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22-01-2005 10:19

President George Bush has launched a New War on Tyranny and Oppression
and the 30 members of his *Willing Coalition* are the Ideal Targets!
According to the U.S. State Department

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Rumsfeld cancels trip to Germany after war crimes accusations

22-01-2005 08:36

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organisation asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

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Iraq: A Failure or a Success?

21-01-2005 21:46

Although the Iraq campaign in the short-term seems to be failing, ultimately it's success or failure can only be decided sometime between 2015-2045.

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Dodgy Evan Harris proposal

21-01-2005 20:41

Evan Harris MP attacks freedom to protest.

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Teenagers may be asked to pledge allegiance to Queen

21-01-2005 19:29

By Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent
20 January 2005

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Real news from Iraq - read the truth

21-01-2005 19:15

Husayn Uthman was born in Iraq, his father was educated in Europe. He taught his children English. Husayn has a few cousins in the West who have encouraged mhim to write this blog.

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a planetary embrace

21-01-2005 18:37

We ourselves, the "weak" are actualy stronger than the "strong". In Washington the celebration of Bush election only have been reached after using so many military ressources that demonstrate that they, the "strong" are really, really affraid; and they will be more and more afraid until they discover that this were not the way.
For us, the "weak", maybe the way begin calling them what they are.

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I.R.S. Contracts and Analysis

21-01-2005 15:33

This is an analysis of I.R.S. contracts. It exposes the degree of deception and
police-state tactics used by the U.S. Government Internal Revenue Service.

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The death of Kebba Jobe - inquest clear police

21-01-2005 14:54

Kebba Jobe, a 42 year old Camden man, was killed May as police tried to restrain & arrest him for suspect drug dealing. The inquest that finished wednesady 19th jan cleared the police of any wronging doing in the cause of his death.

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21-01-2005 14:16

Maelstrom are hosting an eco-defence themed fortnight of events . Thurs 2oth Jan till Sunday 30th Jan.

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Jan Svankmajer Night @ Maelsrom

21-01-2005 11:50

Jan Svankmajer Night 6pm Fri Feb 4

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Counter inauguration demo US Embassy

21-01-2005 11:00

Pictures and brief report from last nights counter inauguration ceremony in Grosvenor Square.

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Nottingham Dissent! Meeting

21-01-2005 10:34

This is an invite you all to a meeting of the local Dissent! Group in Nottingham.

The meeting will on the 26th of January at 8pm at The Sumac Centre and will bring together a variety of groups and individuals from the Nottingham area.

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Kurds Refugees deported from Japan

21-01-2005 09:03

deported kurdish refuggee in turkish police
calling sollidarity on deportation of refugees in Japan .

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DC IMC Bush Protests Precis - "Insurgents" Delay "Second Coming"

21-01-2005 06:38

short precis from Washington - dc imc - on the counter-inaugural protests 20th jan 05
- see below

(+ funniest pic of the day award - Vice President Cheney's Limo hit by Snowball :-)

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21-01-2005 02:31


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Asylum Seeker Oxford Student Deported

21-01-2005 01:58

An Afghan asylum seeker studying at Oxford University is to be deported, despite a 2,000 strong petition for him to stay.

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ID card controversy comes to Cambridge

21-01-2005 00:00

Controversial plans to introduce a government identity card will be debated
by leading figures at a public meeting in Cambridge next week. The debate
will cover the costs of the card scheme, the loss of privacy and whether
the scheme could ever achieve the stated aims.

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Bell Hits Out At Witness Schools

20-01-2005 22:12

The Chief Inspector of Schools has provoked anger after suggesting Jehovah’s Witness Faith Schools were dividing the British nation along the lines of “people who limp and people who can walk properly.”