:42

He's back.
So the world’s most hated man comes to London, and the authorities decide that the best way to keep the situation calm is to ban people from freely moving in their own city. All this at the behest of a mass murderer. Really smart….

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Brown assures Bush more troops for Afghanistan, no Iraq withdrawal

17-06-2008 19:33

At a joint press conference with US President George Bush yesterday, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that more troops would be sent to Afghanistan, taking the UK’s contingent in the country to its “highest level.”