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03-08-2002 22:04

Chaos caused in Selfridges as around 200 people disrupted business to protest at Selfridges' support of the Israeli regime.

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Third newsletter: 2e European PGA conference

03-08-2002 22:02

This newsletter contains the recent conference related news and should be seen as a supplement to the previous two newsletters. Have a look at the conference website for a complete overview.

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Request to Indymedia for Anti-War article on front page

03-08-2002 19:28

Indymedia should create a quality site on Iraq, which (a) provides information and attacks disinformation, and (b) announced urgent actions

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03-08-2002 17:51

Draft proposal for Demonstrations Against the NATO Summit in Prague, Czech Republic,
21-22 November 2002.

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03-08-2002 17:28

Activists target Selfridges. (article 1)

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Direct Action Versus Electoralism

03-08-2002 16:36

Anarchists engage in direct action as opposed to voting. This anti-electoralism (or anti-parliamentarianism) may seem strange and even perverse to many. After all, virtually the whole left believes in the importance of voting. In the US, liberals and state socialists have voted for the Democrats with a steadfastness that is almost religious, even as the Democrats have steadily moved to the right. In Western Europe, they have voted consistently for the Socialist or Labor Parties (social democrats), or Communist Parties, or, more recently, ex-Communist Parties.

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Special Immigration Appeals Commission says anti-terrorist law is unlawful

03-08-2002 16:14

Special Immigration Appeals Commission says anti-terrorist law is unlawful

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92 martyrs in deathfast

03-08-2002 15:57

We have the 92nd martyr in the resistance against the isolation of the imperialists and fascists.

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Recent Stories at Autonomedia/Interactivist

03-08-2002 14:08

Bolivia, Mexico, Information Feudalism, Italian Hacklabs, Situationist International, Hakim Bey, Mike Rupert and Indymedia

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Honesty in Media

03-08-2002 12:46

We ask: Would the media consider it an appropriate retaliation for Israel
to now go massacre Palestinian university students? Of course not. As the UK Independent put it:

"Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Hamas' spiritual leader, said:
'When Israel bombs a civilian building full of women and children, and kills 15 people, this is the response they should expect.' It was a response that quickly eroded
the international sympathy for the Palestinians prompted by the Gaza air strike. 'Why is somebody targeting students sitting down to their lunch?'..."

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"Don't Nuke Iraq" Message at Hiroshoma Day Faslane Die-in

03-08-2002 12:04

activists to stage die in at nuclear base against iraq attacks

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José Bové and charges

03-08-2002 12:02

GMO action

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03-08-2002 11:32

Renowned Danish Peace Activist, Ulla Roder who has been involved in acts of peaceful protest and people's disarmament with Trident Ploughshares was jailed yesterday at Argyll and Bute district court in Helensburgh.

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Jounalists at Work, Cash for PR Coverage.

03-08-2002 10:16

Journalism on trial

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Most of the working classes go down on bended knee to the middle classes!

03-08-2002 09:29

Firstly, we the left should be more open to critical dialogue. We must realise and except the concrete reality that the working classes are to a large extent unaware of the fact that they are willing participants in their own subjugation by the middle classes. And the middle classes are unaware of the fact that they are being used as an oppressing force by the ruling classes.

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Who benefits from body count in Middle East?

03-08-2002 01:23

Who benefits from body count in Middle East?
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli oppression.

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Free e-book to deal with chemtrails effects

02-08-2002 23:58

Some free practical help to ameliorate the repeated illnesses associated with the spraying of the UK

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Saddam could arm Palestinians with Bio weapons

02-08-2002 23:55

Saddam suspected of plan to arm Palestinians with biological weapons
by michael evans, defence editor of The Times

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as usual: America at War! This are the USA 'Terrorists'......

02-08-2002 23:47

Original US War against Terror Pictures....

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DEFRA demo photos

02-08-2002 23:22

DEFRA demo photos
A few snap shots of a colourful day at DEFRA. (article 1)