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29-06-2003 16:24

Then latest writings from Sub Marcos, Zapatista spokesperson, a must read.
Contact : London Zapatista Action ( for solidarity work, Zapatista events (next one July 13th, London) in London and around the country...

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A genealogy of anti-Americanism

29-06-2003 16:22

A genealogy of anti-Americanism

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Hear Palestine: Daily News Updates From Occupied Palestine.

29-06-2003 16:20

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Saturday, 28 June 2003

**Yesterday: 4 Palestinians, Israeli Soldier Killed during Invasion of al-Mighraqa
**More Detainees Join Food Strike
**Hebron: Military and Settler Attacks against Residents
**Bethlehem: Home Demolition Orders in Kisan Village
**Khan Younis: Resident Wounded in Israeli Fire
**Ramallah: Oppressive Measures at Roadblocks

**Withdrawal from north Gaza and Bethlehem within 24 Hours
**Palestinian Truce to be Declared Tomorrow

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ISM Reports: Omar Titi Released After Six Months In Prison Without Reason

29-06-2003 16:05

1) Omar Titi Released from Administrative Detention
2) Upate from Balata 24 June
3) Incursion into Hi Salam
4) Roadblock Removal in Jenin
5) Update From Balata 27 June

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British MP Paedophile Allegations Hidden From Melbourne Indymedia

29-06-2003 15:05

There seem to be some retractions due ­ while a number of unanswered questions remain ­ regarding an article recently posted (anonymously) on Melbourne Indymedia entitled “Blair Involved in Pedophile Ring blackmailed to support Iraq Attack.” It now seems probable that some of the allegations made in the article may stem from a smear campaign orchestrated by British secret services.

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29-06-2003 14:30

The Lord's Resistance Army is a Christian fundamentalist terror organization led by self-anointed "prophet" Joseph Kony that demands adoption of the Ten Commandments as the Constitution. Note that the western media carefully avoid using the words "terrorists" or "Christians", although Joseph Kony's "Lord's Resistance Army" is both. Also note the AP's euphemistic use of the term "concubine" for the little girls, some as young as 7, turned into sex slaves by the Christians.

If rather than being a Christian group named the "Lord's Resistance Army" demanding adoption of the Ten Commandments as the Constitution, it were instead a Muslim group named the "Ummah Resistance Army" demanding the implementation of Shari'a law, there can be no doubt that the western media would be howling about the outrages of an "Islamic fundamentalist terrorist" group.

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Anglicans Promote Gay Bishop; Reject ‘Word Of God’

29-06-2003 14:01

The leader of the world's 70 million Anglicans has stood behind the appointment of an openly homosexual bishop, Cannon Jeffrey John. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said he saw nothing wrong with the appointment of Jeffrey John, 50, as Bishop of Reading. But the appointment has caused dissatisfaction among members of the church. Among these include six bishops, led by Archbishop Peter Jensen.

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Unreadable newswire titles

29-06-2003 13:28

Unreadable newswire titles.

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Manchester Indymedia video e-mail list set up

29-06-2003 13:04

Manchester Indymedia video e-mail list set up.

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GM crop trashing near Reading

29-06-2003 13:03

at 4.00 am Sunday morning syngenta's GM wheat trial crop was trashed at Jealott's Hill research lab by 60 white clad activists from all over the UK.

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Wildcat settlers funded by 'secret state slush fund'

29-06-2003 12:14

Under international law, all Jewish settlements in the occupied territories are regarded as illegal. The funds for setting up a number of the illegal outposts have been channelled through a branch of the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency, the report by Israel Channel 2 said. "It is possible to build in the settlements, but people should not talk about it and dance around every time a building permit is given," the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Sharon as saying. "They should build without talking."

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29-06-2003 12:11

Only yesterday Poodle stormtroopers had announced an "amnesty" for the courageous townspeople of Majar who independently successfully defeated, captured and executed Poodle stormtroopers who had persecuted them (see the second article, below).

Poodle propaganda flyers dropped by airplanes on the town read: "We will not return to punish anyone since these are the methods of Saddam's regime. We will return to set up good relations with you because of our concern about a secure Iraq."

Apparently the poodle stormtroopers have re-evaluated the methods of Saddam's regime and decided that they approve of them after all, for the latest article states that:

"MORE than 500 British troops marched defiantly back into a small Iraqi town yesterday to hunt down the gunmen who slaughtered six of their comrades just five days earlier ... Army spokesman Lt. Col. Ronnie McCourt said: "We are here today to gather whatever forensic evidence we can from the police station and the surrounding areas. We want to show people in Majar that we are still here in this area and the area is still governed by the rule of law. We will charge the men who carried out this crime with murder as soon as they have been apprehended."

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Evian an Thessaloniki Solidarity in Berlin

29-06-2003 12:07

Actions and Demos in Berlin in Solidarity with those arrested in Thessaloniki and Evian.

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29-06-2003 11:31

Organising meeting for a sheffield social forum

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29-06-2003 11:30

SECRET plans by America to tow a condemned fleet of contaminated ships around the coast of Scotland have triggered fears of an environmental catastrophe.

Dubbed the Ghost Fleet, the 94 derelict and leaking US ships are packed with toxic chemicals, asbestos and oil.

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Film and Public Meeting on Thessaloniki Prisoners

29-06-2003 11:28

CAPTURED ON FILM - Beaten Up and Fitted Up in Saloniki

Film and Public Meeting hosted by Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity

Tuesday 1 July, 8pm at London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1

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29-06-2003 10:40

If you're for trade justice OR peace then you should be for both. And why not come to the massive international protests in september against Europe's biggest arms fair - scene of the European anti-WTO Convergence...

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BBC v UKgov?

29-06-2003 09:54

Thousands dead, more important for liars to argue among themselves?

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IDF exonerates Rachel Corrie's murderer, the Army bulldozer dr

29-06-2003 08:58

JERUSALEM - Israel's military prosecutor has exonerated Israeli soldiers in the death of an American peace activist, who was crushed to death by an army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip, the army said Thursday.