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a planetary embrace

john | 21.01.2005 18:37 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Zapatista | World

We ourselves, the "weak" are actualy stronger than the "strong". In Washington the celebration of Bush election only have been reached after using so many military ressources that demonstrate that they, the "strong" are really, really affraid; and they will be more and more afraid until they discover that this were not the way.
For us, the "weak", maybe the way begin calling them what they are.

If we take the learnings from the tsunami planetary experience, and we add to them those coming from the Washington "celebration", the results are "explosive" and probably put us in a totally new and shoking experience for the future.
In the tsunami, the "expert western knowledge" has demostrated he is null and too very expensive to export everywhere.
Furthermore the victims include many western people, generally absent from past third world catastrophes.
On the other hand we have the "circus" of Washington. I think many people have more and more conscience as the result of so many spectacles like this in front of our faces.
In this way, we support the internet message about a planetary embrace for the next tuesday 25, at the coming of the Full Moon, one month after the Tsunami.
It is so easy to do, because embrace give always good spirit for all people.
Because a planetary embrace of all people in their places all around the world, means that people are together and for that in strong connection with the Earth in this moment.

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