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National Green Day UK - Sept 28th - in the parks

23-08-2008 09:58

Cannabis Campaigners from around the UK will gather in parks to draw attention to 80 years of unjust, unsound and ineffective cannabis prohibition, on Sunday Sept 28th.

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Latest from the boats sailing to Gaza.

23-08-2008 09:35

Early yesterday morning the 43 people on 2 boats of the Free Gaza movement embarked from Cyprus, to sail to Gaza Port, a journey that would normally take 30 or so hours. They are all fine, have sent out footage of themselves from the boats, and it seems that they have not yet had any direct contact with the Israeli navy. However, at 10am today they spoke to their support team in Cyprus to issue this message:

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McCain has Alzheimer's

23-08-2008 08:14

Viet Vet2
His memory loss is becoming more noticeable

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S.O.C.P.A. map ?

23-08-2008 07:57

a quick question to you all.

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War against Iran ? Its not just about nuclear bombs.

23-08-2008 00:32

Even ther CIA says Iran has No nuke programme ,but the U$ and israel still do a song and dance about "enriched uranium."Why?
It may not be the Bomb and enriched uranium that the US is worried about but the depleted uranium by-product.

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Call for a General Strike Gaining Huge Momentum

23-08-2008 00:09

A global war on terror where any citizen from any country can be spied on (FISA Act) Have their homes broken into without a search warrant (Patriot Act) Be held in secrets prisons (extraordinary rendition) held without charges, bail, attorneys or access to family, tortured (enhanced interrorgation)indefinately requires a global response. A Global General Strike. Please join me and millions of others in 5 days of civil dis obedience world wide.

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Faslane Peace Camp-Benefit Gig.

22-08-2008 23:16

um. Benefit gig in aid of the peace camp based at Faslane .

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Mid-Summer Alert—Update

22-08-2008 22:17

Very Strange Timing for Little Georgia to Attack the Big Bear

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Bath Bomb #13 out now

22-08-2008 21:18

Live from the fields...

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Agrofuels blockaders ‘unconditionally discharged’

22-08-2008 21:01

Yesterday (21st August), four protesters were convicted of ‘willfully obstructing a public highway’ and sentenced with an ‘unconditional discharge’ under the Highways Act (1) in Gray’s Magistrate’s Court’s, Essex.

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Vanishing News

22-08-2008 20:13

Radio CapeTalk has announced this morning (August the 22nd) that a phenomenon identical to the tides took place more than once within a few hours.

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"Hitler & Phelps at the Munich Olympics" - Venezuelan TV shock

22-08-2008 20:02

TVes is a publically owned Venezuelan telly station which took the frequency of the previous "Radio Caracas Televisión" channel whose license wasn't renewed by Chavez. Thus this story is not anti-Chavez nor particularly anti-Venezuelan square eyed telly viewer, for less than 10% of the previous channel's viewers continue to watch (according to "The Economist").

the story -

Willie Oviedo the Sports commentator of TVes confidently told Olympic fans that Hitler had refused to present the gold medals Michael Phelps won, in the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

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London Olympics: a new phase in the waste of money

22-08-2008 20:01

a new phase money squandering
A New Stage in the London Olympic Competition to Spend Money

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Direct Action from Mexico & USA

22-08-2008 18:39


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This Week In Palestine week 34 2008

22-08-2008 17:34


This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 16th, through August, 22nd, 2008.

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Report of yesterdays action in Rossport

22-08-2008 17:30

The following article is taken from Irish indymedia. Original with loadsa photos can be found at;

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ITT - EDO MBM Begins Full Scale Paveway IV Guided Bomb Production in Brighton

22-08-2008 17:04

After 4 years of developmental setbacks the Raytheon IV guided bomb is now in full production in the UK.

The new weapon is intended to replace the Paveway III guided bomb, the most commonly used munition in the 2003 'shock and awe' bombing of Iraq.

EDO MBM Technology Ltd (now owned by ITT Corp) are UK design and production partners on the new 'smart bomb' with Raytheon, Portsmouth Aviation, and Thales.

Once again EDO MBM is found to be at the heart of UK and joint US/UK military operations in Iraq and Afganistan.

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Economy hit by inflation and threat of recession

22-08-2008 16:56

There has been a host of statistics in the last few weeks that testify to the increasingly serious impact the financial crisis is having on the British economy and the living conditions of working people. The rise in the cost of living has outstripped pay increases for the first time since the 1990s—meaning that the average person is now officially worse off.

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more East End treasures stolen by the City of London Musuem

22-08-2008 13:30

Jo Lyon, an archaeologist from the Museum of London has been publicising how a secret dig removed the traces of the real Shakespeare's theatre to the City of London's Museum of London. This has been part of a systematic removal of architectural treasures from the East End. The Museum did not deem it important to save a people's medieval pulpit perhaps because it was a place which challenged the status quo as any person however ordinary could give their views. Return our heritage and stop stealing

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Track closed: 170 greyhounds need homes

22-08-2008 12:54

South West Animal Protection
HOMES NEEDED ASAP - 160-170 greyhounds are now redundant